Blog Post #102 – April 9, 2019


Hello Pogoians!

Thanks for stopping by to catch up on the latest Pogo news!

How are you doing in the Great Egg Hunt? Share your progress below in the comments and let me know which parts you like best. Please also check out the Great Egg Hunt FAQ!

A couple blog posts back (Blog Post #100 from March 12, to be specific), I asked which Pogo games you didn’t quite like at first, but later came around to enjoying. I had a lot of fun reading through the stories you shared and found them pretty inspirational. The most popular game mentioned was Quinn’s Aquarium!

For me, Crossword Cove HD went from being my least favorite to most favorite. I remember my great grandmother (who we endearingly referred to as Nana), would play through a crossword book with a pencil. I’d watch amazed as she answered clues that baffled me. I was intrigued but also doubtful that I could ever do that. Fast forward to 2018 when Crossword Cove moved from Flash to HD. I gave it a try for the Got Ya Covered Badge. It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but after that first Badge, I was hooked and now I’m trying to do every Challenge for Crossword Cove HD. “Trying” being the key word– it’s still a work in progress. Quite the memory. Thanks for reading my story.

Have you ever wondered what different teams on Pogo do? Do you have a question for the art team or perhaps the engineering team? If so, leave your question below and I will share some answers in a new feature called “Ask the Pogo Team,” coming soon to the Pogo Insider.

Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.


10 Game Badge Marathon – slated to begin 4/10 (So soon!)


Game Updates

Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows – Claire Hart’s last weekly episode will be released on April 10. Fear not: Claire will return in June with a massive eight-part case to solve. On top of that, a new there will also be a special spring episode that’ll be free for Club Pogo Members. I’ll keep you posted!

After June, new Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows cases and episodes will arrive every few months, following a quarterly release schedule.


New Games

Word Search Daily HDThe classic word search game is scheduled to join the Pogo HD family on April 23.

What’s on deck? More new games are on the way including a new Royal Wedding hidden object game and Mahjong Garden HD.


Website updates

Coming soon: A new Pogo experience – Click here for more information on how to gain early access.

Java Game Retirements – With Java and Flash technologies being phased out across the internet, we will be retiring some of the Java and Flash games on Pogo in June and July. Please click here for the list of the June games and click here for the list of the July games.  We know some of you purchased Challenges for these games you have not had the opportunity to complete. If you don’t get them done before they retire, the Badges will be automatically awarded to you shortly after the games retire.

Please note that while these games are going away, there is always the possibility some will be updated and brought back later. Keep your eyes on the Pogo Insider for more game news!

Here’s some information about upcoming updates and changes from recent blog articles:

Mini Mall – Please note, there will no longer be items added to the Pogo Mini Mall as we focus on bringing new content and updates to other parts of the site. Your wardrobe of Mini items will remain available to you, along with tons of items in the store.

Tokens – As many of you are aware, the current token system will be replaced with a new awards system. As stated in a May 2018 blog, I, and the rest of the Pogo team, know this is a point of contention for some of you. For those of you for whom tokens provide a way to project status and achievement over time, we hear you and we understand your aversion to losing this status. Tokens in the current Flash and Java games will remain and will not be removed. We thank you for your understanding. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming system.

Chat – We know a lot of you guys love chat and consider it a critical feature. We’re aware of the many requests for chat to be updated and to be returned to the side of the game screen. The team here is looking into it. I’ll give you an update as soon as I have one!

Pogo recommendations and specifications for your computer have been updated as of August 14, 2018.  These are the recommended specifications for playing Pogo games smoothly on your computer. If you are experiencing loading issues, I strongly encourage you to check out the computer specifications listed. Having a compatible computer helps ensure the best possible Pogo experience!

Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. Will my favorite game be transferred over to HTML 5?
A. I realize this has been in the blog a few times now, but I felt the need to answer it once again as it’s been asking a number of times. Yes, there’s always a chance for updates. The Pogo team is reviewing and updating many Java and Flash games. Make sure to check the “Construction Zone” section of each blog posting for more information as it becomes available.


Thanks for tuning in to the 102nd edition of the Pogo Insider. I hope you’re having a very fun week playing all the new games and events, including Sweet Tooth Town and the Great Egg Hunt!


Pogo Llama



NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!


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  • As you release more HD games please be careful to either explain the game better or to find a way that game players don’t get stuck. I find myself no longer able to play the new Sweet Tooth Town. I am unable to get the extra star in 15 and have 3 stars in all the other 30 levels BUT not enough dollars to buy another site. I have no clue what to do. I’ve tried to replay some levels to earn more dollars but I’ve actually LOST some dollars doing that…grrr. In Jet Set Solitaire I absolutely can not get 3 stars in all place in Bali and due to that I can not move forward. So I’m not real thrilled with all this I just like to play the games and have fun, now some aren’t fun anymore just frustrating, sorry.

    • Hi Deeski,
      Thank you for the feedback.
      For Sweet Tooth Town, click here for some instructions and commonly asked questions.
      Have you taken a look on the Pogo forums? That’s another great place to go for game tips and tricks from other players.

  • Although I participate in almost every Pogo marathon, I’m really liking the current marathon the most of all! I like the idea of different games played until the badge then moving on to other games OR I can play different ones all in an hour or two and make badge progress on every one! I bought my first EA card for a previous marathon because I wanted to get every mix-and-match badge offered. I’m heading to the store tomorrow for another EA card because I am challenging myself to get every single badge for this marathon! Thank you for giving us so many marathons, especially varying them too!

    • This is awesome, Puzzler125! Thanks for sharing your feelings with me. The Pogo team and I are very excited that you’re enjoying all of the marathons and that you’re participating in them as well. Have a great great week here in Pogoland!

  • Please work on bringing back pinochel

  • I love Sweet Tooth Town! Never really enjoyed Sweet Tooth or Trizzle but I love the new version of both. Tip for the Sweet Tooth Town egg hunt badge, level 11 has a lot of red candy. Match 5 candies in a row for the sugar swirl powerup. Use that on a red candy and it will clear them all from the board! Enjoy and good luck everyone :)
    P.S. Since there will be no new mini mall items can you please make all the remaining items free? Please lol

  • WOW!!!! I sure am glad I’m retired and don’t have a job to go to every day :) With all the challenges and marathons, I don’t have time to do anything else. Guess that means I’m getting behind on the housework (Hmmmmmm). I just love what the Pogo teams are putting together for us.

  • Who do you go to for a technical answer when the EA help people are no help

    • Hiay Brat,
      For all technical issues please click here to contact customer support. Fill out a support ticket and someone will help you.

  • Will there be a Pogo Bowl HD and what other HD games are coming?

  • The Great Egg Hunt what I like best is no restrictions on playing different challenges/games at the same time. And the variety to choose which ones I want to play! I look forward to more Great Egg Hunt Challenges like this one.

    The old challenges you are forced to complete all of them to get the Badge, but sometimes I just don’t have time to learn them to complete the Badge. Just like weekly challenges, many don’t interest me and I have tried some too and learned to like, but you limit the fun of my game time.

    • This is great feedback about Challenges in Pogo. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and I’ll definitely be passing it along. Have a great week here in Pogo, BabyBlueHemiRT!

    • I really like the diversity too! So many different games and not having to start Wednesday and finish by Tuesday night gives me a big choice as to finishing quickly or spreading out the time the takes me to finish some of the badges. I’m glad we got to do a completely different type of marathon this time. Now if I just improve at Quinn’s Aquarium…I’m working on it!

  • Will Phlinx11 return. I have all of the diamond badges for the year, waiting for April 2019

    • Hi Judy,
      For Phlinx II, starting in March, there will be no longer be a time limit for the March Pharaoh and your progress will not reset at the end of the month
      The logic of collecting Glyphs will remain the same.
      Thank you for reading the Pogo Insider.

  • I am hoping that Golf Solitaire will be able to be played. I miss it so much and haven’t been able to play for weeks.
    Looking forward to your response.

  • The only reason why I joined this site was because of Crazy Cakes. Please tell me that Crazy Cakes is on the list to come back. The few games I play here are all Java based with the exception of Cookie Connect and Claire Hart. I guess it would be in my best interest to not pay for a membership if the ONE game I enjoy playing so much is not available. Thank you for your time….

    • Thank you for your game suggestion, DoobageDetour. I appreciate it.

      • I know there are less than 50 of us that play Crazy Cakes on a regular basis, but we do very much enjoy the game. Thank you for your time in reading this.

  • I love pogo

  • Dear Pogo,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I just love love love the games.I have had 3 names but couldn’t keep paying for so many so this is who I am. I love all the new challenges and the freebie challenges you always gift us. Do you think that maybe a bit more frequently you could the gems on sale. I am a senior with a very restricted budget. They have only been on sale once but I also love to win them in a spin. I have won them twice in a spin instead of tokens. Loved that.
    So thanks to all you great pogo peeps. I love you all and keep up the fantastic work. <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, growly! I’m happy you’re a part of Pogo and enjoying it so much. Have a fun weekend here in Pogo.

  • Happy Spring, Llama
    For me, my favorite new game, which I didn’t think I would like, is Sweet Tooth Town.
    It is soooo fun and much different than Sweet Tooth 2, which I just tolerate lol.
    Quinn’s Aquarium, for me, is NOT a favorite game.It’s too much like all the other Mahjong games.
    I am also ready for more Poppit Party to be released. I have finished all the costumes for me, my hubby, my daughter, and a couple of friends. Love that game too.
    I do miss new items being released in the mini mall. There are many items in the past, that I wish I would have purchased with Gems, and to not ever have a chance to buy anything again is very sad for me as well as many of my friends.
    Maybe a once a year release of old items?? Then it would give all of us who didn’t get a chance to purchase those items to obtain them.
    A friend of mine was wearing a Smart Phone on his mini the other day. I was shocked to see this, I have never seen that mini mall item on anyone else. I so want this!!
    Clarke told me this was from 2010. How could I have missed this adorable mini item??
    I would buy it in a heart beat now!!
    Have a great day and thank you for keeping all of us informed. :)

  • Can you add Tetris to one of your games?


    • Hi roxyslucy,
      Don’t feel bad about this at all. I have had challenges playing Sudoku as well. It’s one of those games that once you learn, you’ll get it for life. :)
      Players, do you have any tips on how someone can get started with playing Pogo Daily Sudoku?

      • My advice is to play regular Pogo Sudoku first, then move up to Pogo Daily Sudoku once you have the hang of it. Pogo Sudoku is a bit easier and more forgiving of mistakes. It’s actually how I learned to play (and enjoy) Sudoku. The new Pogo Daily Sudoku is a lot of fun and I love it, but even the Easy level is rather difficult, so I think it would be challenging for someone who’s never played before to get it. Good luck! It’s a great brain workout once you get the hang of it!

      • Yes, use paper and pencil to do. When you start to fill in the right numbers make sure you place them so you can follow when you need to start over. they all disappear. After awhile, you catch on and find easier ways to play. I actually fell in love with the game. Good luck.

      • Easy is to hard on the Daily Sudoku. Because I played the regular Sudoku I make a lot of mistakes (causing me to get more gems to finish) Old one you hit square first – new one if you hit square number lit goes in there. Hard to break old habits.

        • @Bam1pat, you can go to settings on the Daily Sudoku and change it so you click on the square first like in the regular Sudoku and it won’t put the number in there until you choose the number after you highlight the square first.

    • The sudoku board is made up of 9 rows, 9 columns, and 9-space boxes. Every row, every column, and every box must have the numbers 1-9 somewhere; but no number may be repeated within the same row, column, or box.

      First look at the boxes, columns, and rows that have the fewest empty spaces. See what numbers are missing between 1-9 in each of those, and then look to see if that number is repeated in the other direction. For example, if a row is missing the 3, 8, and 9, for each of those three blank spaces, see if any of those numbers occur in the column that intersects or in the box that contains that blank row space. The Pogo™ Sudoku HTML game that started last year might help you to learn because when you click on a space, it shows you the row and column that will be affected by that space.

      Try using the pencil version at first until you get the hang of it. The Pogo Daily Sudoku gives you the option in Settings of clicking on the empty space or the numbers at the bottom. I like clicking on the empty space because I’m looking at what number is needed in a space, as opposed to clicking on a number at the bottom and then trying to determine where it’s needed. There are lessons on YouTube that will help… I looked at a lesson for beginners by a person named Sudoku Guy that was easy to understand; and I’m sure there are plenty of others. Good luck!

    • Basically what you need to do is place the numbers so that only 1 of each appears in the columns or rows. If you place a number in the wrong place, meaning you will have, say, two of the number 9 in the same column or row, the game will let you know.

      • There are some great hints here for those who don’t know how to play. My comment is about the pencil option … for a few days the numbers were red rather than blue. I was hoping it would stay that way because it was much easier to see, but alas it went back to blue. Please change it back to red for my aging eyes. Also, I have done this game every day in the newspaper for years and agree that “easy” is not easy, even for me.

  • Please update Spades and Jungle Gin. I really like both of them!

    • Not a Spades fan, but JG is okay. I’ve learned to kind of like it. But I hope for Canasta, too. It’s one of my faves, along with Mahjong Garden. I hope they are able to update the multiplayer games.

  • Please Please keep euchre so many leagues use it…the euchre room I play in is ALWAYS full

    • Please bring euchre back, I agree with RnJJ1219!! We enjoy the game and yours is the best!!!!

      • I would also love to get euchre back. Loved that game. Also, Blackjack carnival was a really fun one. Would like to see that updated so I can play. Thanks

  • Why didn’t Phlinx II reset to the beginning screen? I’ve earned all the badges in there to date, unfortunately it appears that Pogo has made some changes so I can’t earn the monthly badge for April. Don’t change the games too much, many of us will disappear so we can play the games (or similar) elsewhere. I did notice the game Greenback Bayou is still there–I’m betting it’s been YEARS since anyone played that!

    • Hi Botox,
      For Phlinx II, starting in March, there will be no longer be a time limit for the March Pharaoh and your progress will not reset at the end of the month
      The logic of collecting Glyphs will remain the same.
      Thank you for reading the Pogo Insider.

  • Hi Pogo Llama,

    I would like to see if there is a way to turn off Nestor on the Pogo Daily Sudoku. I like Nestor, but it gets annoying seeing him pop up every time you enter a number. Also, if I’m ready to put in the next number right away, it slows me down and he even gets in my way, sometimes blocking the space I want next, so I have to wait for him to go away. The red that appears if I make a mistake is sufficient… I don’t need or want Nestor’s thumbs up on every space. Thank you.

    • Hi Nla,
      Thank you for your feedback about Pogo Daily Sudoku and Nestor. I will pass this along.

  • on egg hunt badges, i am having a hard time getting the first bingo.
    so i probably won’t get that badge. good luck to anyone who can do it.
    my favorite game is scrabble and qwerty

    • patty0184,,i got bingo, it took me 6 days to do it, but it can be done, early in the more or later in the afternoon, i find that thoes times the best to win,,gl 2u, hope you get it, another pogo player.

  • I really like Sweet Tooth Town but can’t figure out how to go past 30. I have coins but don’t know how to buy extra episodes. Could you please explain how to open new games. I’ve been playing the same ones over and over and they are getting tiresome. Please help. Thanks

    • Hi Shadow,
      I’m so glad you’re liking Sweet Tooth Town! It sounds like you have to upgrade your Shop. Please click here for instructions on how to do that and for more Sweet Tooth Town tips. Let me know if you have any further questions. I’m happy to help.

  • What is the future of tournaments? Will you be able to use the new and improved and so much better rewards system to be competitive and make the games even more interesting??

    • Hi Max,
      I understand that you and your team very much enjoy the Tournament feature here in Pogo and I thank you for that. Unfortunately, I do not currently have any information on the Tournament feature. When I do, I will let you all know in the bi-weekly Pogo Insider Blog. Thank you for asking.

  • Thank you thank you to the team at Pogo I LOVE the egg hunt challenge been able to do games at different levels of difficulty is great. Thank you Pogo Llama for the blog as always. Looking forward to many many many more egg hunts.

    • Thank you for your positive feedback Mrgoo! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Egg Hunt.

  • This probably is redundant after all the other comments, but I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the Egg Hunt marathon! Like so many other people, I love that we’re able to work on all the badges at once. It keeps them from getting tedious, and it keeps me from getting burned out on any one game. I also like that there are some games that aren’t used as often. Nice variety, for sure. Lastly, the artwork for the eggs is gorgeous! It reminds me of the beautiful Christmas ornament badges we had back in December, which I also loved. So, basically, major kudos to the team that put this marathon together! Have a great week, Pogo_Llama!

    • Thank you for your positive feedback, jnkmckay! I will pass this along to the team (especially the art team!).

  • I’d like to ask the team, how come all the multiplayer games are not being done over in HD?
    Pogo has always been a place to meet people chat and make friends. So many of us pogo members play lottso and dice city roller, and bowling , as a group . We are from all over the US, California, Montana, Indiana , New York, Michigan and a few others. Please pogo team can you do over Lottso or dice city roller , so our friends can still play together every day, Please…. we love our pogo time together.

    • Hi Mickeycamire,
      Regarding your question about multi-player Games with lobbies and multiplayer features require the creation of complicated infrastructure. The good news is this work has already started, and we’ll be updating some multiplayer games to HD after that. Stay tuned to this blog for more information as it becomes available.

      The rest of the Pogo team and I are definitely aware of the great friendships and teams that have been built up in Pogo throughout the years. We’ve listened to your feedback and are working on going forward with this all in mind. We’re Pogo and we are here for you. :)

  • hi pogo_llama
    i have a question about the badges in word search daily. the older version had state badges.
    one of the names for the 2019 hurricane season is nestor

    • Hi Judy,
      Hurricane Nestor?! Wow! I’m not sure how our Pogo Word Whomp Nestor would feel about that, haha! :)
      Anything is possible with upcoming Badges. We’ll have to see. Thanks for asking.

      • That just gave me an idea…why not do the State Nicknames for the next WSD ranks? That could be fun and there are 50 of them ;)

  • I would soooooo love to see Pogo introduce a picross game! There are a lot of download games, but it would be fun to have a daily picross. (Some call them nonograms or logic art.)

  • I know this is very different, but I would love to see a fishing game or hunting game on club pogo. I know this is not a site like this too have it on here. But, it would be so awesome for other people to play different types of games that they love to play. HAGD, and TC all.

  • can anyone help me out…played games on Monday with no problems..have been trying to play the same games since Tuesday its now Thursday and keep getting boxes popping up tell me pogo cant load my game to try again later..well later has come and gone and cant even play Jewel Academy and a lot of the other frustrated her can anyone help..

    • Hi Bossy,

      For loading issues with the HD games, please take a look at this page to make sure you’re using the correct specifications for your computer when playing the HD games.

      If those tips do not work, please reach out to Pogo’s Customer Support team by clicking here.

      Thank you.

  • Where are the Easter egg badges that we have completed? They are not in our M-N-M albums (as the Christmas ornaments are) and not in, not in the Special Edition album…. ???

  • I love POGO, I spend a lot of time here during the day since I’m disabled and the game playing and chat keeps me busy and alert, but it is really frustrating when you can’t get the games to load. I have been trying to open Undiscovered Country for several days now and can’t get in. I used to be able to play this game a lot, it’s one of my favorites, but now no matter which browser I use it won’t load. I went to the forums and there many many members that are having the same problem. I can’t get the badge if I can’t load the game. Please help us.

    • Hi Traci,
      Oh no! I definitely want you back into your favorite games here in Pogo.

      For loading issues with the HD games, please take a look at this page to make sure you’re using the correct specifications for your computer when playing the HD games.

      If those tips do not work, please reach out to Pogo’s Customer Support team by clicking here.

      Thank you.

  • Pogo Llama I’m not understanding the new Sweet Tooth. I have 3stars on all five cupcakes and can’t go further.I can’t open the next cupcake and I don’t understand what the chocolate coins do. It says opens a new store but I don’t know what that means. How do I get another cupcake to open. Please help

    • Hi Bvlady45,
      Thanks for commenting today. Have you taken a read through this Sweet Tooth Town Frequently Asked Questions article? I had Pogo Terry help write up a how-to on the most commonly asked questions for Sweet Tooth Town. Please view that by clicking here.

      Players, do you have any tips for bvlady45 on Sweet Tooth Town?

  • AS an older player 86 years old I find it helps to keep my mind more alert so keep thinking of us older people love canasta jungle jim and many more

    • Thank you so much for being a part of Pogo! Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Wondering if pogo will ever get any of the Harry Potter games.

  • when are new mini items coming? when I click on new releases it comes up nothing! is it me or pogo?

    • Hello Sherry,
      As stated in the Pogo Insider blog, “there will no longer be items added to the Pogo Mini Mall as we focus on bringing new content and updates to other parts of the site. Your wardrobe of Mini items will remain available to you, along with tons of items in the store.”
      Thank you.

  • I love your marathon badge events. I am enjoying the Egg Hunt as well. My only criticism… I feel like you keep making us play the same games. I am not a fan of your Majong type games or your Sweet Tooth type games like Jewel Academy etc. I LOVE Spades, Canasta, Monopoly World Edition and I LOVE Euchre and Pinochle. Please bring those games back in HD. I love Poppit Bingo and Jet Set Solitaire very much as far as your new games go. My favorite games of yours are the ones you are getting rid of like Makeover Madness, Pogo Addiction Solitaire, Casino Island Blackjack and Quick Quack to name a few. Please bring those games back… those are some of my favorites! I am not a fan of a lot of the new games. Slingo Blast and Phlinx II are the 2 games I cannot stand…and it seems like they are always in marathons or badge albums.
    Please mix it up and include all the games in marathons…not just your new games. …and please don’t forget about Pinochle and Euchre… I have been a paying member for 14 years because I love your card games best.

    • Thank you so much for 14 years of Pogo membership, RNRRT! I appreciate you sharing with me your thoughts and favorite games. I hope you have a really fun weekend here in Pogo.

    • I agree with everything you just said. The card games are my favorites, especially Cribbage, Euchre and Pinochle.

  • BOWLING…BOWLING…BOWLING Did I mention that I hope BOWLING will be updated also.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama, You seem to be a different Pogo_Llama? Did Pogo change Pogo-Llama’s? Curious here.. Look forward to your response back. Thank You! :)

    • Hiya Deb!
      Still the same ol’ Pogo Llama. Loving the Golden Girls and Crossword Cove. ;)

  • Pogo_Llama I am having trouble to finish in time. I didn’t finish the Magic Challenge, because I have been having Chemo, and Radiation for cancer. I have a hard time because when that Challenge came out I was in the Hospital. So I will do my best. Thank you so very much Pogo_Llama cougerxr71967

    • Hi there CougerXR71967,
      I am sending you healthy wishes and thoughts. Take good care of yourself and do not worry about finishing the Challenge. Just have fun with it when you can and that Badge will be here waiting for you. From everyone here at Pogo, we’re sending you the very best.

  • Here’s hopeing you will update Dice City Am in A League as you probably know so many of POgo’s players afre. It is my favorite of all the games although I do take time out to play some of the others. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back DCR as soon as you can. Thank you soooo much

  • I really enjoyed the Cold Case that you had in Claire Hart a few weeks ago. Just a thought. It would be a neat idea for sometime in the future to have a Cold Case search and find game. It’s such a popular idea now for TV shows, it’s just a thought!

    Also enjoying the Egg Hunt! I am just running out of time trying to do all of these marathons at the same time. My only suggestion is: could we slow down just a bit and not have so many going all at once?

    Thank you! :)

    • Thank you for your feedback on Claire Hart and the Challenges! I’ve relayed your kind words to Pogo Rachael who writes the Claire Hart episodes.
      have a great weekend and take good care.

  • I just want to thank you Pogo for all of those free badges. I know that I will never play them all, but I am having so much fun with them. I retired from work a few months ago and your games are a wonderful replacement. I am due to renew my membership with Pogo in a few day which I will gladly do. Many thanks again for all that you are doing for us Pogo fans.

    • Thank YOU for being a part of Pogo, Effie! I’m glad you’re having so much fun. That’s what it’s all about. :)

  • I am 74 years young and it takes me longer to do some of the challenges in the Easter one. I will never get this badge because of it, but I still love to try to do it, it challenges m mind and keeps it active..Please do not take all the old tried and true games off, I love them left just the way they are..Thanks..been a member of Pogo for 14 years going on it..

    • Hi coatesc1,
      Thank you for being a part of Pogo and for participating in the Egg Hunt. I’m so glad you’re playing the Challenges. Everyone plays at their own pace and the important thing is to have fun with it. I really truly believe that.
      The Pogo team is working hard on transferring over the Java and Flash games. Please stay tuned to the Construction Zone section of this blog for more details as they become available. Thanks again for being a part of Pogo.

  • Please keep the Pogo Bowl. Love this game and so many leagues in Pogo have daily tournaments.

  • hi .i love the egg hunt its fun and i have 5 eggs now and working on number 6 . also i dontt like the new suduko i do love the one already on pogo this new one is to hard even for easy so i dont play it . thankyou

  • I am confused about the Easter Egg Hunt. I have completed all free badges for the first two weeks. I have 52 points. If there are only 2 more weeks that would give 104 for the 4 weeks. Do we have to buy badges to get to the 126 points?I am really enjoying the challenges! Thanks!

    • Hiya!
      All of the free Badges will add up to 104 points.
      If you do all of the free challenges/badges then you will get to 104 points and get the 104 point final bonus prize. If you complete all of the purchased badges, you will get to 126 points and that gets you the bonus reward.
      Thank you for asking and have a great time in Pogo with loads of fun.

  • I agree with Mark……Jungle Gin and Spades are great. Also, Dominoes…..Canasta….games that have another player, instead of a group playing the same game, i.e. Bingo……

    Keep up the good work, POGO ‘o)

  • Hi Pogo! I Love the Egg Hunt! I am as finished as I can be and am waiting for the next round!! Thanks for the fun :)

  • I have really missed Pogo Addiction Solitaire since it is under Java. Wish you would bring it back in another way. Disappointed that no tokens are given with the HD games. Just renewed my year. Don’t know what I would do without Pogo. Keep up the great work !!!