Blog Post #100 – March 12, 2019


Hello Pogoians!

We’ve crossed the threshold into triple digits. Welcome to the 100th edition of the Pogo Insider!

For this special occasion, I’d like to ask you a question. Is there a Pogo game that you did not like at first, but then something changed and now it’s your favorite? What changed to make it be your favorite Pogo game? I’m a curious llama! Please share your stories in the comments section.


Game tips

Sweet Tooth Town was launched two weeks ago and a common question I’m seeing pop up centers around Construction in the game.

Construction Mode – If you are in Construction Mode, you will be able to build shops and add shopkeepers. You can also upgrade shops which will allow you to unlock more puzzles to play. You can access the Town Map by selecting “Construction Mode” which is located on the top left corner of the game screen. You’ll want to accumulate more Shops and Shop Keepers to unlock more varieties of puzzles and…surprises!

Upgrading and Adding Shops – If the game screen says you’re “Under Construction,” this means you’ve completed the first 10 levels of the Bakery. You must then choose to upgrade the Bakery, the Candy Store or the Chocolate Factory. You will need Coins to do this and if you do not have enough you must replay the first 10 Bakery levels to increase the amount of Coins you have.

For more gameplay tips, I encourage a visit to the Pogo Forums. I’ve seen a lot of really great tips in there!

Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.


The Magic Marathon that started on March 5 will continue through April 1. Please click here for more information.

Ten-Game Badge Marathon – This began March 8 and will go through March 14. For more information, please click here.

Poppit! Bingo Single Game Badge Marathon – Get your bingo cards ready! This fun marathon is slated to begin soon.


Game Updates

A Way With Words – New Badges and Challenge number three out now. Check them out now!

Jet Set Solitaire – New levels in Jet Set Solitaire. Check them out now!


New Games

Pogo Daily Sudoku is now available. Click here for more information!

Coming in the first half of 2019 – Word Search Daily HD, Mahjong Garden HD and many more.

Website updates –
Coming soon: A new Pogo experience – Click here for more information on how to gain early access.

Java Game Retirements – With Java and Flash technologies being phased out across the internet, we will be retiring some of the Java and Flash games on Pogo in June. Please click here for more information and for the full list of games.  We know some of you purchased Challenges for these games you have not had the opportunity to complete. If you don’t get them done before they retire, the Badges will be automatically awarded to you shortly after the games retire.

Please note that while these games are going away, there is always the possibility some will be updated and brought back later. Keep your eyes on the Pogo Insider for more game news!
Here’s some information about upcoming updates and changes from recent blog articles:

Mini Mall – Please note, there will no longer be new items added to the Pogo Mini Mall as we focus on bringing new content and updates to other parts of the site. Your wardrobe of Mini items will remain available to you, along with tons of items in the store.

Tokens – As many of you are aware, the current token system will be replaced with a new awards system. As stated in a May 2018 blog, I, and the rest of the Pogo team, know this is a point of contention for some of you. For those of you for whom tokens provide a way to project status and achievement over time, we hear you and we understand your aversion to losing this status. Tokens in the current Flash and Java games will remain and will not be removed. We thank you for your understanding. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming system.
Pogo recommendations and specifications for your computer have been updated as of August 14, 2018.  These are the recommended specifications for playing Pogo games smoothly on your computer. If you are experiencing loading issues, I strongly encourage you to check out the computer specifications listed. Having a compatible computer helps ensure the best possible Pogo experience!

Chat – We know a lot of you guys love chat and consider it a critical feature. We’re aware of the many requests for chat to be updated and to be returned to the side of the game screen. The team here is looking into it. I’ll give you an update as soon as I have one!


Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.

Q.Are you getting rid of chat? Can it be placed on the side of the game screen again?
A. A reminder: we know a lot of you guys love chat and consider it a critical feature. We’re aware of the many requests for chat to be updated and to be returned to the side of the game screen. The team here is looking into it. I’ll provide you with an update as soon as I have one.

Q. How does Pogo select Java and Flash games to port to HTML 5?
A. The process of selecting games to update involves looking at historical data, gaming trends and player popularity. We also have to look at the technological needs of each game. Some of our games are dependent on older systems that also have to be rebuilt. For example, some players have been wondering if we’ll be converting table games such as Canasta and Bridge to HD. Games with lobbies and multiplayer features require the creation of complicated infrastructure. The good news is this work has already started, and we’ll be updating some multiplayer games to HD after that. Thank you for your question and I hope this has provided some insight into our process of game selection. This process takes time. On average, it takes at least three to four months depending on the game.


Thank you for reading the 100th edition of the Pogo Insider! Please do share with your Pogo friends and let them know they can find all the latest Pogo game information here in this blog which is published bi-weekly.


Have a super fun week here in Pogo!

Take good care and remember you matter and have what it takes to finish those Challenges!




Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • I know this will be deleted and that is ok, but every time I find a game I like, you change it.

  • A few games that I couldn’t stand at first that come to mind are Beaker Creatures and Quinn’s Aquarium. Once I got the hang of Beaker Creatures, I actually started to enjoy it and my rank was in the 30s on my old account. I find Quinn’s Aquarium to be much better than Mahjong Escape for some reason.

    I’m very sad to see so many of my favorite Java games leaving Pogo. Those are the games I play most, as I enjoy the tokens, jackpot spins and chat features that are lacking in all of the new games. I’m also curious as to why more popular Java games, such as Lottso!, Dice City Roller, Pinochle, etc are being removed while games like Blooop, Greenback Bayou and All Star Football are staying when they have exactly 0 players in them on a Wednesday evening. I really, really hope that my favorite Java games are brought back in the HD format someday – especially my favorite game of all time – Lottso!

    On the flip side, I’m enjoying Sweet Tooth Town a lot!

  • I am deeply saddened to see Pogo Addiction Solitaire, Thousand Island Solitaire and Jigsaw Detective on the removal list. These are probably my top 3 favorite games. Hoping they’ll be updated and brought back to Pogo. I also did not care for Tri-peaks Solitaire, but the updated HTML version is great! Almost all the things I disliked about the original have been changed or removed. Great job, Pogo team!

  • I would love to be able to go back and play weekly badges that I was not able to complete – from season 2012 Mini Golf Madness – while working I did not have the time to complete – now that I am retired – the game is gone!

  • I hope that Pogo can and will make Jungle Gin into a HTML5 version. I really really love that game.
    It is one of my all time favorites. I play pogo games all day long every day as i am disabled.

  • I rarely chat but enjoy watching chat. There have been times when people chat about an event that just happened that I didn’t know about or a score from some sports game or a recipe. In other words, chat is often informative or entertaining in which I enjoy a laugh that I wouldn’t normally get to experience.

  • I loved so many of the old games SQUELCHIES PENGUIN BLOCKS THOUSAND ISLAND SOLITAIRE AND MORE. I’d like to see some of those come back. They were challenging in a fun way..
    Please no more new solitaire games and challenges. They clog up challenge books.
    And speaking of badge books, let us delete all of the free solitaire challenges we don’t want. I always felt a sense of accomplisnment closing out a book and now it’s not possible unless you do these unwanted badges.

  • Please bring Pinochle back. That is my favorite game and is for hundreds of others also. We are going to be lost without it

  • I didnt care for Canasta but I like it now

  • Is there a reason there are no badges or free boosts for the trophies you earn in the HD version of trizzle. In the old version you would receive badges but now without them I think the game is less interesting.

  • On Magic Marathon as a uk player I am not allowed to play scrabble on my free turns this came up 3 times which I think is really unfair as I pay every year subscriptions I think this problem should be addressed

  • Pogo Daily Sudoku, is a great game !

  • I love the bingo games! But I have noticed there isn’t any bingo games listed for the updates. Are there any updates for Everybody loves Bingo? That one is my favorite.

  • I would love it if you can save spades, pinochle, canasta and fortune bingo.

    These games are a lot of fun to play!!!!

  • I would like to see the word BALLOONING taken off POPPIT PARTY. I know it only lasts ahout 10 seconds, but I think it is just a waste of time.
    Thank you

  • Looks like Dorothy from Fortune Bingo lost her job. Will miss this game.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama.

    I love the new Pogo Daily Sudoku, but must voice my absolute dismay as to why January 1-March 11 days are locked. It’s not like we missed them or anything, since the game was released on the 12th of March. I can fully understand the future days being locked and paying to gain early access to them. Locking the puzzles that we as players never even had access to is wrong. We should also have the ability to EARN keys in some manner. I love the game play and quickness and obviously I love Nestor too. Please consider opening previously locked days prior to release.

  • Love to see pogo addiction solitaire converted. At first i didn’t care for it, but over time it became my favorite.

  • Many of the flash and java games are my favorite games on here. Is there any chance you will update them like you have been with other games? Notably golf solitaire, pogo addiction solitaire and battleship?

    • Hi Starrs3,
      Yes, there’s always a chance for updates. The Pogo team is reviewing and updating many Java and Flash games. Stay tuned to the Pogo Insider biweekly blog for more information as it becomes available. Thank you.

  • Really love Pool And Most Card Games

  • I used to detest playing LOTTSO EXPRESS in the old format but I am enjoying the HD version. Thanks!

    • That’s great to hear. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new HD version of Lottso! Express, Kublin!

  • I really liked playing Quin until I got to level 4#57. I have played it over 700 times. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

  • Hi Llama, I’m a wee bit late, I didn’t like Poppit Party, now I do, has badges quite often…I really like Sweet Tooth Town, fun game…take care dear!!!

  • would love to see Backgammon updated. This is the first game I played with POGO and what made me join way way back when.

  • I like Dottie the bingo caller in fortune bingo.

  • One of the games that I did not like in the beginning was Jet Set Solitaire but with the continued challenges I really grew to love it. I have gone back and earned 3 stars in many levels and currently “stuck” on Maiden’s Tower on my 1711’th attempt. lol I really love Sweet Tooth Town and my only question is: Do you know if it would be possible eventually to be able to turn off the hints?? I realize on some levels they’re really nice to have. Or maybe if they just weren’t so insistent. :)


  • Dice City Roller. Hated it until I got the hang of it then it became my favorite game. Just wish it was on the list to upgrade. I know it’s not but I hope it doesn’t end up on the trash heap at least. I really like some of the newer games though. I’m still never bored that’s for sure!


  • Just wondering: what, if any, are the plans for Cribbage? I think there was some info on it awhile back, but cannot remember for sure. I’m hoping it’ll end up being converted, eventually. Cribbage is what got me to Pogo…it’s our family game.

  • I really enjoy the puzzles at times and hope that maybe they will keep Jigsaw Detective as you get many separate cases and and a bonus of earning a badge for each separate case you complete. Not as many play it anymore but I think it’s because it has been at Pogo for so long that many already have earned all the extra case bonus badges it has to offer. I also like to see Wonderland Memories that had a bonus of several badges you can earn. And I hope we keep Crazy Cakes. Both Wonderland Memories and Crazy Cakes also help keep your brain stimulated I think. Not to mention they are fun games. One more game I think many players would love to see in the future is a High Stakes Poker game if it is possible for the change over. I have seen others put their input as to some they would like to keep and these were a few of mine. Thank you for keeping Scrabble also as I very much enjoy it and have enjoyed Qwerty also.

  • While I play a lot of games on pogo, my husband only plays two games…Texas Holdem Poker and Pool. Please don’t do away with these games. I also still play these two games as well as Dice City Roller and Shuffle Bump. These are awesome games to play and if pogo/EA does away with them, I may have to just cancel my subscription after many years of playing on pogo. I play these four games every single day! My husband plays the first two games every single day and has for years.

    Please update these games so we can continue to play them. They are important to us! I use an old version of Firefox just to play these games every day. Please don’t take that away from us. Thanks

  • If you re-do any of these games in HD, does that mean we won’t earn any tokens like all the other games you have changed to HD?

    • Hi Cal,
      Tokens will not be in future HD games. However, a new points system is in the works. Stay tuned to the Pogo Insider for more information when it becomes available.

  • THANK YOU POGO_LLAMA & TEAM POGO!! Thank you for modifying Maiden’s Tower. I just went to give it a few more attempts before shutting down… (haven’t been to bed yet, lol) and I saw the seat=belt card was gone. At first I thought I was on the wrong puzzle. Then I noticed the arrangement of cards was changed so now more cards are released & more than one card is available for matching. And we have 20 cards in the draw pile instead of 15. And the cards also run in consecutive order more often… It now seems very doable!! Thank you so much for checking into it & making the changes. With just a few attempts I’ve come within one card of winning. Awesome!! I’m so happy to be able to continue with the game!😎

    • Update!! I won Maiden’s Tower on my 20th attempt after the modification!! Yay!! I can move on to the Airport now!! Thank you!😎

    • You’re welcome!

  • HI Pogo Llama, I look forward to reading your column each month. Your question about a game I loved to dislike made me smile. For me it was jet set just wasn’t happy at all when I had to play it. Well I was filled with joy when the new cities were added as I have completed all the others ! Thanks for adding them to the pogo team and for the great job you all do.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,
    Your Celebrating Your 100th Post
    I’ Celebrating My 8 Year Anniversary Today 3/15

    Thank You For All You Do For Us Especially The Blog
    Keeps Us Informed and Geared Up For New Adventures Here In Pogo Land


  • Hello fellow readers. Please ask about Pinochle this my favorite game, I saw that it is on the chopping block. I hope that it will be back in the new format. :I

  • CANASTA was hard for me at the start.. but love it now.I’m
    almost up to rank 110..woowoo lol
    I also play Gin,Spades,& Hearts
    My favorite game is C. Hart..big time!

  • OOPS..I forgot to mention that I watched how the robots played and now I can meld out
    on them..holding all their cards haha

  • You only post what the hind end kissers have to say

    • Hi MysteriousMoods,
      Thank you for your visit to the Pogo Insider biweekly Blog. It’s good to see you here. Have an enjoyable and fun weekend.

    • I totally agree with you, but I’m SHOCKED that your post made publication LMAO.

      • And thank you for your comment, too, FoodForThought2. Have a good week here in Pogo.

  • Pogo..

    Thank you so much for the Jet set new levels AND I see POPPIT BINGO is coming soon woooot !!!! :) These are my 2 favvv games to play..

    I am NOT Quinn/Mah Escape lady here at all…)


  • I like alot of the games and have a few favorites. The ones I don’t like are Quinn’s Aquarium, the new Sudoku game and A way with words. When it comes to badges, i would rather skip these games and not even worry about the badges. I will stick to the games i like and avoid the ones i don’t, not even for a badge. Thanks for listening

  • What does HTLM stand for, as I really like the flash & Java much better.

    • Hi Darth,
      HTML 5 is the programming language that is being used across the Internet for web pages. This is also being used for games.
      Please understand that the creator of Java and Flash will no longer be supporting Java and Flash in the future and that means Java and Flash will no longer be available. So, Pogo is working on a mix of brand new games and bringing over the old games to the HTML 5 format. Thanks for asking.

  • A lot of people would love to see more ranks added to Monoply slots.. can that happen ???????

  • I speak on behalf of all of the Pogo players who are Quinn’s challenged. I have reached the limit on the episodes I can complete and I am unable to do new challenges. If you could change it so that we could replay old episodes, it would make all the difference in the world. Most of the other games let us do that. Quinn’s is offered as a challenge so often that I know so many of us would really appreciate the opportunity to replay old episodes to complete challenges. We realize we would not earn new badges, but we just cannot solve the new episodes to solve the challenges. Pogo Llama, please help us.

    • Hi Spendmoney,
      If you’ve already completed all the levels in Quinn’s Aquarium, the game doesn’t stop as you’ll enter Bonus Mode. Once in Bonus Mode, you can continue replaying random levels indefinitely. These will be randomly chosen layouts you’ve already completed and you will still be able to earn rewards. Thank you for playing Quinn’s and congratulations on finishing ALL the levels. Wow!!

  • Hey there Llama….congrats on reaching 100 posts 8)

    Please please PLEASE reconsider converting Spooky Slots to HD…it’s very sentimental and what changed my mind about these virtual slots…I started winning and was pulled in by the story…also players fought for it to return after the Java drop years ago…and up to that point it was the BEST Halloween tradition on the site…I honestly don’t want to see any games retired and hope they are ALL brought back once technology allows their conversion.

    When you say “player popularity” I can’t help but think it’s hard to measure…What I mean is right now the games with the most players are those featured in Magic, marathons, weekly challenges, those on the list to retire in June, Sweet Tooth Town because it’s new, and games with monthly updates and new levels…and most of these get featured time after time while many Flash games haven’t been featured in AGES (Trivial Pursuit or Puck’s Peak for example)…also many players have ranked out in games and finished the badges so there is less insensitive besides personal interest and most Java games won’t see many players until they are brought over

    There are currently 31 H5 games…63 Flash…and 67 Java for a total of 161 games but only 94 are on the table for badges and events…rather than retiring ones that aren’t as “popular” as the newer ones or haven’t seen new badges since Java was dropped years ago leave these old classics until they can be converted…you said there are some limits but I don’t think Adobe dropping support for Flash and Java will mean they suddenly stop working…if they did features like Chat and PBA animations wouldn’t work…but if the games still work after the support drop then we can keep playing after 2020 until HD conversion is possible…and if players are patient until the holiday game makeovers and tile sets come back around surely we can all wait for our favorite game to make the jump to HD

    If I might offer a suggestion…poll players about their favorite games and what they play most then create a triage to prioritize the order rather than picking what will stay and what will “retire”…I think this would give a much better picture since trends and popularity often follow badges events and news and many games haven’t seen any in a long time

    Anyway have a wonderful week and a lucky St Patrick’s Day ♣

  • Thank you so much for hearing us and reporting Jet Set Solitaire! I finally conquered Maiden’s Tower after 1717 tries :) and so happy the seat belt was removed. My best game was 1 card left, 1217 attempts ago, lol. THANK YOU!! Now I can continue one of my favorite games! :)

  • Pop it bingo is now my favorite game, I have all the badges for it and even go play it just for fun now. At first I hated it because you cant chat and talk to yr friends. Most the time I play on pogo its in lottso ,dice city roller, phlinx and bowling. I love my pogo friends and working on badges together. Is there any chance of a album full of pop it bingo challenges?

  • I would be willing to bet there are a lot of people out there that will be upset that pinochle is going away. Is there an update you can do to the software to make that game stay. I know it is one of my favorite games.


  • My favorite game is Pinochle. I enjoy doing the badges, but I really joined pogo for pinochle. I am very saddened that pinochle is being taken away. I really would love to see that reconsidered. I would think it could be converted to html as some of the other card games have.