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Win New Badges in the Birthday Challenge Party

As part of our big 20th Birthday Celebration, we’re bringing you a two-week Birthday Challenge Party. You’ll have from now until August 29 to win points by completing 23 free Challenges across four difficulty tiers. The harder the Challenge, the more points you win. Every point earned brings you closer to your next rewards milestone.  You can win five Bonus Badges and seven power-up packs!*

Want to win even more? Complete four optional Mix-n-Match Challenges to push your point count over the edge and bring home a bonus animated Badge.

The new Badges are part of a themed set celebrating 20 years of Pogo. Collect them all to unite the Pogo gang for the big birthday party.

Follow the link below to get started and track your point progress throughout the event.

Join the Birthday Challenge Party

Good luck and happy gaming! Make sure to finish all the Challenges by August 29 to win the most rewards.

*Bonus Badges and power-up rewards will be delivered shortly after the event ends.

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