Badge Tips 6/12 – 6/18

Did you already earn the badge or did your badge progress reset? If so, please check your badge album or Profile’s Badges tab first.

The information displayed on the Home Page may differ from your actual badge progress.

Poppit! Party  -Robo Relic Badge

Finish 25 games each with 6 balloons or less left this week!


  • Plan ahead to ensure you’re removing as many balloons as you can. In this example popping the two lower orange balloons will leave the other orange balloon alone with no match. Popping the purple balloons here first would allow the orange balloons to be matched as well.
  • Some costumes have powerful bonuses that can remove one balloon, several balloons or even an entire color!
  • Score or prizes don’t matter for this challenge, so don’t play on hard difficulty.  When playing on medium or easy, there are less colors to match, allowing for easier removal of more balloons. Set the game difficulty by clicking this icon.
  • Savor your power-ups. Power-ups used late in the game can often be quite effective at removing pesky remaining balloons.
  • Use the Undo button to try another path.  There is no penalty for using the Undo button on this challenge, so use it as often as you’d like to get better matches or find a more efficient path to clearing the screen.


Royal Wedding: One Year Later  -Regal Camera Badge

Score 200,000 points this week!


  • In Royal Wedding, finding items quickly is key to getting as many points as possible!
  • Make sure to study the scene before you start clicking because you’ll get a bonus multiplayer when you find several objects in succession. The more objects you find in succession the longer you get your bonus multiplier!
  • If you still need a boost in points, make sure to search out the special items. This time around the gifts are a camera and a gift box. There are two in each scene and they are worth 500 points each!
  • If all else fails, remember to use power ups to help gain extra points! Combo plus is especially helpful to use to get more points faster!

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