Badge Tips 12/26 – 1/1

Did you already earn the badge or did your badge progress reset? If so, please check your badge album or Profile’s Badges tab first. The information displayed on the Home Page may differ from your actual badge progress.

Phlinx II – Lap Warmer Badge

Score over 600 points in a game 19 times this week!


  • Aim to drop as many stones as possible with every move – the more stones dropped the higher your score!
  • To complete the level, finish the level objective and then drop the chest in Night Cycle.
  • You can store one stone in the Reserve Slot in column on the right.
  • There are 5 different power-ups that can appear in the stone stack – drop them to use them!

Tumble Bees HD  – Don’t Mind Me Badge

Spell 80 words this week!


  • Click on a letter and then on any adjoining letter to spell a word – then hit submit.
  • Words can be 2 to 10 letters long, but names, slang and abbreviations don’t count.
  • Use the Blue Tile in a word to automatically clear adjacent tiles.
  • Create the buzz word to turn all tiles to green with Royal Jelly for extra points.
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