Badge Tips 11/21 – 11/27

Did you already earn the badge or did your badge progress reset? If so, please check your badge album or Profile’s Badges tab first. The information displayed on the Home Page may differ from your actual badge progress.

Crossword Cove HD – Lighting The Way Badge

Win 5 games on Medium Difficulty this week!


  • Set the game difficulty to Medium and get solving!
  • If you type in the correct answer it will instantly turn gold.
  • Use the Starfish power-ups as soon as you unlock them to fill in common letters.
  • Click on a square and then HINT to see a scrambled answer to the clue.

Quinn’s Aquarium  – Piranha Match Badge

Collect 2,500 tiles this week!


  • Enter a level (can be random), match all the tiles to finish and make progress on the badge.
  • Challenge Rounds are packed with more tiles to match.
  • You can change the Tile Set you are playing with from the Cog Menu while in a level.
  • If you get stuck there are many power-ups available to help you out.
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