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New on Early Access: Use Your Pogo Mini as Your Avatar

When we unveiled the new Avatar system on Early Access, many of you requested we bring back Pogo Minis. We heard you loud and clear, and starting March 10, you can use your Pogo Mini as your Avatar!

Here’s how to do it:

Select your Avatar in the top-right corner of the Early Access site, then choose “My Profile.”

Select your Avatar on the screen to bring up your options. Your Pogo Mini is now one of the available choices.

That’s it!

To update your Pogo Mini, you can use the “Classic Library” tab on your Profile. From there, follow the “Edit Your Mini” link to update your Mini. Note: it may take up to one hour for your updated Mini to show up as an Avatar option.

Please keep your feedback coming! We’re always listening and eager to make Early Access the best Pogo experience possible.


-Your Friends at Pogo

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