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Anagrams Q&A with Pogo John!

Pogo Llama: Hi Pogo John! Anagrams has arrived on Pogo and the Pogo community is very excited! 

Pogo John: Hi there! I’m excited to finally be able to share this game with our Pogoians!

Pogo Llama:
Let’s start with the basics. What genre of game is Anagrams and who created it?

Pogo John: Anagrams is a word game brought to Pogo from the great team over at Secret Builders. It was created by the same team behind A Way With Words.

Pogo Llama
: Oooh nice! It’ll have a nice comfy home next to
Word Whomp HD, A Way With Words and the newly updated Scrabble in our word game category.

Pogo John: Yes! I’m glad we’re able to have another addition to our wonderful collection of word games here on Pogo.

Pogo Llama:
To begin, I see three modes to select from: Challenge Mode, Timed Challenge, and Game Mode. Can you talk about what each one?

Pogo John: The standard mode of the game is our ‘Game Mode.’ This play style is for users who may want to play at a more leisurely place. Players will be given a word at the bottom of the screen and will see a board full of empty spaces. It’s up to the player to make new words from the guide word. You will see open spaces for the number of letters of words that will count toward your score. Once you’ve filled up the 3-letter section, for example, you’ll need to move on to the other sections to complete the level. If you can’t think of any more words to create you can always use a power up or move on to the next level.

Club Pogo members have exclusive access to ‘Challenge Mode’ and ‘Timed Challenge.’ In Challenge Mode you’ll need to work through a series of progressively harder levels. Timed Challenge adds an additional layer of difficulty by having a time limit on each level. 

Pogo Llama:
It’ll be nice to have extra modes to choose from!  I’d like to ask about the art style as it’s just a little bit different than other games here on Pogo. I like it a lot and would like to know how this art style was selected.

Pogo John: For Anagrams the team at Secret Builders wanted to explore a travel theme, so you’ll see different elements incorporating this throughout the game. My favorite part of the design is the classic departure/arrival board with the ticker effects. 

Pogo Llama:
I also like the ticker effects. It reminds me of certain old-school game shows when the answer would be revealed. The sound effects are interesting too. The airplane on the Start screen makes me feel like I want to take a trip!

Pogo John: Totally! The sound really does add to the cool art style that the development team created. 

Pogo Llama:
Are there power-ups in the game?

Pogo John: Yes there are some power ups in the game that can come in handy when you might be at a loss for words to submit.

First and Last Letter – This reveals the first and last letter of one word on the board.

Random Fill – This fills random letters within one word on the board.

Full Word – This will reveal one full word on the board

Freeze Time – This will freeze the timer to allow you more time to complete the level (Timed Challenge Only).

Pogo Llama:
Thank you for that detailed power-up explanation! It’s very helpful. How does the rank system work for Anagrams

Pogo John: You play you earn rank points for each game you play and how many words you score. The more you earn the higher your rank increases.

Pogo Llama:
Thank you so much for all of this information about the newest Pogo game, Anagrams! I’m really excited to play more of it. I am now playing Challenge Mode and found all three 3-letter words! 

Pogo John: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me about Anagrams! I’m really excited to see what users think of the new game! Good luck all of you wordsmiths! 

Play Anagrams now on Pogo!

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