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Spell Your Way to Victory in All-New Anagrams

A brand-new word game has landed on Pogo! In Anagrams, you create as many words as you can from the provided letters. There are multiple levels to play through, each with different goals to achieve. You don’t have to spell every word possible, but just enough to fill the board and complete the level.

Club Pogo members can access two additional game modes. Challenge Mode introduces a series of levels that build in difficulty. Timed Challenge Mode offers the same experience, but with a timer to keep things moving.

Play Anagrams 

Read Anagrams Q&A with Pogo John!

If you’re looking to start earning some Badges in Anagrams, the first Mix-n-Match Challenge will be arriving soon in Badge Central.

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If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, we are unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • Yikes!!
    This game is soooooooo Primitive!
    Ugly graphics and outlook!

    Being more colorful might help!

  • Will there be a solution to getting the list of who is in a game and the chat area being next to the game instead of below?

  • I like Anagrams. I played in Game Mode. When I am finished guessing words, is there any way I can see the words I missed like it does in Word Whomp HD? Fun game.

  • It is not finding all the words that you cn . It is finding the specific words that they have chosen

    • The game is not suited for POGOS standers.

    • I hate that aspect. Playing Word Whomp for 12 years, I hate the feeling of finding 20 more words than they let you play. Don’t think I’m going to warm up to this game at all. Sad, since I love word games.

  • would prefer that at end of level words not found be displayed

  • love it

  • It looks like an old game like pong…lol. It would be nice if they gave you a word list at the end of the game. I made 17 out of 18 words and just could not figure out the last word. To tell you the truth Word Whomp is far superior.

  • I’ve tried the game several times now and it keeps booting me out. I hope this isn’t going to be a badge anytime soon.

  • In challenge mode after I type in one or two words I get kicked out and it starts booting up again, this happened 3 consecutive times.
    I agree with the above about the Game Mode….would like to see what words were left.

    • I had the same problem in Anagrams, getting kicked out of the game. Using Microsoft Edge Browser. My error message: This page is having a problem loading
      We tried to load this page for you a few times, but there is still a problem with this site. We know you have better things to do than to watch this page reload over and over again so try coming back to this page later.

      Try this
      Go to your Start page
      Open a new tab
      Report this issue

  • Only thing worse then how it looks is that it interrupts you when you find the bonus word. That popup require taking my hands off the keyboard to click it. Totally destroys my momentum.

    • I hate that notice. A doorbell rings everytime I get the bonus word. Driving me crazy! I only like the challenge mode, but I got all 40 at one sitting. Wish there were more than that.

  • It’s similar to Word Whomp – and I prefer Word Whomp

  • How irritating that very common words like NOT NOTE END are not included in the list. I see more frustration than fun.
    Bring back WWW for those of us that were a fan of it
    This was the first and only time I play this and I love word games.

    • one of the accepted words was YOB. Whoever heard of that! Half the game is guessing.

  • Very odd game for POGO. No characters, spinning letters to make your head spin, no chat to even try, no incentive, no fun graphics, no creativity in the game, just a weird game. If you are going anagrams, please allow all words found in the anagram to be listed. Why does POGO need another anagram based game anyway? POGO already has the best anagram word game – Word Whomp! Nothing else like it or cuter and you can see what words you missed.

  • The word lung & gale were not accepted & they are legit words in the 1st puzzle I was offered. at the nd of the game the complete list was not revealed to see what I missed like in Word Whomp. I do not like this version of the game.

  • Don’t know if I like this game or not it keeps kicking me out while playing it. Haven’t finish one game without it booting me out, tried 3 times no success of finishing it .. please fix it would like to see it work properly . Thanks

  • They have very strange words. Words that are good in word whomp are not accepted. Is this game made in a non-English speaking country? I’m usually good with anagrams, but this game is strange!

  • I love word games…but this is boring. Also a lot of words it wont accept. Dens is a word for example.

  • it does not find all the words you can make. Not a very fun game. I think it needs some tweaking!

  • it also needs some better graphics thanks

  • This game is inferior to Word Whomp. I am not a fan of A Way with Words but Way is better than this game. The graphics are old fashion. It doesn’t even let you enter all legit words, must not have a full dictionary. One would think you could get partial credit for finding some of the words. I sure hope that there aren’t weekly challenges for this game. I pride myself in finishing all the Wednesday challenges but don’t think I can do this one.

  • The game keeps booting me out! Agree with above comments!! Does not enter my words. Game needs above adjustments. Submit button could be bigger also.

  • I agree that Word Whomp is far superior..This game doesn’t let you put in all the words that you can find and I am talking about common words..Do not like this game and do not like the graphics.

  • Tried several times to play but keeps booting me out of game This game does not work there are things that need to fixed

  • I would like to be able to shuffle letters. or at list have a list to see what you missed

  • Too many bugs in Anagrams. Keep working on them then maybe will get more players. Too many other good games to play. This one is to antiquated.

  • A lot of words have been left out — had letters to complete dare and dear and neither one was on the list.

    Graphics and colors are awful on the eyes! A lot more thought could have been put into the creation of this game and the words that can be made with the letters. Sorry but Word Whomp is still (and will continue to be) my favorite.

    Sorry to the creators. Just my opinion, but not so good!

  • ugly game not interesting no music just bing bing better graphics would like to see what I missed also maybe hints after reaching most of them

  • don’t like the Anagram game… some words I have never heard of… what is PAISA?

  • Not a big fan of this game.. Word Whomp is much better if this is the type of game your looking for.. I remember before computers were something that people could afford, there was a small hand held Spell-master that had anagrams as one of the games you could play.. Back then and even today BUS & SUB are 3 letter words.. However the game i just played rejected both of those words.. good luck everyone happy game playing and have a good day

  • I would also like to have the option to mix up the letters and to see the words that I missed.

  • Game kept booting me out and it’s a lackluster game anyway so I wont be coming back to it anytime soon.

  • I agree with others that this game seems antiquated for today’s graphics and the ability to show the word list after completion. Word Whomp far superior for me.

  • The game doesn’t recognize simple words like “sham”, “mull”; also doesn’t allow plural words. Hopefully this issue will be worked out at some point!

  • I typed “act” and it wouldn’t even accept that as a word??? Seriously, at least in Word Whomp it shows what the words were that you missed. Needless to say, I won’t be playing this again, it’s a little too boring for a word game. Sorry, not to my liking.

  • I love the game. It would be nice if you could mix up the letters you play from. It would help find the words easier. Thanks for this game.

  • The most annoying thing about this game is that it only accepts a predetermined list of words not all the words that are possible. Of course the spelling is American

  • This is a lot like Word Whomp. this game get pretty hard after awhile. My brain can’t figure out those super hard words. It’s a good game overall though.

  • This game needs help. It would be nice to be able to scramble the letters of the given word. The game rejects valid words and seems to have a language of its own…. what in the world is “fremd”? Is that English? It was the one word I couldn’t guess because I have no idea what it is. I would also like an ‘end game” button so that I could review the words I missed before moving on to the next level. i just find this lackluster, frustrating, disappointing and a bit boring.

  • I don’t like that it has only their specific words. It doesn’t except very common words. I am a huge fan of Word Whomp and Boggle Bash but this game doesn’t compare.

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