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A Look Back – Sweet Tooth Town Q&A with Pogo Terry!

Pogo 20th Birthday Celebration Update: We’re taking a look back at some behind-the-scenes articles on popular Pogo games. Today we’re revisiting a Q&A with Pogo Terry about Sweet Tooth Town. As luck would have it, power-ups are 25% off today in Sweet Tooth Town.


Pogo Llama: Hi Pogo Terry. Thanks for coming to the Pogo studio to talk about our newest game, Sweet Tooth Town! I have a few player questions for you (thank you to those who submitted questions via the Pogo Insider Blog last week).

Pogo Terry: Hello, thank you for having me and also a big thank-you to those who submitted questions. We are all super excited to finally reveal this new game we’ve been cooking up for all Pogo players.

Pogo Llama: First, I’d love it if you could simply describe what kind of game is Sweet Tooth Town?

Pogo Terry: Sure! Sweet Tooth Town is a whimsically fun match-3 puzzle game where you help Mayor Toothy build up the town with unique shopkeepers. Each offers many challenging puzzles and entertaining surprises.

Pogo Llama: Awwww Toothy is back! (And just in time as I have a dentist appointment next week!) How is Sweet Tooth Town different from Sweet Tooth 2?

Pogo Terry: It certainly builds upon the fun foundation that already existed from Sweet Tooth 2. The first new difference is the Town Hall of Sweet Tooth Town. Here is where players can check for live special events offering new puzzles and rewards all year round.

Another difference is building up Sweet Tooth Town itself. By adding new shops players can unlock uniquely themed shopkeepers who offer more challenging puzzles to discover. Unlocking each shop also introduces a fun new shopkeeper character with their own unique special power-ups to help you win. Even the puzzle gameplay itself is a delight to play. The further you go, the more surprises, obstacles and special challenges you’ll encounter. The overall difference is also the amount of production values, depth, and love that was put into creating Sweet Tooth Town for all Pogo players and we can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it.

Pogo Llama: And now it’s time for a few player questions. Pogoian Brewncorn36 asks, “What are the new type of game interactions that we will see in Sweet Tooth Town?”

Pogo Terry: There are new unique game interactions that I would love to tell you about, but I’m afraid to spoil them because the sheer joy of discovering them all is part of the fun, especially as you make it to higher levels. The game is full of fun new animations and sound effects along with new shopkeeper power-ups that are all amazing.

Pogo Llama: Pogoian Dirtswife1 asks, “Will Sweet Tooth Town have more power ups than Sweet Tooth 2 has?”

Pogo Terry: It will still feature five power-ups, but it will also include three new boosters you can use before starting a puzzle to help ease any challenge. Also all the power-ups were redesigned with dazzling animations that are a lot of fun to watch.

Pogo Llama: Pogoian doglvr2010 asks, “Will there be caramel squares or chocolates pieces?”

Pogo Terry: It will still feature caramel squares, but later puzzles in higher difficulties will also have other types like taffy squares that expand after each move if you don’t clear it out. There are also hidden surprises under the squares as well.

Pogo Llama: Well that is just delightful to have both caramel and chocolate. Thanks again for stopping by. Is there anything else you’d like to add about Sweet Tooth Town before you go?

Pogo Terry: Thank you for having me and to those reading. The teams here at Pogo have put a lot of love into creating something extra sweet and special for you all. We also can’t wait to hear what players like to see us do next with future puzzles throughout the year. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have had playing it too.

Play Sweet Tooth Town now!

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