Weekly Badge Tips 08/07-08/13

Rainy Day Spider Solitaire – String of Wins Badge

Win 8 games on normal or above difficulty this week!


  • Make sure your level is set to “Normal” or higher. In the bottom bar of the game screen, find your Skill Level. Use the arrows to select your skill. Hint: you may need to click “Play Now” before you can change your Skill Level.
  • Move cards by stacking them sequentially. Example, you can place a 4 on top of a 5. Or if you have a stack of 5 on top of a 6 on top of a 7 of the same suit, you can grab the 7 and move the whole stack on top of an 8.
  • In Normal, 2 card suits are used. While you can mix suits when stacking (if you need the room to maneuver), you cannot move a stack that is mixed suit. In order to move a whole stack, or remove the completed stack from play, the cards need to be of the same suit.
  • You can move a card into the Free Column if you need more room to move around. This lets you build an additional foundation stack.
  • The Free Cells are a great place to store cards that are getting in your way, especially Aces or any card that appears on the foundation more than 3 or 4 times.


Pogo Bowl – Pin Pusher Badge

Knock down pin number one 80 times this week!


  • The number one pin is the pin that is closest to you, in the center of the lane and the front of the triangle of pins.
  • Move your mouse right or left to get into your starting position. Once you have the ball where you want it, click on the ball to set the spot. While holding the button still, drag the mouse down the lane and release the button to throw your ball!
  • The faster you drag and release, the faster your ball will roll. The longer you take, the slower the ball will go. However, taking time can help your aim. Try both and see which you prefer!
  •  When you aim, notice the red direction arrow. This helps you see where you are aiming your ball, but also shows you the speed your ball will go. It starts out red, but will slow to yellow as time passes without throwing the ball.
  • If your ball isn’t going quite where you want, you can add spin after throwing the ball by clicking and holding your left or right mouse button to spin the ball in that direction. Be careful to not overshoot, though!
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