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Was I Just Flashed by My Mini?


Dear Ms. Netiquette,

I have purchased quite a few items from the mini mall.

My question is why some minis have very quick flashes that show the outline of the body through clothing, legs moving and quick show of their head bald. It does not happen for long or all the time and so far I’ve noticed two outfits. Is this normal?

I was wondering if this is a computer problem.


Cover My Eyes!


Dear Cover My Eyes,

While this is not technically an etiquette question, we don’t want you as a new player to mistakenly think our Minis are being less than appropriate when you first come to the Mini Mall!So, let me briefly explain how the Minis work, which will explain why you see quick glimpses of – dare I say? – naked Minis.Minis are made up of many layers. The backmost layer is where we put the “backgrounds” (makes sense, no?). Then you’ve got the Mini itself. Some things do go behind the mini and in front of the background, like some of the hair, wings, and a few goodies. Clothing, of course goes on the layer in front of the Mini.

When we first created the Minis, it was decided that they should be based on a true human body. Thus, you’ll see that the legs and arms are proportioned to a pretty average build. You will note, I hope, that in those instances of seeing a “naked” mini, there is nothing to see. It’s more like a naked doll than a naked human.

In most cases, nobody will ever see that flash of a naked Mini. However, if you’re using an older, slower computer, or you have a slower Internet connection, you may, from time to time, see that quick flash. On the upside, this should enable you to defend your slower computer or Internet connection at parties on in conversation. “Oh sure, you have the fast computer with the super high speed Internet connection, but when’s the last time YOU’VE seen a naked Mini?”


Dear Ms. Netiquette,

I just read the “Letters to the Editor” and he printed a letter by a player who enjoys the “Wardrobe Malfunction” mini, who “appears” to be naked. They suggested that we who don’t like them should wear “Puritan” outfits for our mini.

I am COMPLETELY serious, why exactly did the Editor find it acceptable to print a letter that was clearly snarky in its mention of the Protestant religious sect, the Puritans? No religious sect should ever be mentioned in making a snotty point. The writer accuses us of being without a “sense of humor” and “sour” I know that he would never print a Jewish slur, nor a Muslim slur. Maybe he just didn’t really absorb what the person was saying when they mentioned the “Puritans”.

I know that this has nothing to do with you. I am writing to you because I think you can be the voice of reason here and gently, in your sweet way, explain that the Puritans are a religious sect, as are many different sects. In a genteel world, no religious sect should be used in a moment of snark, nor in an example of anything negative.

Thanks for hearing me out. If anyone rolls their eyes and thinks that I am being overly sensitive, remember that some of us are descendants from the Puritans and we are proud of it.

Protector of Puritans

Dear Protector of Puritans,

Thanks for writing. I must admit I was a bit unprepared for this question and had to do a little digging around on the Internet to compose an answer. This answer may not be what you were hoping for, I’m afraid.

I read a large part of the Article on Puritanson the Wikipedia website, and found this particular line interesting: “In modern usage, the word puritan is often used to describe someone who has strict views on sexual morality, disapproves of recreation, and wishes to impose these beliefs on others.” The article goes on to say that this was mostly true of the Colonial American Puritans, but nevertheless, it does drive home the point that in these modern times, when one speaks of “puritanical” views, or uses the word “puritan” they are referring to the views the Puritans had back in Colonial times.So, in defense of the letter writer, I’d assume that he or she meant no harm by the use of that word. It was not meant to insult modern day Protestants. To the general population, it does not hold the same meaning as it does for you, and while you have every right to want to change that perception, you should now at least understand how the word functions in the current world.

In defense of the Editor, he simply printed the letter as it was written, and if you read his response, he was clear to point out that he was happy to hear from both sides on this particular topic.

Now, I will say that the letter writer certainly could have been more sensitive to the feelings of those who were offended by the “Wardrobe Malfunction” mini. Comparing someone to a puritan because he or she finds a particular mini item distasteful is not the most polite way to make your point.


Dear Ms. Nettie,

I have a quick and easy question for you. I have noticed that a few people have a badge that is supposed to be you with a parasol. My question is what game do I need to play to receive that badge? I have completed every premium badge and album ever offered and have completed every weekly challenge, and have not been awarded that badge.

I have asked in the game room but have never received a reply from anyone.

Thanks in advance for the information.

Needing Nettie Badge

Dear Needing Nettie Badge,

I had no clue that this badge even existed! It’s not a game badge, actually. It’s a badge that you’re given randomly after you finish an album of 20 Mix-n-Match challenges. For those who are confused, here it is:
Nettie with Parasol?

This means, that it’s an extremely rare and difficult badge to earn… you’ll essentially have to fill up a Mix-n-Match album of 20 and hope it shows up! The odds, if you have zero of the completion badges for the Mix-n-Match albums, is 1 in 60.


Dear Readers,

Next week I will be on a short vacation, so there will be no Ms. Netiquette column. But I’ll be back on June 18th with more of your interesting letters!

Take care,

Ms. Netiquette


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