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Video: How To Play Bingo On Pogo

I’ve just posted a new video on Pogo’s Youtube page on how to play Bingo on Pogo. Voice-over by yours truly Pogo_Bret! – Enjoy!


  • Hey Bret! I am wondering when I can expect your video on how to play slots. That game has always eluded me too– almost equally as much as Bingo.

  • Yes I think weekly should be increased to about 5 per week so a lot more members would have a chance to get their 1000 weekly. After we pay a lot Gems for books amd mix and match stuff they are not even counted toward 1000. Love Pogo games but at times feel we are getting ripped off. So many times the games do not work especially on a Challenge Day.

  • I wish when they set up game for the week that they think for us people that have bad eyes and it is hard for us to do some of the badges like the clue where they only give you 30 mins to finish the rounds. I have open to the full screen but still have trouble seeing this game. So please think of us that have trouble seeing.

    • I have this same problem and would appreciate it if Pogo would fix this problem. It is also hard to see dark green on black.

    • try a magnafing glass ….. it works for me

  • I have found no other way to let pogo know that I would like to see more ranks in the bingo games. thank you

  • I wish that POGO would stop the shaking on Sudoku Puzzle Blast because it will trigger a seizure. It has happened a couple of times when I forget to turn away from the monitor. Thank You

  • What the devil is going on with all the games on POGO that i used to play all the time. Now all of a sudden they can’t be played. That is the reason I’ve been paying 40.00 a year. If things don’t go back to normal and be like they were before you started screwing around with all of the games. than i guess i will find some other way to spend my money