Update: Personal Challenge Marathon

Hello Pogoians!

Pogo is currently hosting a Personal Challenge Marathon! This started on February 15th and runs through February 21st.

Our team is aware of an issue in which the extra Personal Challenge Marathon slot is not showing up on the Pogo homepage and in Badge Central. They are working to fix that and we totally thank you for your patience while they chisel away at that.

You can still find that 3rd Personal Challenge and here’s how:

1. Please click here to navigate to Badge Central and the “All Badges” Tab.
2. Scroll down the All Badges page and select a 3rd Personal Challenge by clicking on Activate.


3. You’ve now activated your 3rd Personal Challenge. Yay!
4. If you have any questions on how to do this, please post in the comments below. (Please stay on topic in the comments. If you have questions regarding other topics, please submit a support ticket by going here).

Thank you all very much for your patience as we work to fix this. You’re all awesome! Good luck on your Personal Challenges!


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  • Thank you so much for the extra Personal Slot. I discovered it by accident yesterday.

  • Thanks for the info!

  • Thanks for the extra personal challenge this week. I wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t posted this news article.

    • Same here. It doesn’t show on my home page and I had no way of knowing.

      Thanks for the extra challenge!

      • Same here and I did my first two personal challenges on Wed. I do appreciate the third personal challenge though.

    • same here, Thank You Pogo, it did not show up on home page for me either

  • I found mine on Wednesday, but thought it was one I had purchased a few weeks back. Domo Arigato Gozaimas!

  • haha i dont have any personal challenges left so i never noticed

  • Thank you for the extra personal challenge. I didn’t know about it either.

  • Thank You Pogo. I didn’t realized it either. But I appreciate your honesty. Cause after what I went threw last week I was starting to think you really didn’t care about us. Thank you

    • Love and appreciate all the Pogo community. Thank you for being a part of it, tiffany73163.

  • Thank you for the extra challenge.

  • thank you POGO cool that :)

  • So glad to see the extra personal challenge,now if you could just convince pogo to let me activate the wednesday challenges each week.Sometimes I am able to activate and participate,sometimes not.

  • Just tried again and voila!! it worked.

  • Most of the personal challenges has been played and the java ones will not work .
    Please pogo add some more challenges to the games that is not java related. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the EXTRA Personal !! However, we need some games added
    there please. I have none to choose from since I don’t play ones I have
    remaining .. don’t know how to play or not fond of. Much appreciated.

    • You can replay a badge that you have already completed for a personal challenge. You will get the extra tokens again and a “x2” flagged on the badge. Yes, I know the tokens are basically useless, lol.

  • Thank You for the game.

  • Thank you.

  • Never mind figured it out. Thanks Pogo for the extra personal challenge!!!!!!

  • Is the extra personal challenge badge going to be the same for everyone ? I clicked where it said to click and it brought me to the all badges page, my third badge was a shaded gray so I went to the next badge . Will it still work for the 3rd personal challenge?

  • I just noticed that the men’s minis offer a Napoleon costume but the women’s don’t offer Josephine. So disappointed about this! Please offer a Josephine costume in the future – thank you!

  • TY for the extras. Pogo’s the BEST. :)

  • Thanks for the extra free challenge this week! Love my Pogo!!

  • Thanks Pogo for the extra i just love it

  • Thank-You so very much for keeping us updated on POGO. It is something that was sorely lacking for so long. I and probably every other Pogoite really appreciate you taking the time to keep us posted on problems and fixes.
    P.S. Loved your tuna casserole.

  • thank you very much

  • Thanks for extra challenge, just love it.

  • I cant activate mine!! Help anyone!!

  • Thanks for the 3rd challenge this week!

  • Hope all goes well or those who participate!

  • Thank you for the extra challenge, what a pleasant surprise!!!!



  • Thank you for the extra personal challenge !! Much appreciated. :) <3 Pogo <3


  • Wow three next week too – woot woot!!!!

  • More Personal Challenge badges need to be created. Having been a member for over 17 years, I have completed them all and keep playing the same ones over and over. Some new Starter Badges would be nice!

  • Thank you and all of Pogo personnel, Llama. I am really enjoying your column, reminds me of a column we used to have, Ms. Neticutt(sic spelling). I have been using all of my old badges to play for personals for a long time now – they will tell you how how many times you have played them and how many tokens you will get. I really can’t say thank you enough for all the freebies, etc that you all have given us lately. This is the only site I play games on – I don’t play any social sites at all. Keep up the good work! Oh, one more thing, I never complain about any games you set up for dailies, weeklies, albums, etc – I always try all new games and if I don’t like them or do not understand them, I play the game that I do like and understand- have learned a lot in the forums as well-and then play something else. Thanks, again, arsob!

  • Thank you for the extra personal challenge..helps those of us that have lots to get.

  • all that’s left are games I don’t know how to play7 and wed games the same things too hard too do

  • For those of us who have finished all of our weekly badges AND have a ton of mix & match and premium following the directions above DO NOT WORK. I found this works . . .

    1. Click the badge link.
    2. Keep the option on “All Wednesday Badges”
    3. Click on “Include badges I’ve earned”
    4. Either scroll down all of them, or change the setting from “all” to either category or specific game (option above the “All Wednesday Badges”).
    5. Activate the badge you want . . . and hope you don’t get the alert that another badge will be replaced.

    Furthermore, Pogo has done a REALLY poor job of providing advanced FYIs and links that work for at least the last year. It used to be nice to plan the week by looking at an accurate (weekly, if not monthly) calendar.

    Good luck on your gaming!

  • I asked a question about this a bit ago and it seems like I did not get an answer or I missed it…I have already done these…do I do it again…Thanks for any help…I might just be stupid…lol

    • Hiya Connie, Yup, you can do the Badges again. The only ones you are unable to complete over and over again are the Special Edition Badges or the Game Award Albums such as a Hidden Object Game (HOG) completion Badge or a rank Badge.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,
    Can you please help me out with my confusion? I know we normally have our two weekly challenges and then the option to do two more. I am not finding any third challenge for this marathon challenge, what am I missing? If there is a third, wouldn’t it be a 5th one considering we always have the extra two or am I misunderstanding?
    Any direction is welcome :)
    Thanks! Boo13Hiss

    • Hi Boo13Hiss,
      Thanks for your question. There are normally two Personal Challenges per week. This was a special third Challenge that was available for the marathon. If you are seeing extra Challenges beyond the third, you may have actually purchased extra Personal Challenges and have not yet activated them. Let me know if you have further questions. Thank you!

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