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UBeenDucked– Winner of $2000

Congratulations to UBeenDucked– Winner of $2000

Since the day we launched prizes on Pogo, players have wondered about the folks who win them and what it’s like to win. We’re pleased to provide the Winners Circle so that we may all get to know some of our Pogo Prize Winners a little better!

Congratulations, UBeenDucked, on winning a prize on Tell us your first name.  Thomas.

Well, Thomas, tell us your story about you winning your prize.  I won $2000.00 from POGOjust from working on one of my weekly challenge badges. It was before 4AM and I was not really paying attention. I finished a game and just wanted to start the next one. Then I noticed the screen looked different, so I clicked on the back screen/page, I had to read it several times before it sunk in that I WAS A WINNER!. It was all I could do to keep from waking up my girlfriend to tell her the news. I had heard all kinds of stories about how long it would take to receive my prize, but it took less time than even POGO said it would. Thanks very much POGO! Have fun, meet people win prizes with POGO.
Thanks for your time and congratulations again on your winning.

If you have a question about how to win a prize or anything else then check the Prize Help and Rules first.

If you’ve won a prize on Pogo and you would like to be featured in the Winners Circle then e-mail us at the Winners Circle and let us know!

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  • Congrats on your win. Have fun spending your winnings.

  • Awe very nice UBeen Ducked..
    love the name… enjoy your winnings an do something good for your self.. you deserve it
    Sandi an Jazzi Bear

  • w2g UBeenDucked, take a weekend vacation, catch up on bills or whatever, just enjoy it ^5.

  • another liar pogo has games rigged to steal tokens they sure aint going to give away money

    • then don’t play.

    • Please give one good reason why Pogo would steal tokens. Please give me one good reason why UBeenDucked would lie about winning. Gee, maybe Pogo paid him $2000 to lie. Ridic.

    • how rude didn’t your mama tell you if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all

  • Congrats UBeenDucked, hearing your story gives the rest of us on pogo alittle hope on winning the prizes ourselfs, so thankyou for sharing with us.

  • WTG Enjoy your winnings.

    • Congrats on your winning!! Enjoy the $$ & get something nice for yourself, I am sure you won the money (such nonsense that was posted above, why would Pogo do such things) Enjoy it
      Angie (papnana122739)

  • Congratulations! Enjoy!!!!

  • congradulations on the win,, way to go.. Good Luck

  • Congratulations, Good Luck on all your games.

  • Wow!! That is super awesome, congratulations to you!!!

  • A very much congrats to you! Superb

  • I just read your Profile and in your Guest Book you are being congratulated in June of 2011 for winning $2,000. So you won $2,000 again less than 2 years later? Wow! How wonderful Pogo has been to you…and you are not even a Club Member! would like to also give you my congratulations on your winnings.

    • We have winners articles in the queue so many of them are posted much later than when they actually won.

      • I thought only paying members could win the $2,000 prize? If this is correct, could you try to explain how UBeenDucked won $2,000 when he is playing for free? Did someone mess up here? LOL

        • Yeh your right only Club Members can win 2,000. Non members can win up to 200.00 but not 2,000

        • Maybe he was a club member then.

        • He has to be a club member. Free members don’t have a guest book.

        • Oh and duh – he said he was working on a weekly challenge. Why did you think he was a free member?

          • Because that is what his profile indicates.

          • Well he was obviously a member then if he was working on a weekly challenge. And someone mentioned he has a guest book – you don’t have a guest book as a free member. Those things make it obvious he IS a member.

  • gg ubeeducked

  • Congrats on your win, UBeenDucked! Since it was awhile back, I’m sure you’ve spent it all by now and the excitement has worn off.

    P.S. I’ve been a Pogo winner, too. I’ve won wallpaper! lots and lots of it! LOL

  • wtg on your winnings!! all i ever win is wallpaper or screensavers. maybe someday.

  • I won $200.00 In jan. 2013 Was so excited when It happened. Still waiting on my money but will come in handy when I do get it…..Yeaaaaaaaa

  • WTG on your win. Nice seeing faces to the winners. WTG to floridabrat410 to hope you get your money soon. would be great for spring break I bet.

  • I was in the same game room as someone when they won $500. That’s the closest I’ve come to winning anything other than wallpaper. How often are the big prizes awarded if you are just now spotlighting a winner from 2011?
    Anyway, congrats to the winners and best wishes to the rest of us!

  • Congrats to you for winning. I’ve won $5, gems, wallpapers and screensavers. On another note, I get so tired of reading all the negative things people post about POGO cheating, lying and stealing. If you don’t trust POGO then why in the world would you play here? I’ve been a club member from the very beginning of Club POGO. I think the value we get for our $39.99 a year is incredible compared to other game sites. Interesting games, chance to make new friends, possible prizes and so much more. So please, if you like POGO then play and enjoy. If not, then please go somewhere else and stop trying to take the joy out of winning for someone who was lucky.

  • Congrats on your win!!

  • I have a comment and a question about this win….first he was supposely a member when he won the $2000 but now he isnt a member…guess he couldbt pay the annual if he is a winner why is his name NOT on the list of winners?

  • I won $2,000, AND I received it in the mail eight weeks later. It is for real.

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