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Triple Bonus Tokens – Extended

We have extended the Triple Bonus Tokens for the previously scheduled games so those that missed out can get their tokens. So by going to each of these games one time between Friday and Saturday you can get 3000 Bonus Tokens each.

Word Whomp

Slingo Ricochet

Plants vs. Zombies

We saw comments on Facebook that some players were not getting the tokens after the late fix yesterday. We think that may be caused by a browser caching issue. What you could try is logging out of Pogo, closing all of your browser windows and then logging back in. The way to know if you should get the tokens is if you see the Bonus! tag next to the games on one of the games list pages.

You can go to these category pages to see if you see the Bonus! Tag.

Word Games

Casino Games – Page 2

Arcade Game


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  • How long is the extension? Tried again today and still no bonus tokens. I give up!

  • that makes 3 of us

  • Did you not read this: “So by going to each of these games one time between “Friday and Saturday” you can get 3000 Bonus Tokens each.”

    I would think that meant it was over last night at 11:59pm.

    Sorry you all missed them.

    • Long time Club Member – You don’t find it odd that this so-called ‘post’ by Pogo was really done on 7/5??? I play daily, sometimes for hrs. This didn’t post on 7/5 since I check the ‘News’ page more than once a day !!! I had nothing to do on Sat. – I was on here most of the day and night. Pogo’s ‘so sorry’ wasn’t there until today, 7/7 and it’s not giving anyone anything.
      Do you work for ‘Pogo’ or think that most of us playing are really brainless idiots?????

      Pogo owes all of us 9000 tokens. They’re worth nothing anyway but for $39.95 I get the ‘privilege’ of being a member. Pogo i.e. EA is doing nothing but making money. Try playing a Hidden Object game – why should I be charged since I paid them for years to be a ‘member’. Sounds like American Express ( another load of garbage!) – membership has it ‘privileges’.

      I have Verizon Fios. I can play identical games with a different name for nothing.

      Stop defending them. They haven’t “upped” ranks which I completed yrs. ago. Word Whomp plays the same exact word games over and over – I know them by heart.

      • Wow how rude are you????????????????

        I got my bonus tokens on Friday. It was posted.

        These are only tokens your playing for not real money. I think you owe Long time club member an apology for your comments. Just saying

      • I don’t work for Pogo and I will defend them as long as I wish. The Bulletin was posted about 11 am on Friday and there were lots of members who saw it because there were dozens of comments about it. The tokens are “Bonus’. That means given away for free. You do not “pay” for them as non club members get them also. And, as a Club member there are a lot of games that non club members cannot play. Nor do they get Badges or special mini items.
        But, you sound pretty angry over a few tokens and that is something I find hard to comprehend. If you’re not happy, then leave. I certainly would. And that is my opinion.

    • Ditto, Didn’t work for me either.

  • On my Pogo Home page there are several games with the word “Bonus” after the title. Only Word Whomp has the 250 token bonus. All the others have nothing: Jungle Gin – Bonus!, Big City Adventure – Bonus!, Dice Derby – Bonus! Etc. Come on Pogo, get this stuff working for us. This has occurred a few too many times.

    • Those Bonus’ are for 10,000 each for Pogo’s Birthday. There should be 5 games. If you got them last Monday when they were first posted, you cannot get them again. Big City Adventure is something different. And Word Whomp is the AHA thing. Sorry.

      • Again – I’m not stupid. I did the Pogo birthday thing. We’re talking about 7/4 which was this past Thursday. Seems that Pogo was out celebrating. Once again, they’re not on the ball nor are you !

  • No Long time Club Member, I did not see that but…where were the tokens yesterday when I tried to get them???????? Thank you for your eagle eyes.

    • I don’t know what happened with you, but I got mine on Friday afternoon, just after the bulletin was posted. I clicked on each one of those Games from this page and I got 3,000 each. If you don’t close each pop up that appears when you first load the game, you will not get the tokens from the next game you try. Or the one after that. It has always been like that. At least that is how it is when I get them and I haven’t missed too many in the years since Pogo started this. And, I have three accounts and got them in all three.
      If they mean that much to you, Contact Customer Service and ask them to give them to you.

      • Long time – Baloney !!! I know how to play too and I tried several times. That bulletin wasn’t posted until Sunday or they’re ‘selectively’ picking out members. I’ve been a member for 9-10 yrs.

        If you don’t work for Pogo, why on earth would you spend $39.95 each to have 3 lousy accounts???

        Bet your one of the ‘bots’ on Boggle Bash !!

        • excuse me but if you go back one page you will see entries from Fridays date.
          SAME date that the notice came out in pogo news

        • Why don’t you take a look above and see the date. The date of the article is July 5th which was Friday. That’s when I got my tokens. It is a good idea to read the Pogo News.

        • lololol I don’t even play Boggle except at badge time and I don’t work for Pogo. I’m a Club Member BECAUSE I happen to like Pogo. If I didn’t I certainly wouldn’t be here.

      • That’s bull! I didn’t receive tokens for Thursdays! Ive been a member for many years and I know how to play the games!

  • well I have had issues with pogo all week long from slow loading games to freezing games to no loading games. I did not get the Thursday tokens from any of the gamers and only 3 of the ones for the club celebration paid the 10k.

    and now I see we have the old glitch issue back in the mini mall and our snapshots were all the animated items are moving/vibrating!! really? again? last time it went on for months!

  • Well, I am really disgusted. Keep trying, but when time to renew membership in Club Pogo, believe me,I am not going to renew unless they change some ways. Went through a lot first of year and had just renewed. Will definitely think about it next time. Too many other games out there to play now.

    • eveegrl – I’m disgusted with Pogo. I renewed a few months ago but with all their ‘issues’, I’ve since taken by credit card number off so there will be no ‘automatic’ renewal.

  • I’m very frustrated – have not been able to get the Triple Bonus Tokens since Thursday. Problem not fixed. And now, cannot play World Class Solitaire as will not let me in. What is going on with POGO?????

    • The Thursday Triple Bonus Tokens are over. Ended last night. As far as WCS, I,m working on a badge there right now and no trouble. You might want to post your problem in the forum. There are lots of members who could help.

  • Long Time Club Member, you say “if the tokens mean that much to you contact Customer Service.” Well, obviously they mean a LOT to you if you have three accounts, and collected on all of them! Only a fool would have three accounts just to “win” tokens!

    • I don’t have 3 accounts to win tokens…I win the Badges. Love the Badges. Finished all the weeklies on one account started on the second, got bored during the week and that’s why I have a third. Oh, and I also keep a non members account. I am home all day long…and, I get bored. I don’t like playing the same badge over. There’s no fun in that.
      And the bonus tokens are free. No one pays for them. Non club members get them too.
      And, if you are having game problems, you may want to check out the forum.

  • It really stinks when you tried to get your tokens and you can’t why paid for these games if they can’t give you your tokens

    • You should have tried Friday or Saturday and you would have gotten them. That’s why you should read the Pogo News. This article has been here since Friday morning.

  • Will someone please tell me how to get the 1000 Badge? I did all the required weekly badges by the Feb. deadline and just need to know what to do now to obtain the badge. Someone said I needed to send POGO an Email … if so what Email address do I send my request to? Thanks in advance for the help.

    • You need to contact Customer Service. The deadline for emailing was in April. Good Luck.

  • pogo you really need to get these problems takens care of….I never got mine Bonus tokens after playing several times…

  • Very disapointed! Just tried again and still no Bonus Tokens,,,,,PLEASE FIX POGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi again–am not getting the bonus tokens for dice derby and the other ones marked bonus–pls help–thank you

  • lot of anger here. I feel I get my money’s worth just playing the games.

  • Tonight 7/8/2013 I played Jungle Gin and it said I won 10,000 tokens but it did not show them on my account.


    • if you go to forums you can get the steps to contact customer service
      if your club you have the choice of either email or live chat.
      they can help you with ur account