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Triple Bonus Tokens and Promotions Page


It’s that time again. Every week we bring you three games where you can quickly get some tokens. So go check out this week’s games at Triple Bonus Tokens.

And don’t forget, you can check out this event and lots of other offers for Tokens, Gems, and more on our Promotions Page.

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  • how are you suspose to get the badge for “letters” when it won’t come up on my computer>

    • you play on one page the 4 or 5 hidden objets and collect the black car and stamps and when you find all objects on the one square then go on to the next on until you have all of the 4 or 5 squares done they will put a wax seal on each room and when completed you would get a badge….hope this helps

    • did you go to where it say free play

    • caro7022, were you able to get the game to load? I had problems yesterday until I hid the friends stats. Click the arrow next to “Hide Friends” above the Challenges tab and then hit “Play Game”. Good luck.

    • Try clearing your “cache” or “temporary internet files”. It would not work on my computer either until I did both of those, now it’s fine….Hope it works for you :-)

    • is anyone getting the ads on top of the home page

      • I have been getting the adds since they changed the home page. It is annoying and wish they would fix it

        • Yes, If you go to your control panel and open add/remove you will proable see webcakes delete it.

          That should work.

          • I went to control panel & programs, add/remove. No webcakes at all listed and am still getting ads that flash constantly.

            I don’t like it because I am an epileptic & flashing lights can cause seizures. Pogo needs to correct this issue for the health of players like me.

        • If pogo would keep its games going instead of changing the home page every few months & other useless changes like putting who played what game last the site would work a lot better. I myself could care less about who has played what. All the useless ads & other things they have added (did I mention the store) who cares? We all are here just to play games not keep up with others.All the hidden objects have loading problems but they would rather add something useless causing MORE problems than fixing the games. All they have anyway are card games, matching games & hidden objects. No wonder the 20’s generation hate pogo & play on all other sites. They are smarter than we are I guess as all other games & sites are free ! Who cares about a new homepage?

          • You are absolutely right. I feel the same way.
            When I started playing Pogo a few years back, they had close to 200,000 players every day.
            Check now and they barely have half.
            They should get the message and check games on FB.

          • I agree with you about changing the home page and other things. All we want and pay for are the games.

          • I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ditto to all ….I agree totally!! Their membership has declined a lot. Take a lesson from Face Book Pogo…..or else I will no longer renew my membership either.

      • YES!..Please POGO FIX THIS!. I pay for a site that is ad free and so do many others.

    • I had a problem loading letters also. I even bought two episodes. I tried clearing cache, hiding friends etc .I finally decided to try logging in on dif browser, Google Chrome which worked!! Hope this helps!

    • how do you even get your free tokens in the games they feature on triple bonus day, I only got them in sweettooth, none in first class or monopoly world class.

      • Thursday is “Triple Bonus Day”, so if you are trying those games today, it’s Friday, so they won’t work. However, Sweet Tooth is a bonus game today.

      • My games did the same way nita, I didnt get my free tokens in those games either. pogo just keeps screwing up and they put a time up to wait for help and the longer you wait the more time they put up. If it starts at 20 mins. in about 3 mins. it will go to 35 mins. and if you wait 3 more mins it will go to 50mins. I think they do this just to keep from having to talk to you. I used to love this site and really looked forward to playing everyday but lately i spend very little time on here because nothing works like it did. Am beginning to hate it.

        • Marie, I agree completely about the wait times for “help.” There is no way to contact these people when you have an issue. This is so frustrating. Pogo should have a better method of communication. Will consider this when it’s time for renewal.

    • thats what i’m wondering you can’t get “letters or Sherlock Holmes “to open ,,, whats up with that..?

  • help with all the money we spend on pogo membership, gems and of course hidden object games why do we have to give 50.00 dollars to java to be able to play on pogo ??

    • i have never heard of that giving java money as java is free to all computers so google or bing it and down load …no money hope it helps you

    • I’ve never heard of java charging – be careful and check this out before you pay for it. It sounds like a scam. I download updates directly from oracle and not from this site – updates on this site seem to be faulty and I have to uninstall and re-install from oracle site.

    • I have never heard of such a thing. Perhaps a scam.

    • Java downloads are free.

    • java is always free

    • happy to say they is free java to down loasd

    • java is free, charge would be a scam

    • pogo needs to give us gems instead of tokens what can we do with tokens beside buy clothes
      at least with gems we can buy games not so sure I will renew next time can play games free on FB

      • Yes, I would like to be able to buy gems with my tokens. Seniors on limited income are very selective where that money goes. I love the hidden picture games, but only “buy” them when I renew my subscription for the year.

  • Been trying all day to play my games. None of them are coming up. This is so frustrating. Did the daily ones early this am and since then nothing. What gives.

    • I cant get the games either. Still can not get flash player to work on my mac. This is stupid that I have to pay all this money for pogo and can not even get in touch with them to help me correct whatever is wrong. If this keeps up I will not renew.

      • I AGREE with about not being able to get ahold of Pogo. HOWEVER, notice how the moderators jump in immediately to monitor comments. My first one is still on hold, we’ll see if this goes through.

        • I have left comments on a couple subjects and they always get thrown out, as this one probably will also.

        • They did remove my first post, probably because I mentioned how much I miss “Club Bing” where it was free to play their games and you could use your points toward prizes…very nice prizes. I would leave Pogo in a minute if they Club Bing ever came back. Doubt if they will post this either.

    • Perhaps you need to refresh your browser, or update your graphics card. “All this money” for pogo??? It’s 3 bucks a month, get over it.

      • It is not the $0.10 cost per day at issue. It is the fact that a “service provider” is not providing the service for which we are paying. Do you have Java issues anywhere else? Does everything work smoothly and seamlessly? If you have an issue can you reach anyone for help? I rest my case although the list could go for days!

        Sure glad Pogo does not fly airplanes!

      • Yes but don’t forget all the gems you have to buy for the best games and then pay for all the downloads. It is expensive when you live on a fixed income. I paid 20 gems each for my clue game until it hit 100 and we got nothing for it, Of course we did get a very few free ones. Then you have all the games you must buy the albums and individual games for quite a few gems, oh yes gems, gems, gems. Not good business, this is the last year for me to play pogo, all those costs is a waste of money.

    • sometimes if you use chrome instead of Internet Explorer you might be able to play the games better. Also, don’t pay anything for java it’s a free download.

      • Exactly. While I don’t particularly like Google Chrome, my husband does and says I am nuts. To each their own I suppose. With some of the flash games,(where it won’t do anything when you hit ‘play now’)the best thing to do it to hit ‘play now’ and then refresh. When the page comes up for me, it automatically loads the game as that was the last action initiated before the refresh. Hope this helps. Also I find that if I need any help with glitches, I have never been disappointed with the chat feature on tech support. They are always friendly and helpful. Good luck and good gaming.

    • I don’t believe games not loading are Pogo’s fault. It has to do more with the recent version of Java which is not working properly. I am having troubles with Java; as it has prevented me from printing. Hope that was helpful. Also, to all you game players – JAVA is free. Any time you are asked to pay – be careful, that is a SCAM!

    • have you clean your computer out and refresh

  • Play the Thursday bonus games,but not getting the bonus tokens.

  • The paying for Java is a scam, it has been discovered that the Java base was hacked and is being redirected. You need to go to java.com direct, and the install of Java is free. As for the games not coming up, try reinstalling the java, as internet explorer has been having issues, this is what worked for me.

  • I played “letters” first thing Wed, morning, got the badge. By the afternoon, it was gone and now showing I have 0/76. Can’t seem to access Pogo Help- not a happy camper!!

    • VF2648 — you DID earn the badge!! It’s in your badge album (2013 Weekly)

      Always check your badge album(s) before assuming you didn’t get it or it somehow became “lost”.

      I learned this by reading the help in the forums.

      For anyone who doesn’t know about the forum, it’s a POGO message board linked at the bottom of this page as well as the home page and many other pages. Look for the phrase “Games Forum” and click.

      Read, learn, and post a message if you can’t get your answers by reading what’s already there… most questions have been covered many times already.

      In the forums you can learn a lot about the games and real or perceived glitches. There is a wealth of info on the ongoing Java and Flash confusion.

      Good luck and enjoy your new badge. In your case, it was kind of like an extra hidden object!

  • Forums and friends show hundreds of paying Pogo members unable to open the weekly LETTERS challenge. Pogo will not address the issue and a live support staff promised 2 weeks ago I would get an email solution after I paid 20 gems for an episode and could not open it again. Pogo could at least say in NEWS or BADGES that they are working on the issue. No reply means they do not care to help their paying members.

    I can’t even get through to live support now

  • I hate the ne format. Th home page only shows when I log into Pogo. Not enjoying Pogo like I use to. You try to make it better but failing,

  • I would just like to say PLEASE, please do not make ANY of the 10th Anniversary special badges or the upcoming commemorative Premium Badge Album contain ANY CLUE games….CLUE DOES NOT WORK !! ALL of my pogo games work beautifully…but not CLUE :( Yes, I have tried everything, thank you!

  • I have been trying for almost 3 weeks to reach someone for help. Pogo will not accept either of my credit cards for purchasing gems. I have used them at Big Fish and no problem. I have contacted someone(3) from Pogo through chat and they keep telling me they are accelerating my problem, but still no help.The last one said to contact EA for help, but have waited more than half an hour twice with no one answering. Anybody have any ideas?

  • i have tried for 2 days and letters from nowhere will not load on aol or firfox. I did dl adobe flash new one. no what?

    • I use firefox and letters from nowhere was not loading at first, so the next time it came started up and wasn’t loading I refreshed the page and it loaded just fine. Hope this works for you.

  • For FREE Java and ALL your download needs you can go to CNET.com and in their search tab hit Java and it will come up but JAVA is ALWAYS Free, I hope this helps your Java needs and more. Good Luck!!!

  • What happened to the Sweet Tooth 2 game that was there before it was changed?

    • Sweet Tooth hasn’t been changed. Scroll under the game and by Game Mode you will see Classic Rooms and Caramel Rooms. Click on the mode you want.

  • I don’t see instructions on the Thursday games what you must do to get 3000 tokens in each ganme, Does anyone know what you must do to get tokens?

    • All you have to do is go into one of the 3 games that are selected that week. When you do, you will get a pop up saying “Congratulations! 3,000 tokens have been added to your account.” Make sure you close out the pop up before going to the next featured game or you will not get your tokens for that game.

  • Whenever, you are having a problem with a game loading such as, LETTERS this week, after clicking play…click on refresh…it works for me every time. Good Luck !

  • To Ptgrama…sounds like you need to update your flash player. Good Luck !

  • Where are the thursday tokens? I have gone there but not giving me the tokens

  • Hundreds of members are screaming about not being able to load the Letters from Nowhere weekly badge. Posts go unanswered. Obviously you do not care Pogo or you would mention this in News. I for one purchased an episode and it went black. I will never waste money on gems again. I have never missed a badge as have many and we are ignored. HUNDREDS need an answer NOWWWWWW

    All settings and suggestions by members have been tried and obviously the game has a glitch that shows up after a while for individual accounts. Live support lied and never responded in a promised email 2 weeks ago.
    What gives??? This outrageous

  • i am so sick of hidden object games!!! enough already, go back to some of the old games for challenges, jungle gin, scrabble, lottso, solitare games to name a few, who wants to spend the day looking for things that u can’t see?

  • I like the hidden object games :)

  • Can anyone please tell me how to add games to my favorites list – I can’t seem to find how and where to do it! Thanks

    • on the homepage u will see at top of games just under favourites…categories…games A-Z the word EDIT…click it.,..then from left hand column add ur fav game to right hand column by clicking add….then save when u put it in the right hand column where u want it to go…i do mine alphabetically…

  • Hello Ev1 There should be a Permanent “LINK” on the front Home Page that would direct Ev1 to information on HOW TO:
    1. Keep u’r pc / laptop up to date with proper installs.
    2. How to tell what web browser you are using and what version of Java you have.
    3. How to clear out your web browser’s history files
    4. How to clear out your java cache temp files
    5. After uninstalling all Old versions of Java from your control panel via programs
    6. How to install the newest updated version of Java from the Oracle web site and it is Free
    7. After any install, be sure to shutdown your pc and then restart to sync everything.
    8. Log out and back into Pogo once u’r installs are completed and pc is restarted.

    Hope this will shed some light and that Pogo will soon add a Permanent LINK to the Home Page with more detailed information on the items I listed. Hang in there Ev1
    Also you can do a google search for most of the items listed for more info too!
    As far as getting your tokens, whether for daily, or Triple Tokens Thursday, be sure to ACTIVATE the game
    FIRST before you play, this is also essential for badges as well. Have a good day Pogoians!!

  • I can get Letters From Knowhere to load but can not get the 2 piece objects to combine.

    Also how do you reach someone for help or at least report the problem?


    • To match the 2 pieces like Piggy Bank in one of the games , click and hold the hammer and move it to the piggy bank. In another you click on the canary and drag it to the bird cage.

  • How do I change my POGO to load the front page when I sign in, instead of going right to Scrabble Sprint???????? Thanks!

  • Went to check on the privacy policy to get free Gems from the Peanut group……there was none…even when I typed “privacy policy” on their search page. How do we find out what it is…not giving out any personal info without knowing.

  • i cannot get my bouns tokens my puter do not get them,what can i do?

  • Has anyone else had this problem with Letters from Nowhere game? In episode 8 I done the first 3 rooms then went to do the 4th and it says I have to find a letter first to unlock room 4. Well the problem is the first 3 rooms have a checked stamp on them and they can’t be replayed. Now I can’t do episode 11 cause it says I have to have all items to play this episode…very very confused and upset with pogo help and ea help..none of it helps or works..never get answers in any of the help things. And there is no way that I have found to get help with a real person. Or even through email nothing nothing…grrrrrrrrrr. And I have no idea even with this format if I will get answers..Don’t know how this works either.. How do I know if anyone reply’s to this? OK please help.

  • why have you started charging gems to play one of daily challenges??? NOT FAIR!!!!!

    • dont know of any game that charges gems to play challanges, check for free games

  • you used to pay in tokens, Not im Gems for clothing and other items in the Shop Mall what gives POGO

  • Am pleased with the last change to the home page enabling us to find games quickly. However, since the initial home page style change, I have lost the chat column in many of my games, including the heading, token info, etc. How do I correct that?

  • I would love Pogo to fix the GEM section. Every time i want to buy gems, i can’t do it in the area that you do it in. It goes as far as my password & i hit continue & it goes right back to my home page. No matter where i go & hit on ADD GEMS, it NEVER works. I have called on & off about this for a couple of years now. And they always say, “we are working on the problem.” If i want gems, i have to go all the way to the store (1/2 hr. ride) & get a Game Card. All my friends that buy gems, just hit on ADD GEMS & it works for them okay. WHEN ARE YOU EVER GOING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM POGO???? Ive been a member for 4 years & it use to work for me too, at first, but it hasn’t now, for a couple of years. And its VERY inconvenient for me, to go all the way to the store, as i am a senior citizen.

  • I love pogo playing the game all of them. I do think you so much. I not a child a adult

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