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Spooky Slots is Back!

It may not even be October yet, but beloved Halloween favorite Spooky Slots has returned to bring you more tokens and supernatural revelry. Spin away, and unravel Jack’s spine-tingling tale.

Club members enjoy an even spookier experience, including 20 new ranks, bringing the total rank Badges to 5!

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  • I love to play this game and have ranked out a couple yrs ago however, when this game came back I find I am rank 38 n not rank 50. now I have tried n tried to get help to no avail, it just tells me they are busy try later well it never changes, I think pogo should get a better help service n fix this rank issue!!!! I pay to plat like everyone else n shouldn’t have this much trouble getting help!

    • You were ranked out when there were only 30 ranks. Pogo just added the 20 new ranks when the game was released on Tuesday. They auto-ranked you to rank 38, but you still need to complete the next 12 ranks if you want to be rank 50.

    • There was only 30 ranks last year, pogo added 20 more this year. so you couldn’t have ranked out at 50, If you did rank out it was rank 30.

  • Sux is correct – the same thing happened to me with Hog Heaven Slots, and World Class Solitaire! I had ranked out so long ago but still played on without resetting and when the new ranks were added, after a few spins I had ranked out again. The system retroactively goes back and gives you the credit for how much you played gives you the ranks that you have earned. In your case Antique, the amount you played after you ranked out was enough to get 8 ranks. So now you not only are you playing because you like the game – now you are playing for the remaining ranks!

  • oooops sorry typo there meant Suz not Suz —- sorry bout that

    • Don’t worry about it. I’ve actually made that typo myself….LOL

    • Not sure why we are allowed to get credit beyond rank out in Spooky Slots when we are not allowed to in other games when new ranks are added. This is a main factor in me not ranking out in most games because the games I have ranked out in (keno pop, dice city roller, panda pai gow, harvest mania) have been maxed out for years for nothing.

  • lol yup all is true ,it was 30 and this year 50 so you must of had a few extra 100 pumkins to get to rank 38. 2 years ago i watched people get 4 or 500 extra pumkins because they thought that next year it would go up. But they left the next year out making you wonder about going higher.Lucky your on 38 i found myself at 31 and a few pumkin,s to 32. lol it,s just an understanding of the game when it was what it was and now the change.It,s all good just more pumkin,s to get if you want rank 40 and 50 . gl in all your game,s

    • I ranked out in this game and when it was brought back, started at rank 31

      wonder why some got more ranks. I had this on my favorite list and noticed a few months ago it was taken off

      only been able to get a few pumpkins every night, some say they get 15 in one hour.
      good luck all
      in ranking up

  • I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone likes this game. It’s just another boring slot game. Only good for strengthening your finger and lowering your IQ, as all slots games are.

    • I so agree with you…Cannot fathom the outpouring love like I have seen for this stupid game where you really get nothing….Oh but rank……Please tell me all these people cannot be that dumb…this game will turn your brain to zombie mush by just sitting there pulling on that skull head lever…..

  • If you don’t like the game–don’t play–pretty simple to me !!

  • Please!!!!! bring back the original storyline! The only spine-tingling this story does is from our behinds and brains falling asleep!

    • I don’t think I ever got through the entire story line even once. . . :)

    • And when our brains are in our behinds, it is more like a coma. I love this game. Join the chat, it helps pass the time while you’re spinning for pumpkins.

  • It would be nice if you could get the pumpkins when you get the 15 spins so you get them X 2…they seem to be so few and far between.

  • Hello, I agree with MableRocker to bring back the old story line! The new Spooky Slots is not as fun as the old original one was. I miss my original Spooky Slots and am still in a-kind-of-withdrawl without it!

  • How about playing for higher stakes and more token ( just like Vegas ) could be interesting

  • Why are there no badges for this game

    • No badges for this game??? Yes they are !!!
      5 rank badges, a couple weekly badges and quite a few Limited Edition and Special Edition badges so far and guess we are having a few more comming next month, rumors say we are even going to have a Spooky Slots album ;)

      • Where are they? I have looked in the badges and only found 2 and I won them a few times already. /can you direct me please?
        Thank you

        • Click on Badges/Find a Badge/Chose a game: Spooky Slots!/Choose a badge type: All badges/View Options: check Include badges I’ve earned
          This will show all badges for the game. gl and have fun!

          • I should mention that one time badges like Limited Edition and Special Edition won’t show as they are no longer available.

  • great game i hope you do bring out a xmas on like it and maybe an easter one then we would have others to play while wait on spooky slots coming back as we do not have it for long

  • I agree with rebellenhay585, we need more seasonal slots like Spooky!!

  • What about a ghost and pumpkin seasonal emoticon for chatting with

  • Hooray! LOVE Spooky Slots!!

  • why dont they put the number of pumkins we have on spooky slots so we know where we stand
    to get badges – it would help a lot


    • above the pay table so be a figure. Click on the figure and it will show how many till next rank.



  • Spooky Slots is a really “spooktacular” game!! Most every player in the different rooms have a blast and come up with so many funny comments. It is great too see folks having fun just for the heck of it, side splitting laughter, and hoorahs from all for getting good spins and punkins
    So, to those that have forgot how to have fun, and take life and games so dead seriously…you need to lighten up…really!! Howl-oooo!!! that is what Spooky Slots is all aboooot!!! So, play the game with all abandon, have a booootiful time, and ghoul luck!!! Keep up the great work
    Pogo team!!! And, think about maybe other similar games for maybe Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day …. That would be fantastic, and keep your creative minds active!! Talk about a challenge LOL

  • I really wish we had more time to work on spooky slots. Got behind last year in ranks and now they added more, which is great, but can’t seem to be able to ever catch up now. Other seasonal ones would be great too.

  • Is there going to be a new badge or something else to achieve this year?


  • I would like to know the same thing can we get old spooky badges

  • why is it harder to get the pumpkins this year to rank out?

  • I love this game and wish it was year round like it used to be before the change was made to have it seasonal. I also miss Buckaroo Blackjack which is totally gone.


    3…..sooooooooooooooo..pogo.does.this.mean.pogo.lies????……lol….i’,need,a,new,,…same.yr.going,’s…’xs.but,in,alive.theres.1.[color=#8040FF]heck’of’a.horror.true.story.for.ya.pogo..spiders.included….BAHHHHHHHHH[/color].TY.DEAR.FRIENDS.IN.POGO.LUV….NITA :(

    • Hi Nita…so sorry to hear about your accident. Get well soon. I looked to see what you were talking about, “black cats” and I’ve never had those on my score board. What I do have on my score board is 3 Any bats on the moon for 25 tokens. I am just a player, here, so nothing official, but I don’t think there are any black cats.

  • Sick of Jack, wish you would bring back the old haunted house that almost everyone says was superior. I never got to play it but I’ve seen some graphics and they were better!
    And as long as you still have Jack & the pumpkins, it would be so much more fun if pumpkins were on all three columns, not just the last column, and on ghost spins.

  • I’m so glad that SPOOKY SLOTS has returned, & even more glad that I can play it with the new version of JAVA so that I can play it & all the other games I wasn’t able to play for so long. I’m going to go as far as possible before SPOOKY SLOTS leaves until this time next year & I hope to win a badge or two in that time as well.