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Spin on the go with MONOPOLY Slots for Mobile

For a completely fresh slots experience, download EA’s brand-new MONOPOLY Slots mobile game for free. Experience new gameplay, graphics and multi-slot fun on your smartphone or tablet. Slots fans can enjoy premium graphic quality and fast action with a real-world feel as they dive into multi-slot gameplay. This slots game has mystery wilds, stacked wilds, 2x multipliers, free spins, and bonus games that make it rain gold.

Lovers of the Monopoly franchise can play through a variety of Monopoly-themed slot machines and celebrate big payouts while Mr. Monopoly cheers then on. Don’t miss the winningest slots game on mobile.

For you Club Pogo folks, the original MONOPOLY Slots on Pogo.com isn’t going anywhere. This is just a new take you can enjoy on the go.

Earn 1,000 bonus tokens in Vaults of Atlantis in celebration of this launch. 

Get It Now at the iTunes Store or on Google Play.

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  • Did someone push the wrong button, WHY do we have Christmas instead of Thanksgiving in POGO BOWL?

    • Yeah I agree with you. I just went to POGO BOWL and it is Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. I am sure it is an error somewhere. I hope Pogo notices this and corrects this. Gee, seems like everyone (not all, but most) are caring more about Christmas and forgetting Thanksgiving every year. Thanksgiving has a big meaning too.

    • Went back to POGO BOWL and they fixed it. So it is Turkey Time. Enjoy!

    • LOL thinking the same thing and NO Thanksgiving things worth buying in the Mini Mall. NOt sure why we have picnic stuff now either

    • Because half the world isn’t thankful for anything anymore but greedy for christmas crap. Speaking of not being thankful…pogo sure could stand to get a far better mini clothing designer. The clothes in the mini mall are worse than the clothing you get at walmart. Where’s the winter coats??. I’m tired of wearing the same ski suit every year. hahaha!

  • Schucks, thought it was added to pogo to go games on mobile..dang.

  • Sorry,but not in Google Play Store on Samsung Galaxy. Android 4.0 ICS.Smartphone.
    Tried Monopoly Slots; Monopoly. Not available in store a/o 11/7/13.

    • Update: App now available in Google Play. Played it with same result as on Pogo version,very hard to win coins—lol.

  • I tried the App Store and iTunes Store and Pogo Games on my phone and can’t find this anywhere. Any other clues?

    • Just went to iTunes to get MONOPOLY SLOTS – not listed. When will it be available for iphone? And when will Pogo be available for ipad?

      • I just went there too and its not on the itunes store and its not available on Amazon for my kindle fire.

    • Sys it’s not available in the US Store….thanks aa lot Pogo :(

  • I was wondering if we can get more on the men’s clothing.. its a shame we are so limited to the items we can own. As pogo participants, we deserve the clothes and looks that are in the women’s dept. thank you for listening.

    • your request should go in the ‘pogo mini mall wizard’ section they released a few days ago where they were asking for input/comments/suggestions concerning the mini mall. you have until 11-10 to submit something.

  • why can’t WE have all the fun stuff the mobile people get ??? :(

    • why cant I have a TV the size of my neighbors? or, more to the topic.. why cant i have as many games in the Pogo app on my kindle as I have on my iPhone?

      Because its a different program.
      sorry but if a couple extra things in a game is that important to you, get a smart phone or tablet :)

      ps.. we “mobile people” also deal with not being able to sign in a lot, tokens not transferring,not getting credit towards a badge, etc… and there’s always the fact that the badges we earn do not show in 99% of chat rooms here ;)

  • I went to Vaults of Atlantis and I did not receive my 1000 tokens.

    • Sparks2318. Hi! You may want to go back and try it again. It worked for me, but I did it later in the day. Good Luck & Have a Nice Day.

      • I can’t find it in either iTunes or the app store! Sparks, what did you search under? Thanks for any additional information you can provide

  • When I tried to download the monopoly to my android it said not available in your country.
    Huh???? not in the USA….. that’s funny??????/

  • OK, when I clicked on the link above for the iTunes store it said this item isn’t available in my country. Any ideas, Bret? I’m sitting in California, by the way, so my country is the USA.

    • Well, a lot of people don’t think California is part of the US. LOL

    • I’m in California also. Tried to download it from Google for Android. Got the not available in my country message. Did the U.S. give California back to Mexico when
      we got that extra hour of sleep during the time change. I must have missed that.
      But EA is in California too.

  • I clicked on ITunes link and told me I’m in wrong country, too. I’m in Nevada! The app looks great on Google Play but that won’t work on my Ipad.

  • Guess I’m not doing something right. Went to Google Pay on my tablet thru Firefox and I can’t find this game (Monopoly Slots). On the PC when I click on the link it goes right to it. Help anyone?


  • i can not play my games but lioke this about 1 week or so / i am treid of paying money for something i cany play pogo needs to get this fix

  • Ok, got it downloaded today, just copied exactly as above, monopoly slots mobile, it will looks like this page, then clicked on the link….google play, and install, it installed
    now going to see if it works

  • Haven’t tried loaded monopoly on my ipad yet but will letter. Do have a question about the challenges available there tho. This week it’s sweet tooth, getting coins. I know they show up on the harder levels but have ranked out on it using all levels and have never seen a coin. Any ideas? I love to play it but would love it more if the challenge were possible.

  • I am not getting any of the bonuses!!! I’ve tried many times and I have not been rewarded any!

  • Sweet Tooth 2 Hard gives lots of coins on iphone app. Is Pogo ever going to get an app for ipad? Can’t find Monopoly Slots on iTunes, any suggestions?

  • Went to site from Vaults of Atlantis – Is Monopoly Slots only for Google? That’s where I connected from Vaults. But still nothing in iTunes store? Whats up with that????

  • I went to “App Store”–put “Monopoly Slots” into “Search”–and it downloaded on iPad, iPhone and iPod without a problem.

  • i can not find monopoly slots in tha app store and i type it in and i find monopoly club
    i am getting madf about this.

  • JMT: I have no idea how you got it. I get exactly what Kim gets (some off brand called Monopoly Club that doesn’t look “safe”). When I click on the link above, the iTunes message comes up that the app is not available in my country (USA).

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