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“Sign In to Pogo With Facebook” Having Issues

Due to some changes with Facebook you may not be able to sign in to Pogo using Facebook or us some Facebook related features on Pogo at this time. Pogo engineers are working to solve this as quickly as possible.

Thank You


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  • I don’t want to sign in using my facebook…but POGO keeps signing me out because my sign in is not the same. I really do not want the two linked at all. I have tried to unlink it following your guidelines…but still I am having the issue. Please make it stop.

    • If you showcase your Mini on facebook it links the accounts again. You can also remove the link app from your facebook apps on Facebook.

      • I don’t have the pogo app on facebook yet I am constantly being signed out….. and this is driving me mad!!!!!! Will you please do something to stop this happening.

  • my chat does not work in spooky slots or other games.

  • I am having trouble with POGO sign in …Signing in via facebook is difficult an signing in the regular way is not working.. My pass word does not work. When i ask for pass word reset it ever goes to my e-mail address.


  • I’m not having a problem signing in, but I am however having and issue trying to invite facebook friends that do not already have a pogo account.

  • I would like to know if this is why it takes 6-8 times sigh in in to finally get to play. Also if when you change games you have to go though the same clown game again ??? I don;t do Facebook never will.

  • can’t play half the game’s on pogo for the last 2 weeks and i would really love to continue to be a member, but it’s really annoying to pay to be a member, but can’t play sure hope someone is working on fixing this problem

  • i cannot play half the games on pogo..with the price of being a member,,it really upsets me that i cannot play all games..this has been going on for a couple weeks now..please fix..

  • i cannot finish mahjong garden..did 3 and now will not load..everything on puter is up to date..what is going on??????????????????

  • I can get on the pogo home page but cannot play any games either. what’s up? also, I do not login via facebook. Never have. When can we expect this to get fixed?

  • Hi Pogo. Im hoping you can help me. Im having problems getting into a game. I can only get onto the Pogo homepage. Why cant I play any of the games??

  • I don’t sign in using Facebook, but I’ve been having problems with sign in for about a month now. I will play a game; go to another game, and even though it shows me signed in at the top of the page and “My Stuff” is lined up down the side and it tells me I have x number of friends playing, it asks me to sign in again. This is particularly happening on Word Whomp. It will ask me to sign in which I do, then it will go to the game and put me in as a guest. I tried going to EA Help but after I put in the product and category, it won’t let me do step 2 which is email, live chat or whatever. Your techs need to get their act together.

  • I haven’t been able to play any games for over 4 days now

  • I have sent guess pass to a friend on aol twice and they cant get signed in. Why?

  • discount should be given to member for all the games thay missed

  • Why does my game freeze after the first round of swashbucks? Ever since pogo linked to facebook, myself and other users have had nothing but issues. This is quite annoying as we pay a member fee. The answer is always IT is working on it, but takes weeks if at all resolved. I loaded you toolbar and now I can’t use my firefox.

  • BigRedOne622388 October 11, 2012 9:26 AM

    I can play games in pogo but NOT when they go into FB mode … this has been going on for 3 weeks now and all the games I like are in FB. I sure hope you can fix this problem. It really is annoying.

  • Help!! Who do I contact in regards to puchasing a game and it did not download on my computer?


  • i cannot play any games i have lost evthing i sign in and it signs me in as a guest i sure would like to get back to playing my games

  • I think popo is getting tooo big for it’s pants…..Seems they are goint to other areas to get some of those silly games and not tending to there own….I love pogo and have been a member for a number of years. In my eyes it is getting worse and worse. Not better. All these changes are not good. I realize you have to keep up dated. But some of those games you put on here???? Come down to earth POGO…

  • Can’t get Battleship to load on facebook whats wrong?

  • I cannot sign in on my home computer, but at work okay. sign in and goes back to sign in page again – the pits.

    • Are you using a saved password on your computer? Try retyping your password in, also make sure cap-locks is turned off.

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