She Wanted All My Tokens Until I Came Back!

Dear Ms. Netiquette,

I recently had a friend ask me for my tokens, this is what she said…

I saw that your Pogo subscription expired. I was wondering if I could have your tokens. And if you come back to Pogo  I WILL give you every token back. I just need your password so I can transfer them to my account.

First of all, I would never give my password out, not even to a family member. Second,  I did inform this person that even though I could not play Club Pogo right now, I can and still do play the free Pogo. I explained that my husband just passed away and then my subscription ended. I cannot afford the membership right now.

My question is this, if she could get into my account how could she take my tokens and transfer them to her account? I personally think this person has been lying to me and making it seem she is not who she was saying she was. Even if she was, she has to be crazy to think I would give her the password to my account.

Thank you,

Just wondering


Dear Just Wondering,
First of all, good for you for NOT obliging her most unusual request! While she may have just wanted your tokens, you just never know. With control of your account, you don’t know how far she might have gone. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and frankly, if all she wanted were tokens, she can earn them herself. It’s not that hard.
Also, and I understand you were just trying to be nice, but I don’t think you owed her an explanation. Nice people like yourself often feel the need to explain why they can’t or won’t grant an unusual request. While that seems kind, it also sends a message that the request was somehow “okay”. In the future, I’d advise you to simply say “no” or “absolutely not” and leave it at that.  Declining such a request with a firm and brief reply might clue the questioning party into how inappropriate the question is.
As for the transfer of tokens, this is primarily done through one of our “High Stakes” games. Essentially, she either has a friend help her, or she uses a “double-browsing” technique where she uses two different browsers (like Chrome and Firefox) and uses one to log on with her account, and the other to log on with yours.  From there, either she alone or with a friend who takes one account while she takes the other, proceeds to purposefully lose large quantities of tokens from your account, which will get added to her winning account.   It’s an unfortunate “trick” people use to launder tokens, which is why you are so smart not to ever give your password out to anybody!


Dear Ms. Netiquette,

I hope that all has been going well for you and that your tea is wonderful today. I have a question for you, and maybe you won’t be able to answer, but any advice would be appreciated.

I am one of those people that loves to read other people’s profiles. I read so many interesting things, and have quite a few laughs, which sometimes I am so thankful for. Especially if I am having a lousy day. I truly appreciate those people out there who do fill out their profiles, and make them a bit humorous.

I was checking one out  the other day, and I was shocked over what I read. This person used “None of Your Business” for all their personal stats, and in the favorites columns they went on to say that people who read other people’s profiles are sick and that they should consider themselves stalkers.

Is this what I am because I enjoy reading those profiles? I myself have my profile filled out, and I don’t care if anyone reads it or not, and I certainly wouldn’t think anyone who did look at it was sick or stalking me. I just find it interesting to see where everyone is from and what they love about life in general. It breaks up the monotony of my day sometimes.

I just would like your general opinion on this. I appreciate your time.

Best regards for a great cup of tea,

Profile Lover


Dear Profile Lover,
The profile is a feature for allowing players to share a little bit about themselves. It’s a public page, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking at someone’s profile. That’s why it’s there – to be seen by other Pogo players.  There’s no requirement that people fill it out, and player’s are only encouraged to fill out information that they’re comfortable sharing.  These profiles are connected to your screen name, and not your first or last name, unless you choose to put that information in there, which we do NOT recommend.  Most people don’t put anything too personal, which is something we also recommend. Keeping super personal information out of your profile is a smart internet practice.
Players also have the option of turning off their profile entirely, or limiting its visibility to only those who are on their Friends List. They can set their privacy on their Profile Settings page. If anyone is uncomfortable with strangers reading their profile, then adjusting these settings will allow them control over who, if anyone, can see it.
So, that player was just, as the children say, a “meanie-bo-beanie”.  Rather than using the options available, that player chose to be unfriendly and accusatory about it.
You are free to continue browsing people’s profiles at your leisure, with no worry about whether or not you’re a stalker – you’re clearly not!


Ms. Nettie,

Recently I noticed the name of a person I see often while playing Bingo Luau on My Friends list. I must have clicked it by accident at some point. I immediately removed it.

Now when I enter a room where that person is playing, she almost immediately leaves. I am afraid she thinks I am stalking her. Nothing could be further from the truth. We just happen to play the same game, sometimes in the same room, often.

Am I being paranoid? What can I do to make this better?


Accidental Clicker

Dear Accidental Clicker,
This is a tough predicament. Addressing her directly may come across as even more “stalkerish” and could make it look like you’re paying too much attention to her. It was a simple mistake, and over time, she should recognize that you’re not stalking her.
However, if you do end up in the same room from time to time, she may not see it that way. We have no idea whether or not she’s had to deal with stalkers in her past, and if she has, she could be understandably concerned about having another.
For the time being, to avoid feeling like you’re making her uncomfortable, I’d advise you to not contact her, but do find a room that you enjoy and limit yourself to that one room for a few months. If she happens to be in that room when you enter, so be it. She may leave, but she may also come to realize that you often play in that room, and she can avoid it. If she happens to enter while you’re there, again, so be it. What you don’t want to do is make any obvious changes to your behavior when you see her. She may mistake a reaction for an action, and it could further solidify her suspicions.
Of course, by taking this advice you really are going out of your way to accommodate her. It would also be perfectly acceptable to simply continue playing how you’ve been playing, and just let her come and go as she pleases. Ultimately, the issue belongs to her, and if you continue to just be yourself, hopefully over time she’ll recognize that you pose no threat.

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  • dear pogo i just love the coral corral game on pogo i wish you would make a game thats just coral corral it would be so fun i just love it thanks .

  • I agree with viennie45. That’s why I play boardwalk sea ball.

  • Lol! Wholeheartedly agree to BOTH viennie and lisadixie!

  • Oh, Ms. Nettie! I LOVED your response to “Profile Lover”! I, too, am guilty of “checking out” people’s profiles. Sometimes I do it because they’re part of an interesting conversation in a room and I want to know a bit more about them; sometimes I do it because I just LOVE the badge they’re displaying and I want to see if I have that one too, or where I can get it! My feelings on Profiles is this: Have fun and enjoy what you put, but only put what YOU want to put! I have several POGO accounts, and I’ve taken the time/trouble on each of them to post something in the Profiles. It’s my way of being “neighborly” without being overly “friendly”. Thanks for your lovely column and the warm company! :D

    • Sometimes you need to take profiles with a “grain of salt”. We never know who is sitting in front of the computer. I look at profiles for these reasons: I want to know when a person joined…and I want to know the game stats. This I find especially important in rated games like pinochle and qwerty. There are so many alias that it’s hard to keep track of the double browsers and set up people.

    • I too am a profile lover. Sometimes if it is someone who has the same interest as myself and has been in chat, I will “talk” to them playing the game. I have met a lot of interesting people this way and have been able to meet 2 of them through messaging privately. Neither of us had any other ideas than being friendly and it is fun to play games with them, breaks up the bordem. I am fortunate to not have run into this problem and feel most of POGO players are playing for enjoyment. Thank you for your wonderful comments about some of the issues I have seen. I love to read them too.

    • I caught my x-boyfriend putting that same thing in my profile one day (‘none of your business’) but he couldn’t have put the other because he can’t even spell that great. I was glad that I caught him in the act or I would have never known.

  • I’m sorry but the response given to “Accidental Clicker” is extremely poor and not informative in the least.

    Why should AC even have to consider that the other player would think of them as a stalker? There’s no need to even address the other player about this non-issue! You should have adviced AC that adding someone to your friend’s list (even if you remove them later) does not alert the other person that they’ve even been added…accidentally or not. There is no way that the other player would even know, so why would they feel stalked to begin with?

    Also, it would have been nice to advise AC that pogo tracks the rooms most recently used, so perhaps they are joining the same room where the other player happens to be a “regular”. Just being in the same room with the same people time and time again is not an indicator that someone is stalking another person! And another point you should have made is that when someone leaves a room, it take more than a few seconds for their name to disappear from the names list…so maybe it’s just a matter of timing?

    Seriously…this is a non-issue and I’m disappointed with the advice you gave to AC.

    • When you add someone to your friends list it DOES notify the other person that they have been added. The other person then has the option to close the notification, block the person, or add them back as a friend. You can also access the list of all the players that have added you by going to your friends list, and click the “Players that added me” link.

      • I just wanted to say thank you. I didn’t know about the “Players that added me” link.

    • As Chi said, yes, you CAN know that someone added you as a friend. Granted, this is a relatively ‘new’ feature so you might not have know about it, but it is still there. Also, obviously this person was concerned, and what you said is exactly what Ms. Nettie said: She should not consider herself a stalker. That, however, doesn’t mean that the other person might think of her as a stalker!

      Honestly, I think the advice was very good, very informative, and should help Accidental Clicker feel a little better about the situation.

      • Do they also know if you ‘unfriend’ them later?
        Maybe this person thinks AC unfriended her for a bad reason and has her feelings hurt?

        • no they do not know that they unfriended them… only alerts them when they get added.

  • For the 1st letter to Ms. Netiquette. Just so everybody knows even pogo. There are programs out there where people can get unlimited gems unlimited tokens and unlimited club pogo access. I had somebody come in a room I was in and was trying to do the same thing to me. But I just ignored it and just kept playing my game.

    They said that I could get 4,000 gems rewarded to my account if I gave him/her my password. I dont give my password out to nobody. And I always change my password every month to keep it up to date and secure.

    When you see this type of stuff you have to report it to pogo and let them handle the problem. Because there will be a elderly women that will think its true and give them there password and there account will be gone then they wont have an account anymore.

    If you see something like this dont be afraid to stand up and tell them that its spam and protect the elderly even on game sites and report that spammer to pogo and let pogo handle the issue.

    • Brian,
      No offense dear, but us “elderly ladies” have been around the block a few times. Just because we get older does not mean we dumber. Perhaps you should have a serious conversation with an elderly lady, you could be very surprised.

    • Dear Brian,
      Thank you for being concerned about your fellow Pogo players. I already knew what you were explaining (I’m and old lady but it would surprise most people to know how many people of all ages fall for the spammers nonsense. anyway..tysm!..Marilyn7755

      • lol I am surprised Brian wasn’t concerned for “Old Men” getting scammed? :D

    • Brian, there aren’t programs that give unlimited tokens or gems, but there are people who claim that they can give you gems or whatever for going to a site and giving them money or buying something through their site, or giving them your information. Of course it’s incredibly stupid to give your info to anyone you don’t trust, and even to give the info to some people you do trust. There are ways to get free gems from pogo itself, by doing surveys and whatnot from the page that pogo provides. I agree with you though. There are many trusting gullible people out there who fall for the scams unfortunately. I’ve known people of all ages who have fallen for it before, one friend it cost hundreds of dollars because of someone charging all the badge albums (there weren’t gems in those days) to his account, and sending those albums as gifts to people. My friend doesn’t know the people they were gifted to, and it was several people, and had a heck of a time getting everything all straightened out. When he got his account back there wasn’t many tokens, all his ratings in games were at 0 and he’d lost hundreds of dollars. A very expensive lesson for him.

      • Danielle,
        Google it and you will find websites and programs that you can use that cost 44.95 out of your pocket. Some of those sites that those spammers promote are those programs that you can download.
        Just google it and you will get more information about it.
        Also I am not talking about peanut labs.

        I did alot of research about those websites and programs and I tell everybody including my family members that play on pogo. So they wont fall for those spam links that spammers like to post up in cheat rooms to get people to go to that site and do all of that.

        Sorry, That goes for the elderly guys as well. I apologize. I was in a hurry and had to get back to work. Was on my lunch break when I wrote that.

        I always worry about the elderly because those are the 1st people that those scammers target 1st. Is because they know that they have money

        • I hate it that those spammers/scammers come in a room and leave very quickly. I always report them and nothing happens to them when i report these people, i see them with the same name a week later or the same name but different numbers. People have said to me that there friend lost there account and everything to these yucky people. You should never buy into these people they are just trying to scam you. Never give out your info.

          • The problem is that the scammers can create new screen names faster than pogo can make them go away. Report away, if they get lucky, and get enough reports, pogp can block the IP address

    • LOL I gave them the password Icantakeitbaby!1 and they tried and tried now when the see me they leave as fast as they come in!

    • Anyone know how to report the gem/token scammers if they come in and say something in the chat box directing you to go to a site and then leave before you can hit the report abuse button?? I see this one come up all the time different people suggesting the same site to go to and I would hate for them to actually get people with this scam so if there is any way for me to help, without being able to use the report abuse button that comes up when I click on their user name because usually they leave before I can do so, I would like to know so I can do my part to keep the scamming to a minimum because it seems to be getting more frequent that I am seeing these things pop up in the chats, so if there is any way to help fight the scamming please let me know it would be much appreciated ^.^

      • Concerned Player
        Right or left click on a players name click report abuse. Click on spam then in the box below to give a statement just type in the user’s name that is spamming the site. Then pogo will be forwarded the chat log and they will look into the issue. And if they see spam. They will handle the issue that way.
        And the person that you did the report abuse through wont get in trouble because pogo will know that somebody was in the room spamming then left really fast

        I hope that helps.

      • Dear Concerned Player,
        Although I have been lucky enough to catch a couple of them as they come in and quickly click their name, if they scoot before I can catch ’em, I just copy and paste their name from chat (or write it down) and then I go into the Report Abuse area and type it in there. POGO has a button there that says “Add Players”, then click “Not Listed”, THEN put their screen name in the “Please briefly describe the problem:” along with the message if you still have it on your screen and can get it all (or as much as possible) in, especially noting the website they refer people to for the “free” stuff.

        Unfortunately, they tend to change their name every few days, so you’ll see that stupid little “ad” come in the room again before too long. I also find that they tend to hit the rooms where we’re working away at the weekly badges. I go into rooms with few people, and as soon as they come in, I notice it…that’s how I’ve been successful in catching them before they “poof”. Not bad for an “elderly” lady, heh? LOL

      • Actually, they don’t ‘leave’. They are never there to begin with. It’s all done with computer programs to hack into the rooms and post the ads. There are no people that come into the rooms, so even if you report them, it does no good. They don’t show up on the names list of the chat room (as a rule), just in the chat portion so that players can see the ads. The computer programs change the names and information at irregular intervals and that makes it hard to catch them.
        Just ingore them. If people would stop paying these ‘companies’ they would go away.

  • Dear Nettie, In response to Accidental Clicker, my take on the situation is that unless the other player had AC on her own Friends list, she would not know when AC entered, except if there are less than 5 or 6 players in the room. It is my guess that it is mere coincidence and for other reasons the other player leaves the room when AC enters.

    • Dear Nettie,
      Is it possible that the other player didn’t feel “stalked” but instead knew she had been dropped off her friends list? Maybe it offended her or hurt her feelings. When she saw Accidental Clicker come in, she jumped out because she didn’t understand why she had been dropped. Maybe?

      • I was thinking the same thing as Spedcon. Maybe she was offended because she was removed from this person’s friends list and now tries to avoid AC.

        • That’s certainly how I would feel! Some of us can be very sensitive and won’t confront others about why they dropped us as friends. I have seen very crude and mean spirited people in chat rooms, as-well-as sweet, caring people. I would just leave the room before questioning someone about why they didn’t want me on their friends list.

  • I love reading the profiles too and some have read mine and have left me comments in my guestbook and I love that.


  • dear just wondering
    you did the right thing and as netie said you didn’t even have to give a reason. what a brazen and over the line request! never give another player an account even if its one you haven’t used in a long time or doesn’t have what you consider much. it still has your information such as age, credit card info if you never removed it, and your email address. hopefully players here know by now that your email password should never be the same password on any other website for reasons such as this.

  • What game is everyone referring to called Coral Corral? The way the statement seems is pogo has a named game and they like it…anyone know what this game is about?

  • It is a level in Boardwalk Sea Ball

    • KbSmith73 and Roberta Salas.

      They are talking about Coral Coral in Boardwalk Seaball.

  • I have a ?, in the newer games with the chat that does not work, I have checked friends list, and it not show them online, immediately go to one of those games with chat and it show their name on the list of rooms. I then rechecked the friends listing and still they did not show up, so does that mean I am no longer on their friends list (i.e., blocked), or are they gaming with the little button clicked to not show them online? To be clear …. I was not in a room, merely on the list of rooms for that game. I of course could not go into room and see if their name was there since chat was not working sigh, but wondering what the deal is with this. Is it just a glitch in pogo or am I missing something.

    • Bothered By, it can be one of two things: 1. Pogo is experiencing difficulties they need to fix. Or 2. Your friends are on stealth mode. If they are on stealth mode, you cannot see them on the friends list but you can see them in the room. That doesn’t mean they are ignoring you. It could just mean they want to just focus on the game or their lives offline call them away from the game and don’t leave them much time to chat.

      • arielleaurora can you please explain your comment. “2. Your friends are on stalth mode.” I would like to know how to do that when I am on pogo and want to have some free time to myself. I have an extensive ‘friends’ list which is my choice and I do enjoy them. But, there are times I wish to play for a badge or just play to unwind and I am constantly being bothered. Sorry to my friends who may read this. But, I would like to know how to set up “stealth mode” if you would please explain that to me?

        • At the top of page next to your name is a circle ,click on it and you will have the option for stealth mode,,Good Luck on yoyr games coffeebear57

        • HokieLynn66,
          At the upper right of your home page, next to your name there will be a green or gray dot. Hover your cursor on the dot, click the tiny arrow that appears, make a check mark on stealth mode. It will turn the dot gray if you did it to stealth. Now people will only be able to see you if you happen to be in the same room.

  • i pay for pogo and cant get into the games.[only the free ones.i have payed for badges that wont let me in.what can i do?

  • Miss Nettie, did you not feel any empathy for Just wondering’s recent loss?
    I think it would have been worth the effort to type out “I’m sorry for your loss”.

    Just saying.

    • subtle_whisper
      can you please tell me how you got your photo on like that
      looks very nice. did you do that yourself?

      • me too would like to get a photo on pogo of myself as well

        • I think that member has the pogo account linked to her facebook. I think that is how the picture up there.


    • yes, agreed, the tokens hold no real value.. except that we earned them and they are ours! lol I have so much fun watching my token count grow.. lol. Unlike some of the players using robots, I actually earn my tokens. And, next time you play a game and it takes you “9 hours” try changing rooms. If I find myself in a room that I am not advancing in my badge, I change rooms and it really works. No way should that slingo badge have taken so long to earn! omg! I know the first five games I did not get a single coin but then they started arriving fast after that.

  • good morning there are certain games that i cannot play so i was wondering what i can do about this thank you very much gene

    • I am also having trouble in some of the games as well. I can’t see the timer countdown or the chat box where u can comment . Any suggestions?

  • some pervert in gin today wanted to know if i was in my pj’s (im a woman he was a man i guess) i said im dressed he gave the :( & said.. aw no peeking then…omg i left the game he wasnt there to play GIN..just be a perv…i shouldnt have said anything i should have just blocked him, can we do that??? why do men have to be so rude like that???

    • Dolores Jean Mcghee,

      Yes you can block that person, Also if you felt that he violated your privacy you can report that member as well.

      But you wanna make sure you are still in the game room actually playing the game when he is talking like that then click left or right click on his scree name and then click on report abuse.

      Also you did the 2nd thing best to do is just leave the room.

  • I have tried to submit my 1000th weekly challenge to the address given and it keeps coming back “not delivered” which makes this a challenge in itself. How can I do this to let Pogo no that I have over 1000 weekly challenges finished?

  • Brian…..please don’t apologize for looking out for us “older” folks….there is a reason that older people tend to be the victims of door to door scam artists, phone scam artists, and online scam artists….we tend to be too trusting….so thank you Brian.

    On another note….Ms Nettie you gave way too much information on how to launder tokens….if I did this wouldn’t it be a TOS violation?

    • DI
      If you go into high stakes poker and lose your tokens like that. Then No. Its not a TOS Violation.

      But If you sell your account to somebody for cash then it will be a Tos Violation.

  • I hate how hard Pogo has made it to get help. I have tried everything I can to let Pogo know that I can’t play slingo this week becacus it does not load and show the blue play button.

    • Cajun I have had the same problem all week end I cleared my cache and went to a less populated room and then just waited and finally it worked. This badge is long and with the chat issues very lonely. I miss the old days when the chat and company was so much fun you forgot how agonizing some of the challenges were :-)

    • One thing you must check, make sure your do not have pop ups blocked when playing pogo games. Some games are played in a pop up widow and some are not. I don’t remember if slingo is a pop up game or not. I am just too tired tonight to think that hard. lol

  • this is to JUST WONDERING. i know you don’t know me or me you but if you need a free pass i have an extra one to give, I’m not sure how to do it, but if it will help you play and have fun ill be more than happy to give ya one. i never use them anyway and Ive been a member since 2000.

  • Hello to all; I am a new member and love reading all of your comments. The suggestions and advice are wonderful. I was wondering if anyone knows if we can suggest new games to Pogo, and if they ever listen. I used to play a great on-line game called Acrophobia. Sigh…it has been gone for some time, and it was so much fun!

  • i am playing club popit sprint and my coins are showing an odd number insteasof zero. i have tne nine for the last number can this be fixed? chrissy4usa

  • I have NOT seen anyone mention the Follower’s list. This is where anyone can add you to thier friends list without you’re knowledge.If you look at that list, you might find you are being stalked or some nosey person can read your profile if you have it set to “friends only.” Check your Followers list often. Of course, you will find many people who are already on your frinds list, some who played a game and wants to be your friend, then there there are the stalkers and nosey ex’s…LOL!

  • I was paying for a whole year in last October and they are still taking my money from my account.So What can I do with that????Thanks if You responding.

    • Hi Elisabeth, do you have your subscription set to monthly or yearly? It sounds like to me that you have it set to monthly, check your account.

  • Wow, Ms. Nettie, you may not realize this, but in telling how a person can pilfer tokens if you grant permission to get into your account, you basically gave a detailed description, or per say, a easy to follow step by step instruction on stealing! Good going. I may not be computer smart, but even I could follow those instructions. Seems to me, it would have been better just to say yes, it can be done and leave it at that.

    • I agree with amusingduck!!! In fact,I have a feeling you were tricked into telling that secret.The woman said her husband died,Im sure she knows his password,but could not figure out how to transfer his tokens to her own account!!WTG Ms Nettie…..

      • I never thought of it that way ~ and here I was all ready to offer the lady membership for a year as a kind gesture.

  • That is my favorite part of Boardwalk Seaball too. Make all 5 games like that.

  • In regards to profiles, I, too like to check out people’s profiles periodically. My only complaint are the ones who have to put the comment by age: NONE OF YOUR BEES WAX.I think this is so rude and those who don’t want to post their age could say something like Aged to Perfection.

    • When someone puts none of your BEES WAX it is usually a teen-ager…to my way of thinking.

      • Mtress4944 – Not all the time it wont be a teenager. Some people dont put there age on there because they just dont want people to now how old they are.

  • I also like coral carrol but not the others so much. And I too read profiles geez that is why they are there!

  • help please it takes me up to 10 minutes to open 1 gift can anyone help me also this box keeps comeing up saying heavy java settings my page is running slow I have downloaded the new version of pogo any help thank you very much

  • I have been having problems too, ever since downloading the latest java and adobe flashplayer so not sure which one is at fault. One time ie tells me that there is a long running script, the next that POGO is not responding. Sure wish that ie, java, adobe and pogo would all upgrade at the same time!
    It seems to be only in the gifts.

  • Spent my whole life in Illinois and NEVER heard of the words “meanie-bo-beanie”. Do you know where that phrase originated?? It will be in my conversations, with friends, this week!!

    • Ciocia10
      I am going to take a wild guess on this one that “Meanie Bo Beanie is Czech. But I could be wrong.

    • There was a song, “The Name Game” and in it names were rhymed (sorry about the spelling). Cute song. An “oldie” but “goodie”.

  • I would like to know why in Bowling there are several silver pins and hardly any gold. I get frustrated at the game but I need the badge to finish off a book.Can you please add more gold pins. I played 10 games and didn’t get 1 gold pin. I might just have to give up my book aven tho I worked very hard on it plus have a book I can’t finish is sad.

    • I am a former bowler, but I cannot play the bowling game for anything. I have a book or 2 that I cannot finish either and it aggravates me. Now when I buy a premium album or someone gives one to me, I request no bowling games.


    • Bowling for Gold pins can be time-consuming and a bit frustrating. They are deliberately less frequent because they are “Gold” and therefore worth more. When working these badges, I find that playing in one room until I get one (though it can take a while, and can take WAY more than 10 games for that one), then moving to a different room seems to make the badge go more quickly. And, believe me, I HATE room-hoppers/room-hopping, but it seems to work for me. For a badge that requires 5 Gold pins, plan on playing about 100 games of bowling…or less if you’re lucky…or maybe more if you’re not so lucky. I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of them adding more Gold pins. Badges aren’t supposed to be earned so easily (as far as I’m concerned)…I’m a POGO old-timer and remember when the Weeklies actually took a WEEK to earn (instead of 5 minutes, and yes, we have had some 5 minute badges!)…remember good things come to those who persevere! I guess it all just depends on how much you really want that badge. Good luck with the bowling! :D

  • I was recently hacked of my pogo account.all tokens and earnings are gone. changed my password and I still cannot access my account.I am being carried as inactive? my dues is cvurrent. somebody is playing Pogo with my account. bertplayer old password

  • sometimes i cant play the badges cause when i enter play and it doesnt let me play.why is that happenning and it happens with chalenges to.could you please help me.thank you very much.i really love pogo.

  • I am sorry , I have no idea where else to go withb this problem, I have written 3 times and have not received anything back. August of 2012 pogo deducted a yrs subscription for my pogo account but it was not due until November of 2012 and it was deducted AGAIN. In other words I was charged twice for one yr subscription . What do you suggest I do? Any help would be appreciated. thank you , KoolGrandma1944

  • Re: Your acct was expired… I would be more worried about them being able to find my payment acct info than my tokens or anything else mentioned in the comments or article.

  • I entered a Pogo promotion whereby if approved for a credit card (Discover) I would then receive 1,020 gems within 48 hours of approval. I was approved over 3 months ago and to date = NO GEMS! What do I need to do now to receive those gems?….

  • Ms. Netiquette:

    I read the post from “Just Wondering” and have been in the position where I’ve had to allow my Pogo Membership to lapse due to financial hardships.

    I am in a position to help another and would like to GIFT “Just Wondering” a years membership. I don’t know if it would be okay to contact this person and get permission and then share her membership name. I was just touched by the passing of her husband then the awful demand to have her tokens from one of our members.

    Please let me know… my Membership name is Trisperrfection2… You may pass this along to “Just Wondering.”

    Thank You :)

  • I was playing Everyone Wins Bingo. Blackouts as usual, one person complained and then went so far as to say ‘ I swear all of you usa losers are dumb backsides and no one can stand you usa losers. This was totally unacceptable to me. Time 10:15 PM Passing room 003, date 4/9/13, username was IHBC68.

  • to,Ms nettiquette or anyone I’m having trouble getting credit for a badge on Every one wins bingo does anyone know whwere to go to get this adressed?

  • Miss Netiquette said:

    “Nice people like yourself often feel the need to explain why they can’t or won’t grant an unusual request. While that seems kind, it also sends a message that the request was somehow “okay”. In the future, I’d advise you to simply say “no” or “absolutely not” and leave it at that.”

    That is some advice I needed to hear, put just like that. I needed to hear that for my JOB, nothing to do with Pogo. Who knew I could learn something that would make my job so much easier, on POGO! Thanks to Miss Netiquette. Someone give that lady a cup of tea.

  • I agree some players are very mean and rude in chat rooms with other players and say for them to get out of the room as if “THEY OWN THEM” For all of us that pay our CLUB memberships have just as much right to move about freely as the next guy and WE ALL OWN if not for OUR fees and gem buying there would be NO POGO in business…. so all that feel jumped of may fun of or be littled report the trouble makers and have them kicked off of our games and from us having fun… it is because of our being oldtimmers in pogoland and so devoted that is what made pogo what it is today.. and to be bossed and kinked and spamed by new comers are not exceptable WHAT SO EVER – does anyone here agree that some of the rooms when people are fighting and talking trash you just want to have a button in every room that will aloow you to “”” TURN – OFF “”” The chat altogther?? Even when you are trying to relax from being found be people on your friends list and you are to embearrased to leave the room / or feel like a child being caught in the cookie jar to have to explain WHY THEY ARE SEEING YOU IN THERE… Just saying every single room should have a TURN OFF CHAT button so therefor who so evr entires the room in which you do not want to talk to because of having yourself some ME TIME /AND OR BADGE TIME should not show in in commer that you are in the room when you are in chat off mode, so you may go about your business without having to feel guilty or avoid someone.

  • this has nothing to do with today questions and answers. While playing card games I get a lot of people complaining about how slow I play and in reply I tell them that there is a time limit and that I can take my time to think about it. I usually don’t take that long but times I get interupted and the time slips away. I have also been on the other end of the card game where I have to extend the time and don’t say anything. I also tell them to play with the robots because they are real fast. Am I doing the right thing or an I wrong in saying what I say. Would like to know other peoples views on this. Thank you

  • I have found people on here from my home state and had no idea it was them. I usually say Hello from NC and VA where are u from? I have met some great Pogo friends on here and if anybody wants to read about me so be it. That’s why I filled mine out. Why did they fill it out if they didn’t want people to know about them? When I ask them where they are from if they don’t want to answer that is fine with me. I do enjoy reading their profiles.

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