Save 25% on Select CLUE Episodes For One Day Only!

Happy Anniversary, Club Pogo! Save 25% on select CLUE episodes for one day only. Use coupon code CLUE at checkout.*

Save now!

* Offer expires 11:59pm PT 07/23/13. Offer valid for purchases of participating CLUE episodes using Pogo Gems in North America only. Excludes new CLUE episodes Unwanted Visitor, Viral Outbreak, Escape Route, Global Gridlock. Limit one offer per person, per screen name. This offer may not be substituted, exchanged, sold or redeemed for cash or other goods or services. May not be combined with any other offer, gift card, rebate or discount coupon. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.
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  • Half off would be even better…LOL. Thanks. Off to go load up on episodes!!
    P.S. The LOL meant it was a joke, I know it can get nasty on here if any misunderstanding

    • Love the discount. I always wait for a Clue sale to stock up. Thanks POGO!

  • No reward for loyal Clue players who are already caught up?

  • once again an offer for North America ONLY, what about members who don’t live in America or Canada, although their own sites have been closed down, some people still like to play pogo, but they get left out on most of the freebees. Not good POGO.

    • I totally agree with you sakirahlia. I am an American living in Tasmania and although I pay my $40 per year, I get ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFITS such as this. I cannot even buy Pogo Gems, yet I receive them with my renewal every year. How biased is that. It just is NOT FAIR. POGO should really get it’s act together – with so many members who DO NOT LIVE in the USA or CANADA you would think they would be more sensitive to our money coming into their coffers. I really feel like a second-class citizen and it really hurts that I am not eligible to win cash prizes either.

      • Beverly, you should be able to buy gems.
        From Pogo/EA Help Center:
        “The Pogo Gems system is currently available to players who are residents of all countries except for: China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, South Sudan, and Syrian Arab Republic. The Pogo Gems system is a feature separate from the subscription service that has additional legal compliance requirements, which vary from territory to territory.”

      • LOL I live in the United States and I don’t get ANY Gems on my yearly renewals. I’ve been a member for over 10 yrs. Ahh the good ole days when POGO was free..

    • Did you try the code?
      They always say North America Only, but most of the times, if not always, these coupons works for players in the UK and other countries.
      Just try. You lose nothing for trying!

    • Im pretty sure other countries have some type of activity that is not open to those outside that particular country. Not sure why people feel everything in the US should be available to the world. :/

    • I am in the UK – and I got the discount alright. Please try before you complain as you could just be wrong!

  • To everybody,
    Don’t forget to type the code all in caps, then click Apply, and don’t click Confirm if you don’t see the discount applied, the regular price of 20 gems should be crossed out and you will see a price of 15 gems instead.
    The price you see is the price you are going to pay, the coupon is not applied after confirmation.

    Again, don’t click Confirm if you don’t see that the price is showing as 15 gems.
    If you get the “oops something’s wrong” page just click back on your browser and try again, should work the second time, if it doesn’t try again later.

    BTW, the code worked for me, hope it works for everyone.

  • Hi V….code didn’t work for me. Tried it many times and no in Ohio

    • code did not work for me either

      • Didn’t work for me either and I live in Texas. It said that I didn’t have enough items for the discount to apply. What’s up with this????

  • Thanks POGO for all of the Goodies this month. Love the Sales and Freebies. Continued Success!!!!!!

  • SIGH !!!

    Just another Pogo gimmick

    There are not enough applicable items in the cart to use this coupon. Add additional items or select additional recipients and try again. Note there is only a single currency in one coupon.

    • Coupon EXCLUDES: Visitor, Outbreak, Escape Route, Global Gridlock episodes. (Read fine Print)

  • For those who are NOT IN NORTH AMERICA and are complaining that POGO isn’t being FAIR to you…Have you ever thought that the Internet Gaming Laws in the US/Canada might be different than where you live? Perhaps it might be illegal for Pogo to offer a discount to you or to give you free things without you purchasing something with actual money?

    Before you say Pogo is being UNFAIR to you…perhaps you should ask them directly or research the legal guidelines they must follow (or be shut down). I can’t say that this is the case however, I really don’t think they are singling out countries to be unfair to. Just a thought…

    • It seems to me people complain without checking first! I live in the UK and I don`t have any problem getting badges or special purchases. Just bought 3 episodes of CLUE and code worked perfectly.
      Please, players outside USA/Canada – try first. IF you don`t get the discount, just click the x by the items to cancel the transaction. Make sure you use block letters – CLUE – otherwise it will not work.

  • code not working for me either grrrr!

  • Its not fair that only North America can use stuff like getting all the gifts and discounts;. I am an American living in Holland and pay more than they do in the USA why can’t we get gifts and discounts?????

  • Where do you find the coupon code?

  • I don’t know where the 25% off went but I just bought 2 of them a little while ago and I received no discount on it paid full price..Not fair..

  • So Pogo will u give me the discount since it didn’t show a coupon code on the top one on the home page

  • Based on all of the other complaints and issues everyone had with the other offer, I am surprised that this was their next offer. Like many members have already stated, most people buy each episode as it’s released, so they won’t be able to enjoy this offer. Plus, those who would be able to use the offer, are still having issues getting it to work, whether it’s an error on their end or Pogo’s. Either way, I get the feeling that there will be many more posts coming soon about the issues with this offer.

  • to those who are complaining that they can’t take advantage of this offer: It is your own fault, you know that Pogo periodically has Clue sales, yet YOU CHOOSE to buy them as they come out. I used to buy them as they came out too, but I stopped so I could take advantage of the sales, stop blamimg Pogo for your own impatience!

  • Code want work says invalid or expired. Do you know what I might be doing wrong. Did all caps.

  • The code worked fine when I bought four new episodes this morning. I went back to purchase more and it told me that I had already exceeded the limit. :(

  • I want to buy gems so i can play clue. everything is in order with credit card that is on file. but i keep getting error code nu2001. can anyone help me??? i have had no trouble for many years.

  • Usually I buy the Clue episodes as soon as they release, only to find that sometimes there would be a discount of gems when using a promotional code…to my dismay. BUT…I have learned my lesson, and from that point on, I have made sure to wait and check the News to see if any codes are avail to use. By golly, I almost forgot to do this morning and am so glad I checked the News again….(giggle)…Now I am off to get the badge at 25% off. It is not much of a discount, but I always say ‘better than nada’ ;) Once again, Thank you POGO!

  • i tried several times to get an episode of clue with the discount but it didn’t work. i changed the episode that didn’t work but it’s ok i still love pogo….so happy birthday pogo thank you for what i did receive free!

  • Thank you so much! I was able to get 5 episodes! I’m soooo happy! LOL

  • Didn’t work for me this is what it said There are not enough applicable items in the cart to use this coupon. Add additional items or select additional recipients and try again. Note there is only a single currency in one coupon. I tried one and then I tried two episodes

  • brought nine episodes.didnt know you have to have coupon code.Didnt say that at top of home page.Could have saved 40 gems.What a bummer.

  • Not fair that you can only use once. I ran out of Gems but completed the transaction…bought more Gems to buy the rest and it wouldn’t let me use the code again:( Didn’t see where it stated One Time Only!

  • I am very upset – I was unable to purchase any of the episodes at the special rate. When I made my selection and tried to check out – after adding more gems to my account – I was told it wasn’t working and to try again later. Well, I totally forgot about it until 3:52 AM ET and that was 52 minutes too late in which to make the special purchase. I feel POGO should extend the offer to allow those of us who due to POGOs problems were unable to purchase at the time they saw the offer. I look at this special page only when I get on the computer in the early AM – 6:30 ET and feel that by that time, they should have all the bugs out of their system. This was not a fair deal.

  • I to only needed the new epi so I was out of luck to CLUE code wouldn’t work for me either OH WELL ill buy it later when I can afford it as I always do.NO complaint’s just love pogo no matter what.

  • I don’t think its right to reuse places when playing clues ,after all price has gone up and its not fair to have, some of the cities repeated since you have already done them.

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