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rosederose_! Winner of $2000!

Congratulations to rosederose_– Winner of $2000.00

Since the day we launched prizes on Pogo, players have wondered about the folks who win them and what it’s like to win. We’re pleased to provide the Winners Circle so that we may all get to know some of our Pogo Prize Winners a little better!

Congratulations, rosederose_, on winning a prize on Tell us your first name.  Joann.

Well, Joann, tell us a little about yourself. I am a widow, retired and am 78 years old.  I have 5 children. My hobbies are knitting and crocheting and of course playing Pogo games for many hours everyday.

Where do you live? California 

What is your Zodiac sign? Virgo

Our members would like to know, what prize did you win? $2000 in Clue Secrets and Spies. WOW!

What did you do when you realized that you’d won? I was shocked and started shaking all over.  I was worried I had messed up claiming the prize.  It was wonderful!.

And what did you spend your winnings on? When I get my money I will purchase a new mattress and boxsprings for my bed.

Before you go, do you have anything else you’d like to say? Any special “shout outs” to your friends or family? A special shoutout to judydavis777 and jimmyriddle10347…It’s real, real people win prizes playing Pogo.

Thanks for your time and congratulations again on your winning.

If you have a question about how to win a prize or anything else then check the Prize Help and Rules first.

If you’ve won a prize on Pogo and you would like to be featured in the Winners Circle then e-mail us at the Winners Circle and let us know!

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  • Congrats

  • Wonderful!!!

  • wtg rose need more winner like you or me ha ha

  • Congratulations Rose, Really nice prize to win–enjoy it!!

  • I hope it’s true, I’ve always tried to have faith it was a real possibility but I’ve been a member here for MANY years and have meet several people and none of them have ever know a REAL person that really won AND got the prize money.

    • There are millions of members. Do the math. It’s certainly not unusual to not know anyone who has won money when you have met “several people.” The odds are extremely against you NOT knowing anyone. That certainly does not suggest that real people don’t win. I think Pogo has proven that by now that the prizes are real.

    • I was able to add all 3 peeps mentioned in this article to my friends list, don’t forget underscore on rosederose_’s name and take other names from what her response was.

  • aflack44

    I want to wish her congratulations and hope she wins more. maybe someday i will win too.

  • So glad for you enjoy your new presents who got from your winnings.

  • Congratulations! I hope your new pogo-bed gives you sweet dreams :)

  • Congratulations! You seem like a very sweet lady, and I’m so happy for your good fortune. Sweet dreams on your new bed!

  • Congrats. I also knit, crochet and play Pogo many hours in the day. I’m 70 and retired. We could be sisters, except you won and I haven’t YET!!! Again, congratulations.

  • Uhhh… none of us are getting younger. Congrats Rose

  • Congratulations, Rose! Reading your story put a smile on my face, and I’m glad someone like you won the $2000. Happy holidays!

  • I am very HAPPY you won.

  • Wow, I got so many “congrats” I’m overwhelmed. Happy Holidays to all and THANKS!

  • I’m so happy to see you win Rose!!
    AND A Question for the people at Pogo,I live in S.C. AND It’s a state that doesn’t allow money gambling.Can I still win cash from Pogo?

  • I’ve been w/ POGO nearly since its inception and never won anything beyond computer “wallpaper”, Club POGO mini items, or tokens. It’s more difficult for me to believe there are really the kinds of payouts that have long been professed, especially after they went to their new format and the big jackpots suddenly disappeared. Hearing that someone won $2000, when most of the other supposed payouts lately seemed to be around $200, it just sounds fishy.
    But if she really won and she gets her new bed, more power to her. I won’t hold my breath. It’s been over 10 years of playing, not expecting it any time soon…

  • Really happy for you Rose. Enjoy that new bed and many happy dreams.

  • Congratulations Rose, I am happy for you :)

  • Wow, Way to go Rose. Congrats and I hope you enjoy the Holidays.

  • Congrats Rose, it is nice to see that people realy do win!!!

  • Excellent! Enjoy your “new” bed!

  • Congrats on your win, and many happy days of POGO.

  • congrats rose have a merry christmas on your new bed :)

  • Joann congratulation it is really nice to see someone who won and i am glad it was you. I know living on limited income is hard to live on and a little surprise now and then is great.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HEALTHY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!