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Pogo Mobile Games – Sweet Tooth Badge Tips

Are you having trouble finding gold coins in in the Pogo Mobile Games Sweet Tooth Chewy Goodness Badge? Gold coins only appear on Medium and Hard difficulties.

To change difficulties click on the “Menu” button then click on Medium or Hard modes.

On Hard mode you should see Gold Coins immediately.

Match 3 or more gold coins to earn progress.

Don’t have the Pogo Mobile games app yet? You can download it here: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Kindle Fire.

iOS7 iPhone users having trouble logging in should enter their Password first, then their screen name carefully.

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  • I have a kindle fire.. id love to play these games.. unfortunately I cannot because the kindle fire app has not worked correctly since the first week it was put lost its jackpot spinner.. never fixed cannot earn tokens.. cannot do any badges now because I cannot either sign in most times or it does not count any progress for badges/challenges.. and if its not doing of those things it wont activate or it will stop counting progress long before the goal. example if its get 60 of anything it wont count past 8 9 0r 10

    I have asked numerous times when any of this was going to be fixed.. I sent in a letter to the tiki help page here last week..
    uninstalling the app and reinstalling the app changes nothing..

    my advice to anybody here considering buying a ipad or ipod or kindle to do these badges is to just save your money..ipad/ipod users also have these same complaints but pogo will fix those.. they wont fix the issues for the kindle fire

    • I have been able to achieve only 25 badges out of the ones offered since the app came out.
      not worth the money for those devices to buy just for badges.. I use my kindle for reading.. oddly enough I can play all the games on bigfish dot com and on yahoo games and on msn games. no problems.. cannot play anything on pogo not even the flash does not use java. I was told after talking to amazon tech help that they are working on the adobie flash player so that we can upgrade it and possiably play pogo flash of now we cant upgrade the flash player to the current version 11 and pogo demands that version.

    • I have to disagree with 1 thing that you said. Users of iPhones, iPods, and iPads do NOT have any problems in getting the weekly badges. It sometimes does not keep count properly, but is fixed easily by signing out and back in. It counts properly, just doesn’t always update on it’s own.

      There hasn’t been a weekly badge that I’ve been unable to earn on my iPod or iPad.

      • I never said phones.. read again.. and I do know players on the ipods/ipads who have had the same issues I mentioned!

      • i know someone with ipod that has same problem as i do with kindle

      • I have an IPAD & haven’t been able to play 1 game on the site. I can play the ones that come with the app but get the message I need to have Flash. IPAD gives me the message that Flash isn’t compatible. How can I get the ability to play games on the IPAD?

    • it’s not a matter of fixing anything… the badges are not available to Android or Kindle users period. It’s only available to iOS users and that has been stated over and over again. You can do the challenge but the badges will not be added to your account unless you’re using the iOS app.

      • It is interesting then that this app is offered for Kindle Fire users. I also have a Kindle and had no problem downloading the Pogo app.

        • that’s not what pogo is peachy said. she said Kindle users and Android users can use the app and complete the challenge but they can’t have the badges put in their badge collection

        • must be nice kudos because when theres a weekly badge offered it does count progress can play the games but not for any badges…didn’t think I needed to state the obvious

    • I’m an Android user and totally empathize. Pogo made all non IOS users wait close to 2 years to launch the app with big fanfare, only to drop it like a hot potato when it didn’t work. To continue to blatantly discriminate like this is totally unfair. If this were just a “toy” app like games that come with mobile devices it would be understandable. Why is Pogo billing it a “Weekly Mobile Badge” when only IOS are being credited? A weekly badge is just that….on whatever device! Mac users get “regular” Pogo Weekly badges, so why should this so called Weekly be different? The solution is very clear: If it’s a badge on a mobile device, then Pogo should credit it to users of ALL mobile operating systems. If they cannot do that they should just scrap the whole thing! I would then like to see the reaction of all the smug IOS users, who would just sit down and take it!

      Since people feel free to shoot down all comments that aren’t in agreement with their own, I would like to say just this:

      1. Are you an official Pogo employee? If so, can you explain to me WHY the app doesn’t work and won’t be fixed?
      2. Are you an IOS user? If so, please refrain from responding. I’ve heard enough from you guys and don’t want to hear another word, unless you can actually get the app working for me.

      Thank you.

      • The mobile badges are not nor have they ever been part of the weekly badges that guaranteed to every Club Pogo member. Therefore, it is not owed to you at all. Have a nice day! :)

        • @Actually: I’m presuming you’re an IOS user and can confidently make this statement because the badge is guaranteed to YOU, as a privileged Club Pogo member with the right device! Enough said. Have a nice day yourself!

        • *Actually*, I know your comment is in response to Christine, but as an Android user (who like Christine is presuming you are an IOS user), I would like to bring some facts to your (and all IOS users) attention. Please read carefully:

          1. I sign in to Pogo (on my smartphone) with my CLUB Pogo screen name and password. This means I am now OFFICIALLY on Pogo as a club member, not free.
          2. I complete the challenge. (Still signed in as a club member)
          3. Oh Gee Golly Whiz Holy Shmoley Cannoli….what is this??? Wowzah! Looks like a BADGE…an actual Pogo digital icon, not some fake ripoff! (I’m still signed on as a club member)!
          4. Checking badge album. What, no badge? Is the icon on my smartphone a hallucination? It’s NOT a Pogo badge? Just WHERE exactly AM I? If I’m not on Pogo (where I was signed on up to the last point… heck I’m STILL signed on as I type!) Me and my awesome Pogo digital icon lost in cyberspace, isn’t that what you’re telling me Pogo?
          5. Blame Android, for bringing me to this point and not crediting the badge to my account. Of course the Android OS is to blame right, for an app that Pogo created?????

          *Actually* I hope you can see the error of your statement. I do not fault YOU for my Pogo issues, but I do take offense when someone who has not a clue, tries to comment on issues clearly directed at Pogo!

          To sum it all up: This has nothing to do with OS and licensing agreements, and EVERYTHING to do with Pogo’s unwillingness to fix an app that they put out in the first place. When Android users ask IOS users to politely butt out it’s for a reason. We want our issue addressed! I will be supporting Christine and any other Android who chooses to bring this to Pogo’s attention week after week. Thank you Christine.

          • The reason your Android phone doesn’t work with the whole badge thing is because the Android OS has no way of putting the badge in your album… wasn’t designed that way, thus your smartphone just isn’t smart enough to make good on the delivery.

          • @Gwenny: Are you speaking on behalf of Pogo? Sorta like an “official spokesperson”? Did you personally have any input or were even the sole creator of an Android app for Pogo users? If the answer is “yes”, thank you. If the answer is “no” and you are just another IOS user as I suspect, I’ll thank you to keep your opinion about “my smartphone not being smart enough to make good on delivery”, to yourself. Let Pogo tell me that. Funny though how my “dumb” phone (as you have outright called it – and that in itself is an insult to me the user) does REMARKABLY AMAZING THINGS ALL OVER THE INTERNET….EXCEPT ON POGO!

            Based entirely on your comment it would appear that the ONLY REAL SMART entity here is Pogo. They put out a useless app, create a divide within the “community” and in typical Pogo fashion not only not take responsibility, but let the community duke it out. Frankly, this two bit app is not worth my time or getting into cyber arguments with another Pogo player. Have a pleasant evening!

          • Don’t take it so personally. It’s not an opinion about Android phones, it’s a fact. Just like a car with a Hemi can out run a car with a 4 banger – a fact. It would be nice if the badges were given to Android and Kindle users too and hopefully one day they can get it to vibe with the app so all can get them. Until then, I hardly think it’s worth beating your chest over and it’s certainly not worth being rude to other members about – you know the old saying – don’t kill the messenger. ;)

          • This is for gwenny. You’re right, Android phones are not smart enough, they’re SMARTER! Which is why the brilliant programmers at Pogo have such a hard time trying to bring them down so many notches to Pogo standards!

            Your comment to Biz was rude and uncalled for. And you have the chutzpah to accuse him/her of “killing the messenger”? You’re a self-designated messenger that nobody wants to hear from. If you learn to zip your lip and refrain from jumping in to respond to every single comment, maybe just maybe we can FINALLY use official Pogo space for official Pogo responses.

          • The only people I see being rude is Christina and Biz.

            seems to me the other person is just stating the facts while you two are on a full on attack..just callin it as I see it.

            As techy geek I’ll tell you this, if you understood how android OS’s and iOS’s work then it would make more sense why the android can’t deliver the badge.

            but to take it to the level of hostility you two have is just childish

          • @Raymond. Thank you for stepping in and offering your techy insight. It is appreciated. I have too many things going on to go back and forth on this so called discussion, so I will keep it brief and just say this:

            I am NOT hostile and certainly not childish. This hostility is brought on by people who choose to interject themselves. My comment on a Pogo issue that can only be addressed by Pogo was left on official Pogo space. When I write to Pogo, I expect to hear from them. If they choose not to do so, that’s fine. I don’t need to deal with people that are not associated with “official” Pogo and can say a lot but not DO anything to fix my issue.

            As long as Pogo continues to put out a Weekly app badge and continue this discrimination, there will be comments, I’m sure of it. Just won’t be from me. I don’t have the time for this.

          • Sorry but if you are waiting on pogo to read and address these problems PLEASE DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH…these discussion threads are for players and they NEVER answer nor have they ever said they would.

            If you have problems you need to contact ea or go to the forums hoping the mods can help.

            Whining, complaining and outright rudeness gets you know where real fast!


          • @Biz @Christine “and any other Android (user) who chooses to bring this Pogo’s attention week after week.”

            *Actually* This has everything to do with OS. It’s also an issue that has already been addressed by the former Editor, pogo_tahd and The Tiki Brothers, aka (current Editor) pogo_brett.

            A Letter to the Editor, dated April 11, 2012 and a Tiki Brothers column, dated May 4, 2012 both state that due to the number of different versions of the Android OS running various devices, they couldn’t make a Pogo game app that would work on all of them.

            Also, in a Letter to the Editor, dated August 1, 2012, he explains that although you can earn badges playing on the Android version, it was never designed to transfer them to your Pogo Badge Album. He also says they have no plans to add that ability in the future.

            So, there you have it. All it took was a simple search for “android” on the Pogo News page. Oh, and I am an iOS user. You’re welcome.

          • @Save the tears – I’m an Android user like ibid, Christine, Biz and so many others on this thread. We are all on the right page – Pogo Mobile Games. Unlike Jeff, who has provided useful info, why are you here? If the *whining and complaining* bother you so much, why don’t *you* write to the Editor asking him to stop it? Hearing from a PO’d IOS user might be just what Pogo needs to either fix the app or scrap it once and for all. We can all then live happily ever after. Thanking you in advance for a future LTTE.

      • I’m an android user as well. In the beginning the badges worked just fine. About 6 months ago, maybe longer, they stopped working. Counts were not kept, or they’d be kept but when I logged out and back in, they’d reset to zero. I’ve given up trying to get weekly badges on my android, unless it’s something that won’t take too long, like 20 turbo 21’s, for example. And I’m with you Christine, why bother creating an app, if you are not going to support it?

        • Thank you Alexis…I was wondering what was going on and thought there was something wrong with my phone. I also used to be able to win the badges and have them in my Android badge file. Again like everyone else I am a Club Pogo member and logged in as such when I play on my Android phone. Then starting a few months ago, the badges quit keeping count or reset after playing the game. I am glad to know the reason, so thank you all for enlightening me. And if and when this issue is fixed I hope Pogo will let us Android users know so we can try for the badges again. Plus I would love to have more mobile games to be able to play. Have a nice day!

        • I for one think it is hilarious that all of you are having problems with all you appliances…put all the technology down and go outside and look at the sky or smell a flower… something without holding a little contraption in your hand….You probably do not even know how….i feel sorry for all you people…this is all you know….A sad world we live in and all of you are making it worse….i hope none of you have children because they will know nothing besides apps and cell phones and I-pads….Sick sick sick

          • Says the person who is inside the house, in front of one of those contraptions, and typing a comment.

    • I have some badges through the Pogo app on my Kindle Fire, but after a while I stopped getting them, which means that now the progress for the weekly challenges always resets to zero. I can play all the games with no problem…I just no longer receive any progress for the challenges. I hope there’s a resolution soon.

  • I think it’s wrong that Android users badges don’t go over to their Pogo account but Iphone users do.

  • never mind the 1pad or ipod or kindle
    fix the games for
    the computer customers who pay your wages and got you to where your are know..which some times seems no where..

    • The same customers who get the mobile badges are paying customers too. We pay our club membership just like you.

    • I agree…We at our plain old personal computers deserve the help FIRST…..

  • Sure do appreciate this very clear and easily understood help! Thank you!

  • I did the badge easily twice once on my Iphone for me and for my husband on the Ipad. I love sweet tooth anyway, just a reason to play.

  • I have a Kindle Fire. I did get a few badges while playing the weekly challenges. But for the last 6 months or so, I can’t win any. I’ll play the challenge but it never registers that I’ve completed the challenge or any part of it for that matter. It shows me logged in with my icon and everything. It also adds the tokens to my total but will not acknowledge anything towards the challenge. I’ve put a request in for help and haven’t received any response yet.

  • I have a Samsung 10.1. I’ve complained to POGO since I got the tablet and hooked up the POGO games. The counts for the badge will not keep count correctly (thanks to pencil and paper to convince me I’m not crazy) and if I close the tablet, the count is wiped out and the challenge will not activate again. But no matter who I contact, no one cares.

  • Generally when people make statements like that it’s a defense mechanism to justify their lashing out at others for having things that they cannot have. Just sayin. ;)

  • I have a new Samsung 4 and can’t even get pogo to download. Keep getting incompatible error.

  • Hey Anonymous! Rich people have the technology? I waited until the Kindle was offered at quite a low price. I actually did not buy the Kindle to read books because I do enjoy having the book in my hands. It is a convenience, not a necessity, and it provides many other things besides books.

    If you choose to live without the technology, that is your choice. But for those of us who choose to dance with it, it helps if our shoes are not too tight. I agree with Sunshiney_Days. Your statement comes off in the defense mechanism category.

  • Once again an article to help game play turns into a complain fest about everything else. No where in this Pogo News does it say “Please post your comments below to complain about your Kindle, Ipad/Ipod or any other device.” It is not Pogo’s fault that your device is not compatible, it is the device programming and their licensing….period!

    • The article is, after all, about the Pogo mobile app. Just because those who have the appropriate device to download the app does not mean they wish to feel big and privileged or that they are show-offs, but that they simply wish to understand that others are having the same difficulty and maybe someone will help them to understand why. The device in question is posted to help identify which “complaint” to respond to.

      Do I play on my Kindle? Yeah, I do that sometimes, though not often. I have other uses for it that does not burn the battery so fast. While the app does work somewhat, the present badge in question does not keep an accurate count of the number of matched coins; it is stuck at 6/43. NBD! (No Big Deal!)

  • You ppl need a life…grow up !!!!

  • I bought a Kindle Fire for many reasons. I can read, play games including Pogo, watch TV episodes and movies, even surf the web. It’s a handy tool so you don’t have to drag a computer around.

  • You could use some of that technology, Anon. I’m thinking SpelChek…

    • No, but you could use a grammar check to tell you the difference between ‘no’ and ‘know’. And if I know how to read, I believe that works exactly the same whether on a Kindle or an ink and paper book. So if the technology fails, I think I will be able to handle it.

  • Changed to hard and still no gold coins after about 12 rounds. Closed the game several times and tried again and still none. Just saying, in case I’m not the only one.

  • I clicked on the link to take me to Amazon to see what it shows. According to Amazon the APP is NOT compatible with my Kindle Fire HD.

    • Hi Sonny!

      I also have a Kindle Fire HD, and after checking on my account (apps and devices) Amazon indicates that this app is compatible with it. I have version 1.2.0. While I can play, it does not keep accurate count of the coins matched, though I do get the notice at the bottom of the screen of “Coin Bonus!”. I am stuck at 6 coins of 43.

      • i have a Kindle Fire HD and it won’t even let me download the app. It says it’s not compatible with the HD version just the regular kindle. rats!

  • I contacted Pogo when I couldn’t sign into pogo on my Iphone and it was fixed within 30 minutes. I was told they had to send an email to those that fix the problem, they tollk care of it right away. I have never had trouble contacting or getting a fix for either my iphone, ipad or dek top computer, you just have to contact pogo to tell them the problem and they can fix it.

  • Hey POGO I can’t play my Sweet Tooth II anymore. Was in the middle of playing for a weekly badge and quit re-setting the game. This happened a couple of weeks ago, I thought if I waited long enough it would fix by now, but I still can’t play it :(

  • How do I contact POGO?

  • It appears that Pogo has become largely focused on getting more dollars from the consumer. I understand and do not have a problem with their mission statement. I am growing weary of seeing the majority of news items and specials offered that require payment. Perhaps it is time for Pogo Admin to divide the site beyond Club and non-club – venture into the world of droids, etc, as well as a divide for the EA cash games which it seems few play. Thanks for typically a great site!

  • ” Comments requesting any type of customer support help will not be approved. Players can visit our Help Center” This is found under Guidelines for Commenting on Pogo News Articles.

  • me and my husband has a Kindle Fire, and so far every week when we are working on the badge, if we exit game and come back it says we have zero and we never get a badge. Grrrrr

  • Has anyone noticed that no one from Pogo responds to the comments. I just do not see a good reason to rant on here since they obviously do not care.

  • I recently lost the ability to sign into my POGO account on my iphone. It indicates I have given the wrong sign in name or password…………..both are correct. I even reloaded the game and rejoined using another sign in to no success. Now I can’t sign in either….. I was enjoying playing POGO games on my iphone but now no progress and considers me a “guest”…… I also bought the $2.99 to prevent ads but only lost my money to iTunes…

  • I lose my progress on these games or I never get credit…So I took it off my tablet and phone

  • I play on pogo on my iPhone but can only play certain games. Would like to be able to access all of pogo games or at least pick the games I am able to play,.

  • Perhaps a letter to the editor . . .

  • @ibid1dollar you are so rude and condescending! This is all you do on all of these discussions! Who are you to yell and bark orders?

    • @ geeeeeeeezzzzzz so youre the one going around reportin ppl on here for no real reason that figures! get a life yourself! bet you don’t even play on the apps but youre here reporting ppl who do.. how kind considerate and understanding1 add stuff here that’s not relevant to anything on here you do the same in ltte what else is new.. you bring nothing to this discussion that’s informative in any way but you critique others?! im not the one who is over stepping any boundries I use the kindle app..

      I don’t report you for your rude snide over pompus comments on others but maybe I should!..coward use your real screen name!

  • I can’t activate the badges on my Kindle HD. This week is supposed to be sweet tooth. I can play the game, remove gold coins, but get no credit towards the badge. Any suggestions. It was the same with Poppit and the Ghost prizes last week.

    • mickeyplayer208, my husband and I are having the same problems….. we can play all the games but only a selected few allow us to win the badges. Most of the games dont keep scores of our progress or they stop counting before you can win the badge. Hope this can be fixed soon. I love the badges.

      • While I did get to 6/43 coins on Sweet Tooth this past Saturday (on my Kindle Fire HD, so yes, I could activate the badge), when I went to play again last night(Sunday), things were reset to 0/0 and then it did not count any coins at all, just like everyone else. Very strange. Hope Pogo finds the time to resolve the problem soon!

  • My husband and I both have our own pogo accounts that we play on the computer and our androids. We can win some badges but not all on our androids. Most times the counter stops mid badge then cancels any progress we make and then diaappears once we log off the game. It truely is a hit or miss whether we can get our badges on our androids. Please fix the problem asap. Thank you very much.

  • I have a Samsung smartphone(android). I use to get my badges now I don’t. can work on them but then it says 0 of 43 completed and that’s it . Yes I have backed out signed back in, uninstalled it and so on and so on. So POGO wants the deal?

  • I have had so many problems getting the badges through the mobile app. I have an Android phone. The games work fine. But when you are trying to get a badge and the process keeps resetting to zero it is a little annoying. This problem has been going on now since at least the beginning of July. Please fix this problem.

  • I have a Samsung tablet and a club pogo member. I have the pogo app but as another player I cannot get the weekly badges, if I leave the game and come back it resets to 0 and will not work at all!!!!! Sending complaints is a waste they are never addressed!

  • Can Anyone help? I’ve been tryn to get this badge & have be unable to get ANY GOLD COINS WHATSOEVER!! Whaaa :( Yes I have adjusted the game to Med & Hard levels–None are coming up at ALL I even shut my cell phone down & re-booted Still the same NO GOLD COINS

    I’d so appreciate any help or if anyone else is still experiencing the same issue

    • I finally hit the “hard” button, instead of just moving the slider button, and then the game actually went to the hard level and the coins showed up, if that helps. Good luck!

  • im not getting credit been playing alday still saying zero

  • Why do u wait til the last minute to tell people this info. after they already paid for the game?

  • is anyone going to fix this im still getting 0 credit thank you im tired of paying for this stuff and im not alone here

  • I have never seen a gold coin on the sweet tooth game, I do have it on the hardest game level, I have signed in and out, they are just stingy with them, this will be one I won’t try for.

  • I have Android system on my Lenovo Tablet and I can not earn badges I even emailed help support but they tell me to go to Pogo help support page for help but I found nothing I even talked to them by email and they still can not help me sad I even tried to uninstall and reinstall but that does not help. anybody know why ?

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