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Pogo Launches Slingo Blast! Play and Get 5,000 Tokens!

We’re delighted and excited to add Slingo Blast to our menu of games! Slingo Blast is a mash-up of bingo and slots, with a twist of “blast” as every bingo you make blasts off the board to make room for new numbers!

It’s easy to learn, and lots of fun! And we’ll give you 5,000 Tokens just for checking it out!

Play Slingo Blast now


Want to play like a pro from the get-go? Here are some handy tips to help make your Slingo Blast experience the best that it can be!

– A red Joker can be used to match any number in the column they appear.

– A green Super Joker can be used to match any uncovered number on the card.

– A Devil will take away a portion of your time.

– Reels will light up if there is a match. Once you click on the matching number on the board, the reel will spin again automatically.

– The Spin button will take time to recharge, but you can spin individual reels by clicking on them.

–  Some power-ups will show up randomly on a tile on the board. Try to match these tiles first as they will help you.


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  • Another game that I will become addicted to. Thank you. :)

  • didn’t get the tokens for playing anyone else have the same problem

    • The tokens show up in a Popup. If you have a popup blocker you might not see the free tokens, but they will be awarded to your account regardless.

      • The popup did show up for me but I still did not actually get the tokens.

        • Yes popup showed up for me as well, but no tokens awarded.

          • You have to wait a few minutes after the Pop Up window appears, in order for the 5K tokens be added to your token count. Just play that game for about 3-5 mins; that should do it :)

          • I got my tokens; And, definitely gonna learn how to play this new, fun looking game!

    • my game will not load. got the tokens though.

  • It is too bad that POGO has its disclaimer *snap finger* This new Slingo Blast is another game that I will definitely be addicted to (giggle)…Thank you! (ummm I think?) LOL ;)~ Ya’ll have a great Friday and weekend♥

  • I love this game please keep it Played it hand held game years ago. Thank you POGO.

  • Hey Hey pogo turned up the heaT>>>> sLINGO bLAST is hard to Beat!! TYTY

  • ty Bret and your hardworking TEAM!! Ya’ll rock

  • Finally, a new game that is not a Hidden Object Game!! Thank you!!

  • love the game thank you pogo…

  • love the game. very addictive! Thanks!

  • Thank you Pogo!! Great game! I’m already addicted…LOL

  • Just like Sherlock Holmes, no tokens awarded! No response from Pogo or EA when trouble ticket submitted. WTG POGO!

    • Okay, it’s 5,000 tokens. What’s the big deal? Really … missing tokens bother you that much, maybe Pogo isn’t your problem …

  • won’t load

  • Dont forget to use your free power-ups members get to start with when activated!! I got a whopping 557,000!! yeahhhhaahhhhh GL You have to buy more with gems>>>>so use wisely!!

  • Love it! A twist on the Slingo I used to love to play. One question: where is it located in Categories?

    • Hey SAM, The Slingo Blast can be found under the Casino Games tab; click on the “See All Casino games” link at the bottom of that tab :)

  • YES YES YES YES LOVING ME SOME SLINGO…WAS excited when you came with Slingo but wow..you have totally made me happy now!!!!!

  • I love this game! this is a dream come true game and I must say the rank badges (ESPECIALLY the rank 20,30,and 40 badges) are the WAY COOLEST badges I have ever seen, Well I better get to working on them ! I want them all! Thanks so much Pogo for bringing us this awesome game with even awesomer badges!

  • More fun to play than the regular Slingo. Already at rank 7! Hard to stop playing. hahaha

  • Think I like this one more than the other Slingo. It’s like Slingo on steroids…LOL

  • Wow … a new game that isn’t a hidden object game … nice! This game isn’t for me but kudos on a new game (other than hidden object).

  • LOVE IT! Thank you so very much! I like this better than the other Slingo…which I’m also addicted to!

  • Cool new game. I played it & did really well! I got to rank 1 too! I hope there is a future badge!

  • I love the new game a lot. Thank you pogo for such a great game.

  • Hi Pogo_Bret!

    OMG!!! This game is so much FUN & totally addicting! I myself have been playing it non stop! LOL!

    This is one of the BEST games (my opinion) Pogo has ever come out with!!

    ♥♥ :)

  • Great game.How about something new in slots

  • I love this game Thank you

  • I have no pop up blocker and still did not get the 5000 credit. Great game though.

  • I literally squealed in delight when I saw that Pogo now has Slingo. Started playing the original on AOL so many years ago, and have followed the game everywhere. Now, I don’t have to leave Pogo to play it – and still have the handheld game version around home here. I’ve been a Slingo addict from the first day the game came out. THANK YOU, Pogo!

  • I did not receive any of the 10,000 nor the 5,000 BONUS tokens from any of the games only word whomp 250. :-(

  • this game don’t work at all. this is making me mad. uggggggggggg

  • love the game another game to keep me up once i start playing it thank u for a new game .i didnot get the tokens either
    i do have pop up blocker and no tokens

  • jalapenoplayer

    Dear Bret..I am writing to you in desperation!! I would love to get the new badge for Poppit but your records say..”you have opted out of using gems” which is not so! Have been to Help many times and just gone round in circles. Please help.
    I am a 7 year member and love Pogo.

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