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Resolved – Pogo is experiencing technical difficulties

This issue should now be resolved.

We are aware of the technical difficulties currently preventing a lot of people from getting to our site and/or playing our games. We hope to have it resolve soon. We appreciate your patience.

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  • Just another day of problems on pogo. Nothing new.

    • they saying its fixed???? this end it isn’t

    • I just sent the following message to the editor:


      I am really getting tired of getting the message from Pogo that my Java is not up to date. Today it happened again when I tried to do the Vaults of Atlantis challenge. I check my Java once a week to be sure it is always up to date. When I get your message, I go to java and VERIFY my java. I AM up to date, and still cannot get past your message.

      Please quit using this message and let people find out on their own that their java needs updated. By now, everyone should know it’s something they need to do!

    • So true, and so frustrating. If only they would leave well enough alone. Today I see they have added an absolutely useless little pop-up window to the embedded games, telling us to add the game to our favorites list, and guess what? None of the embedded games will load for me now. We didn’t need that.

    • I am totally sick of Pogo Games not loading. This has been going on for more than two weeks.
      Prior to this I had no problems at all. I have spent hours clearing caches, uninstalling Java, installing java scanning etc.
      I have done every single thing that has been suggested. No matter what I do, when the game starts to load, it hangs then CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVER.
      If anyone has a solution please post it and share.

  • Do we get reimbursed for the loss of playing time?

  • why since we pay pogo, is this happening…………………


    • Word Whomp has been like that for months. Now it’s so bad, I can play one game then have to do a disk clean-up. I don’t have much on my computer so it IS a Pogo problem, not my computer !!!

      Try and get help from EA – forget it !!!! You need to be a programmer to describe the problem – I don’t know a platform on a computer from a train platform lol…

      Ever since EA took it over (& I’ve played for years!), it’s been constant problems. I thought they were the “pros” – yeah, right!!

  • And we pay for this.

  • It’s one problem after another, and yet you keeping hitting us up to buy “special” games? Am I the only one who doesn’t think this makes sense?

    • I agree mitzi … are we gluttons for punishment?? Cause pogo sure dishes it out! :}

  • Is this going to be fixed today? Come on Pogo, get it together.

  • I can go anywhere except on pogo games, in any game
    I could to get to this morning without problem
    Thank you for helping me

  • I hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Always good to know that it’s not just me.

  • Wish they would add more ranks &games to the Facebook site. They never fixed the Java errors I told them about last month!

  • I am having trouble getting into a lot of the games. It tells me I have to install Java. I have Java on my computer already. I have tried downloading the Java pogo requests and my computer will not allow me to do so. What can I do.

  • Cleared my cache, checked my Java, rebooted the computer, should have checked Pogo News first! At least my computer should run faster now :)

  • Geez, you guys. You complain because Pogo doesn’t acknowledge you when there is a problem and you complain when they do. So, you think Pogo should credit everyone .11 cents for everyday they cannot get online? Seriously? I pay a lot more for my cable and they have NEVER reimbursed me for time down. I have been on line since 3:00am this morning and have not had any problems.

  • On average over a 100,000 playing at one time. surprised there are not more problems. Pogo is still number one. As far as I’m concerned they do a bang up job.

  • THANKS for the heads up so that I didn’t have my techno son working on my computer and searching for tech issues that weren’t the cause….hope you get it fixed soon….good luck and blessings….now if we can only figure out why my computer freezes when I go to certain sections of the site, i.e., forums, downloads, help section and at times pogo mail, etc I would be a really HAPPY camper…:)

  • I cant play canasta, it will not load

    • I get to the table, but the bot won’t come on so I can play. This has been happening for weeks.

  • it would be nice if we could talk to someone on the phone,like we used to

  • I’m sorry to inform you but especially yahtzee , takes 20 seconds to play a game . There is still a problem .

  • In spooky slots does anyone know how to suspend the game without leaving it seems there is nothing that let’s you do this?

  • Glad to see the games are fixed (at least for me), and was pleasantly surprised y’all notified us there actually was a problem. Much better than the “usual” pogo stand of blaming the players.

  • I can not play on pogo because it keeps saying I need to down load new java. I did that and it still will not work. I will not get pogo again if do not striaght this promble out and I thnk you should give back mine money.

  • why hasent Pinocle been fixed play the game and the last hand a item comes up with cripes on it and we get booted out and lose our tokens been going on for the last month .and we pay good money to play on pogo but tired of this episode sahojo

  • I am not complaining, because I do like playing pogo games. HOWEVER, I have not been able to play Canasta or Dominoes for about 1 years now. All it does is load to the point where the “Start Games” menu SHOULD COME UP BUT DOESN’T. Any one else having this problem.

  • I can’t get on this is been going on for at least an hour and that’s why I went to pogo news not working

    • Still having problems I’m really getting tried of it. I can’t play anything today every game i try isn’t working


  • ats not new to me its day i dont play gsame today im not in the mood now its does not bug me at all!!

  • thx for the heads up…yep i cannon get into games or see the chat opt….Yesterdasy i could get in but that “crips” thing kept comming up….is that also a pogo malfunction right now?

  • It’s not resolved here. Very annoying.

  • Still don’t get a spin with Swashbucks. Need one more spin for badge. Please check the “fix” once more. Thanks for heads up today. Saved time looking for problems at my end.

  • Everyone just needs to chill out. It’s just a game site that is having issues. I hope you all know that you can turn off the computer and go outside, there are plenty of fun things to do in the real world.

  • Pogo is NOT fixed….problem is NOT resolved…I can NOT log in. To what “issue”, dear Pogo, do you state is resolved????

  • anyone know what fbconnect library is missing means, does anyone else get this message?

  • my pogo games arecoming up but not loading to play…. when will this be fixed? playerfitzy02

  • Yeah, I’ll know if the “problems” fixed if I try to play Word Whomp – that’s been months and every day gets harder and harder to play. Now it just freezes after one game.

    Also note – free badges. What if you get all the “free” badges on your favorite games? Time to up the ante, add more. I reached the highest level in Hog Heaven yrs. ago. Tokens are fun but worth zero. Times are tight – why should I pay to get a mix/match badge!?!?

    Tokens should have some value

  • Just tried Word Whomp again. I played one game and bam! it freezes. I checked the disk cleanup – 766 bytes. I can play other games all day, rack up more bytes and no problems.

    C’mon, Pogo. Fix it !!!!

  • Java is still a problem for me. I can’t even guess how many times I have installed it. This is only a problem with Pogo. I can play games elsewhere. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, nothing helps. So don’t fool yourself and think the problem is fixed!

  • It would be nice to receive an E-Mail to the fact that there is a problem, and not out PCs.

  • I haven’t been able to play any games for some time now. Tells me, I need Java, it has been installed, reinstalled again and again, still nothing!!!! Whats up Pogo? Fix the problem or reimburse me!! I am sure there are many others who feel this way!!!

  • tired of spades dropping me in middle of game.other games freeze. if actually finish then freezes and no points. when will this end . pogo get help. chaya

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