Pogo Insider Extra – Spike’s Costumes in Poppit! Party

Hello Pogians!

Pogo_Llama here with a preview on Poppit! Party.

Poppit! Party will be launched soon so I’d like to introduce you to all of the various Spikes! To unlock the various Spike costumes, you’ll need to collect at least one of each piece (head, body, and two accessories.)

And now….Meet Spike in all his loveable forms in Poppit! Party! 


Astronaut Spike! Collect:  Space Helmet, Astronaut Suit, Space Camera, and Flag.Astronaut_Card


Ball Player Spike! Collect: Baseball Hat, Baseball Jersey, Baseball, and Catcher’s Mitt.Ball_Player_Card


Chef Spike! Collect: Chef Hat, Chef Coat, Spoon, Chef Dish.Chef_Card


Cowboy Spike! Collect: Cowboy Hat, Cowboy Vest, Lasso, and Six Shooter. Cowboy_Card


Disco Dancer: Collect: Disco Afro, Leisure Suit, Star Glass, and Disco Ball.Disco_Dancer_Card


Firefighter Spike! Collect: Firefighter Helmet, Firefighter Jacket, Fire Axe, Extinguisher.Fireman_Card


Gardener Spike! Collect: Sun Hat, Overalls, Watering Can, Garden Shovel.Gardener_Card


Hippy Spike! Collect: Hippy Wig, Dashiki, Tambourine, and Flowers. Hippy_Card


King Spike! Collect: Crown, Regal Coat, Goblet, and Scepter. King_Card


Knight Spike: Collect: Knight Helmet, Suit of Armor, Shield, and Sword.Knight_Card


Knitter Spike! Collect: Wig and Glasses, Sweater, Ball of Yarn, and Knitting Needles.Knitter_Card


Magician Spike! Collect: Top Hat, Magician Tux, Handkerchief, and Rabbit.Magician_Card


Nestor Spike! (What?! YES!) Collect: Nestor Mask, Nestor Suit, Letter Tile, and Turnip.Nestor_Card


Pirate Spike: Collect: Pirate Hat, Pirate Jacket, Sabre, and Hook Hand. Pirate_Card


Police Spike! Collect: Police Hat, Police Uniform, Night Stick, and Handcuffs.Policeman_Card


Robot Spike! Collect: Robot Helmet, Robot Body, Wrench, and Screwdriver.Robot_Card


Safari Guide Spike! Collect: Pith Jacket, Safari Jacket, Binoculars, and Compass. Safari_Guide_Card


Teacher Spike! Collect: Teacher Wig, Suit, Book, Triangle.Teacher_Card


Tiki Brother Spike! Collect: Tiki Mask, Necklace, Parrot, and Fruit Drink. Tiki_Brother_Card


Tourist Spike! Collect: Tourist Hat, Tourist Shirt, Map, and Camera.Tourist_Card

I hope you enjoyed this Poppit! Party preview!


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