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Phlinx II user-facing questions have been gathered. Please read on. Thank you!



Q. The game sends me back to the beginning or previous mode, why?
A. The way the game works is that you must earn Glyphs in one temple to unlock the next temple. Only Noble and Royal Phlinx have requirements to remain unlocked, while Common is always open and Celestial remains open from the time it gets unlocked to the end of the month it gets unlocked in.

This was previous discussed in this News article which also covers what is needed to move from one game mode to the next. Please note, for anyone experiencing the game closing them out of a given mode, this only happens if you fail to reach the score for the +1 Game, the balls reach the fail line or you end the game by quitting out of the game before reaching the end game summary screen. The game must consider any game that it can’t verify as “finished” as a loss and then you will be sent back to Common Phlinx mode or whatever the highest mode you have games remaining in.

Q. How are points calculated in Phlinx II?
A. Noble and Royal both have point values that you can earn (shown in the score area to the right of the “/”) to be awarded an extra game (as shown by the “+1 Game” meter) in that mode. These values increase to the next highest value with each successive win in each temple, but reset to the lowest value following the loss of the last game available in that temple. Here are the values for both:

  • Noble: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 5000
  • Royal: 300, 700, 1100, 2000, 5000
  • It is possible to earn extra games for Noble (and even for Royal) by playing more games in the previous modes and “stock up” on extra games that way. So, let’s say you complete 3 cycles (earning the 4 Glyphs to advance) in Common – that will give you 3 games to play in Noble. However, losing a game in Noble wouldn’t reset the score – only losing out of a mode entirely would reset the +1 Game score.
  • There’s also another way to earn extra points to get closer to reaching the point thresholds, which is a “shot bonus” for using as few shots as possible to complete the level. Here are the values (please note, these values change per mode) we’re using for this system:
    • Common
      • 1-20 Shots: +1000 points
      • 21-30 Shots: +600 points
      • 31-40 Shots: +400 points
      • 41-59 Shots: +150 points
      • 60+ Shots: 0 points
    • Noble
      • 1-20 Shots: +800 points
      • 21-30 Shots: +500 points
      • 31-40 Shots: +400 points
      • 41-59 Shots: +300 points
      • 60+ Shots: 0 points
    • Royal and Celestial
      • 1-30 Shots: +600 points
      • 31-40 Shots: +400 points
      • 41-60 Shots: +300 points
      • 61-74 Shots: +200 points
      • 75+ Shots: 0 points

Q. Is there a way to turn off the blinking guide line?
A. The guide line has a feature that the old Phlinx aiming line did not have, which is that it tells you when a shot will fly to its destination unblocked vs. hitting a stone unexpectedly. As long as the small icons are visible, the stone being shot will pass through that area when the player launches it from the current position. However, if the small icons become transparent at any point, the stone being shot will touch another stone at (or possibly before) the location being aimed at.

Here is a screenshot showing the transparency, which  translates into the stone being shot will not go beyond the point where the line becomes transparent.


This is the same game but from a different angle and you will see the dot is NOT transparent, meaning it will land between the stones that would not have happened in the previous screenshot angle.



Q. Please explain this monthly business in Phlinx II.
A. The goal of Phlinx II every month is to reach Celestial mode and earn the 3 Celestial Glyphs needed to win the monthly Pharaoh badge. There are two versions of this badge – normal and Diamond. The Diamond badge is earned for earning enough of each Celestial Glyph to raise it to Diamond level, which requires a total of 60 of each Glyph.. If you don’t happen to reach Celestial mode this month, don’t worry, you can still purchase The Chamber of the Past.

Q. Tell me more about The Chamber of the Past.
A. The Chamber of the Past for each month becomes available when the next month begins and a new Pharaoh for the month is revealed. April is the month of Tutankhamun, May is Cleopatra, June is Ramses, etc.

This is the regular Badge for April

This is the Diamond Badge for April

The amount of time left for the month is shown on the panel for Celestial Phlinx (unlocked or not), like so:


This is based on the calendar month according to Pacific time. One second after midnight on May 1st, the month of April will become locked and can only be accessed by purchasing the Chamber of the Past for April, which can be found here (far right icon):


Thank so much for reading and for playing Pogo and Phlinx II!

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