Oh My Stars! Help win the Pogofest Site-Wide Challenge

Club Pogo Members, it’s time to win a new animated Badge by teaming up and conquering the star-studded Pogofest Site-Wide Challenge.

The Goal: Earn 36,000,000 stars in Cookie ConnectStoryQuest and Solitaire Gardens. Play just one, or play ‘em all. Stars are earned by completing levels. Even if you don’t give a 3-star performance every time, you’re still contributing to the goal.

The Prize: a brand-new animated Badge for your collection and 50,000 tokens.

The Deadline: September 17 at 11:59pm PDT.

How to Participate: Visit the Site-Wide Challenge page and click the “Activate” link. Then start playing the three games. Every completed level earns you 1-3 stars, so play as much as you can!

If that goal sounds impossible, remember past Site-Wide Challenges. You guys have cleared some humungous obstacles and achieved some remarkable gaming feats. We have confidence the stars will align for Club Pogo Members once more.

Join the Fun

Not a Club Pogo Member? Join now and you can help win the Site-Wide Challenge and share in the rewards! <link to heavy reg>


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