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New Clue Episode – ‘First Down’

Agent Plum and C.L.U.E. have taken control of a crucial broadcast satellite, putting the biggest football game of the year in jeopardy. Now they’re ransoming control back, unless you can find and stop them first.

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  • I just purchased Clue Secrets and Spies Mix and Match Badge called Snake Along Badge and have tried several times to play and it will not respond. It tells me it is in progress but does not come up help!!!!!!!!!

    • I thought about purchasing this badge but not sure what ‘fogcutters’ are.

    • I can usually only play using the UK flag istead of the USA?CAN one.
      Another trick to try is using your F5 key game usually loads when you hit it

    • Game #104 Fire and Ice is free and has fog cutters…Play the game 3 times and get the fog cutters each time. That should win the Snake along Badge.

  • I have purchased many of the clue episodes and I get quite disappointed when the same cities keep coming up in different episodes. I feel I am wasting my gems.

  • Hi pogo Thad,
    I have been trying to talk to live chat and have been getting error message for about 4 months.
    I am also wondering if they can do more badges for word search daily and mahjong gardens.
    Thank you

  • I enjoy the Clue game.I also don’t like the same cities over andover,and also,I don’t like the idea of having to pay a price to play it.We pay for the membership,and the players who can’t afford to buy a membership, obviously can’t afford gems constantly eithr. Please address this issue and be fair.I do not want to cancel my membership.

  • Wish you’d give away more gems in all games!

  • I am having problems with pogo period. I can’t get into some of the game like high stakes pool. I also tried to get help from your help page but it wouldn’t let me it doesn’t give me an option 2 on how to contact the office. I cleaned my cache, my temp files and my java temp files too. I also deleted my java and re-installed it. When I click on a game room any game room nothing happens. Not a thing happens at all when I clicked on a room.

  • I purchased the ‘First Down’ game but I cannot get into it. In fact, I have purchased all games but none of them are showing an ‘X’ in the ‘Owned’ column.

  • I bought a badge in pogo bowl that you have to get 4 gold pins in 2 hours.I have played and played and to be honest there is no way you can get 4 gold pins in that time.I honestly wish there was more gold pins and cannot reach anyone in pogo to talk to them about this.I wished I had never bought this badge

  • why when u pay for pogo u have to pay gems to get into clues. this sucks i pay 40.00 yearly and then dont get all the games. WHY WHY WHY ??????

  • Anne-I have been asking the same thing with no answers being returned. The members of Club should be getting that game for free, we pay enough for the extra games. I hope you can get some answers.

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