First name:

Screen name:  Pogo_Needles

Tell us a little bit about yourself :

I’m often mistaken for my grumpy older cousin, Spike. Spike and I are related through our fathers as they are brothers. I’m the complete opposite, sure we both love balloons, but that’s where our similarities end. I’m your fun loving, crazy go lucky, cactus.

State, Province or Country?  Desert, USA

Astrological sign? Leo

What do you usually play on Turbo 21, Dice Derby, Poppit! Sprint, Lottso Express, Plants vs Zombies, Balloon Bounce

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Coffee grounds & an energy drink

Do you have a life philosophy? The needle never falls far from the cactus!

What is your favorite game? Poppit! Sprint, Poppit! is too slow for me!

What’s your favorite TV show? Most Extreme Challenge, Wipe Out, Top Shot

What’s your favorite drink? Energy drinks! Gotta keep it at 11!

What’s your favorite season? Summer

Apart from Pogo, what are your hobbies? I love playing air guitar. When I have time, I like to practice my tattoo art (don’t worry I sterilize my needles!) Believe it or not, snowboarding. 

What’s the last good book you read? I don’t have time for the slow pace of reading, so it’s gotta be a movie. My favorite movie is Mad Max.

Who’s your hero or heroine and why? My heroine is Cactus from Plants vs Zombies. She’s got needles and she knows how to use them! I heard my cousin, Spike, is hoping to get with her. Why on earth would she settle for that grumpy cactus. I’m way more fun than he is! Every girl is crazy about a “sharp” dressed cactus!

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? I’d go to the local amusement park and pop all the little kids’ balloons.

If you could gently remove any celebrity from the spotlight, who would it be? Spike, he’s too slow and grumpy!

Do you have a clean joke you can share with us? One cactus said to another cactus, “You need to be less selfish, remember it’s cact-US.”, to which the other cactus replied, “Actually, the plural of cactus is cact-I!”

How long have you been playing Pogo? Since 2010

What makes you a unique Pogo fan? I’m all about popping balloons with a rock and roll twist. What’s more unique than that?

I can usually be found on  In Poppit! Sprint

Coffee, tea, or soda? Coffee plus energy drinks, lots and lots of energy drinks!

Sugary treats or salty treats? I love salt water taffy!

Cat, dog or small rodent? None, I like snakes, porcupines, and zebra fish.

If you could remove any emotion from mankind, which one would you choose? grumpiness


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  • Nice to have you aboard Needles

  • AWWWWW….Come on people, don’t be grumpy!!! You know that joke was funny. LOL

  • I agree Phoxfilly. LOL

    Nice to meet you Needles. I’m afraid your frenzied pace isn’t for me. But I’m glad that Pogo has a place for you.

    Happy New Year!

  • Nice to meet you, Needles! Ever heard of speed reading? I think you might get a kick out of it ;)

  • Nothing constructive to do????????? Yikes!!

  • Wow lighten up people. Why so serious? Enjoy your life. Its later than you think. Welcome Needles, nice to meet ya.

  • HNY!!!! Interesting read. P.S.- Unable to activate weekly challnes…. ty :-)

    • I am right there with you I can’t either :( .. Have tried Chrome and Firefox both and can get no where :(

      • Found the problem (I think) no weekly challenge Album up yet for 2014 (BUT fear not tips on how to play the 2 games and win are out- comments closed)

  • HI Needles, how come you don’t like cats or dogs?

  • No, actually Needles is a real person. [insert eye roll here.]

  • I am with you jared

    • Lighten up! This is an intrinsically silly site.

      Pop! goes the spiky needle into your hot-air balloon.

      • Dude, people will always come here to complain. Maybe it’s you that needs to lighten up.

  • Hi Needles! I can’t activate the weekly challenges…..

  • Whats up with weekly challenges

  • Needles is seen in many games (ya gotta look! :) ROFL! Happy New Year Needles and Pogo Staff and Pals!

    • @ Spirit7200

      Actually, Spike is seen in many games, but Needles is only in Poppit! Sprint. ;)

  • Gee, I got up early NOT to play the weekly challenges. Come on Pogo, really? =(

  • Cannot activate weekly. Something wrong

  • Guess Needles comes before making sure the weekly challenges work. Maybe Needles with all his energy drinks can activate the activate buttons.


  • some people only have limited time off and expect pogo to have things right. so the first day and the first challenges of 2014 POGO can’t hold up their end of the bargain that we pay for. Fix it pogo.

  • Hey folks – Happy New Year – calm down. Sure, activate buttons aren’t working right now but hello? There are hundreds of other games to play for a while until they fix it. And I’m sure they will. Ever think that maybe they deserve a day off too? Just be patient, Pogo will fix it – I’ve never had a problem here that wasn’t eventually fixed. How about a little kindness and understanding in the new year? It’s all good. In the meantime, I’ll go play some Canasta..or Word Whomp…or Bingo…or any of the many other games that are working fine. Chill people – it’s all good. Thanks Pogo, for a great 2013 and looking forward to more fun in 2014. Peace.

  • let them take a day off and forget about the senseless needles but do what they are suppose to do concerning badges

  • Why can’t we activate the new badges today? C’mon, Pogo, the 1st day of the year and it’s already messed up.

  • seriously pogo?? come out of pretend land.

    • all you can do is sit around and make cute stuff up? i’ve got a great idea!! come out of pretend land and fix your games. most get booted out of rated games in Spades still!! most don’t load on the first try, have to keep clicking on a room to get in, if at all. so apply your energies where it is helpful.

  • @ pogo off to a great start

    If you’re posting here to get customer service, then you are going to have an awfully long wait. The ONLY way to assure that your words reach a Pogo employee by posting on this page IS to report it. Otherwise, it is just members who see.

    For customer service, you need to use the help link.

  • I am with the “whiners and complainers”. We pay for a service that we are not receiving. Period, end of story. It is not whining or complaining to be irritated by that simple fact. I don’t get why people come on here and make excuses for Pogo. We are paying for a service and not getting it. It is not a personal attack on anyone at Pogo. This is a profit motivated company and like any other profit motivated company, they better deliver the product they are charging for, or they will lose customers. If others want to put up with mediocre service and games that glitch out, well, that is just plain stupid unless they are getting it for free and in that case, you get what you pay for. For the rest of us who have paid, it is not too much to expect to be able to log on to this site and play the games and especially the ones highlighted as weekly or daily challenges. The fact that those don’t work today is ridiculous. Why highlight them if they don’t work? Pick one that works.

    • Amen

    • @ vapor

      The only people who SEE these words are MEMBERS.

      If you truly want Pogo to “hear” you, use the Help link in either the upper, right-hand side of the page or the footer of the page.

      By the way, Pogo works fine for me. The only problem I have had lately was the issue with challenges not activating this morning and it has since been fixed.

    • I pay for my pogo too, and I don’t have any problems with any games 99% of the time. I don’t know if I’m just lucky, or if the majority don’t have problems and the minority do, or if the minority don’t have problems, but either way I’m happy with what I paid for. I am sorry you and others do have problems though!

  • Hoped for something a little better than this for New Years.

  • @ anonymous

    A Pogo employee wrote and posted this article, not a moderator.

    The report button is to alert a Pogo employee that some moderation is asked for (note I didn’t say needed).

    The forums are there for those who wish to use it properly. Others will find things removed when they don’t use it in the proper way. However, I suggested contacting CUSTOMER SERVICE who can be reached by using the HELP link.

    As for the rest of your reply, it isn’t even worth my time to comment on.

  • Wow, Spike and Needles are cool. Maybe Cactus from Plants vs. Zombies does not like Needles style. (like his spikey wrist band) I wonder if Pogo is going to put all the Pogo mascots on the Spotlight section. So far this is a good idea this way we get to know more about them even though we really know it is all made up. Happy New Years all!

  • I’m sorry but the characters are just that, characters…. Are real people not sending
    in submissions anymore? I enjoyed the player spotlight! Not what it is now.

    • @ Katesgreat

      I think the character profiles in the player’s spotlight is just something Pogo is doing for the holidays.

      I guess the only way to find out for sure is to wait and see who is featured next in the player’s spotlight.

  • used to like popit sprint then they added the new choice
    can not make the balloons pop like they used to I did rank out yay

  • slow news day

  • I so agree Jean.We do not need a bunch of cartoons and these people that go ga ga over spike and needles need to get a grip.We are here to play games.If I want a cartoon I will watch SpongeBob.

  • WOW>>>>>>>SEXY THE JOKE WAS awesome….im all for time to myself!! Hey maybe i’ll even take a selfie!! New word for the websters dictionary this year!! WTG NEEDLES>>>>

  • pogo is the BEST from a long time member way to gooooo

  • Happy New Year to you all

  • I’m having trouble with the sling shot challenge…I only get a half of page…Anyone else having problems?

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