MORE Poppit! Party and Phlinx 2!

Hello Pogoians!

It may not be time for the weekly blog just yet, but I still wanted to give you another sneak peek at some things going on at Pogo! As you may have read in the March 7th edition of the Pogo Insider, two new HTML 5 games are on their way to Pogo. We’re super-excited about these games, so much so that we cannot contain our information to just one preview post! That’s why the Pogo team asked that I unveil a few more tidbits about the upcoming games Poppit! Party and Phlinx 2.

Poppit! Party Previews

You can don colorful costumes like Astronaut, Gardener, Pirate and Cowboy, each with unique power-ups to help you pop like never before in Poppit! Party!

Pictured below are some newly released photos you’ll find in Poppit! Party.

poppit_titlescreen poppitparty_chests poppitparty_kingcostume

And here’s a more detailed look at the power-ups that will be available for Poppit! Party!

Pin Pop: Instantly pop any balloon on the board.


Row Pop: Blast away an entire row of balloons in an instant.


Column Pop: Takes out an entire column of balloons, releasing any prizes within.


Big Pop: Pops a 3×3 group of balloons around the selected balloon.


Recolor Balloon: Change the color of any balloon on the board.


Recolor Area: Changes color of a 3×3 group of balloons to a selected color.


Balloon Swap: Trade any two adjacent balloons.


Color Eraser: Pops every balloon of the selected color.


Prize Drop: Makes all prizes drop down one row.


Chest Detector: Doubles the chance of finding a chest inside a prize and reveals prizes that contain chests.


Rarity Booster: Increases the chance of getting a rare costume piece from a chest.


Instant Prize: Instantly collect the selected prize box.


Golden Chest: Changes a selected prize to a guaranteed gold chest.


Prize Point Booster: Doubles points for freeing prizes and value of prize bonus points for the rest of the game.


Super Pop Booster: Doubles the point value of Super Pops for the rest of the game.




Phlinx 2 Previews

Discover an epic new Phlinx adventure as you explore a long-lost Egyptian paradise for ancient secrets. Collect and level up fun and unique glyphs as you venture deeper into mysterious tombs, temples and beyond in Phlinx 2!

Here are some images from Phlinx 2 that were just released including three Badges:

One for the Ages Badge

Color Coordinated Badge

Eye on the Ball Badge



Thanks for checking these out! I’ll be back with more as I have more to share with you all.


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