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mknzystrek– Winner of $2000

Congratulations to mknzystrek– Winner of $2000

Since the day we launched prizes on Pogo, players have wondered about the folks who win them and what it’s like to win. We’re pleased to provide the Winners Circle so that we may all get to know some of our Pogo Prize Winners a little better!

Congratulations, Humphries4, on winning a prize on Pogo.com. Tell us your first name. Brenda

Well, Brenda, tell us a little about yourself. I love my Pogo time! I’ve met lots of nice people and made new friends. Always a game no matter what’s on my crazy schedule.

Where do you live? Arizona

What is your Zodiac sign? Aries

Our members would like to know, what prize did you win? $2000 in Mahjong Garden

What did you do when you realized that you’d won? Quickly filled out the claim form! It was 1 am, no one to call.

And what did you spend your winnings on? Car repair.

Before you go, do you have anything else you’d like to say? Any special “shout outs” to your friends or family? Thanks to Katts1515 and froggie0823 for getting me addicted to pogo, going on four years now!

Thanks for your time and congratulations again on your winning.

If you have a question about how to win a prize or anything else then check the Prize Help and Rules first.

If you’ve won a prize on Pogo and you would like to be featured in the Winners Circle then e-mail us at the Winners Circle and let us know!

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  • congrats on da cash, have a good 4th of july

  • Congrats to you :O)

  • Congrats on your win! Always so nice to actually “see” a winner! Continued Good Luck to you!

  • WTG Brenda! Very happy for you!

  • Way to go!! Congratulations girl!

  • I’m confused…Headline reads Congratulations mknzystrek. Then you write “Congratulations, Humphries4, on winning a prize on Pogo.com.”

  • Yes very confusing. Well the real winner please stand up. Is it Humphries4, aka Brenda. And who is mknzyysrek is her name Brenda also? Pogo don’t make something that is not. The only thing I ever win is wallpaper and thought you stopped that. But, I well admit I did win 20 Gems once. A great expense to Pogo lmao $1.00.

  • congrats whatever your name is. Wish I could win something (wallpaper bahhh). Been a member for 9 years

  • Winning is rigged. I continue to think that.

  • Can i borrow a few $$?

  • Winners on pogo are allowed to change their name after winning. SEE ABOVE COMMENTS!!!
    Which will show you why they are allowed to do so!!!!!
    Not sure if Tahd totally messed up and gave out new screen name or? And I will say I
    have known a few winner’s!!!!!!

    • and just why can they change the winners screen name? I understand the winner might get some weirdos asking for money or something but that is a small price to pay for winning, there is always the mute button, makes me wonder are they real winners or not. I do know of a lady in my area who won $4,999 when the jp was big, but that eons ago, not so trusting of EA now for the obvious reasons.

  • Congrats on the win. I have won little things on Pogo (screensavers/wallpapers/gems etc) and also spike dolls, I won two in five days and had to forfeit one as you can’t win twice in a short period. I also won a years membership a couple of years ago. One thing I do want to highlight is that I also won a £25 amazon voucher (I’m based in the UK) which I had to forfeit as I breached Pogo’s terms by going on a site for “free tokens”. We’ve all seen them mentioned in the chat but these violate Pogo’s terms so please stay away from them as Pogo DOES audit accounts after a win.

    On a different note are Pogo trying to pull a fast one here http://news.pogo.com/humphries4-winner-of-25/

  • <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<misy is just sittin here scratching her head trying to figure out who actually won….ohhh well congrats to you both lol lol lol

  • For the one who wants a loan? I charge 100% interest. If not paid I take arms off before legs!! lol It was a bit confusing and brings into question the authenticity of these “interviews”. If you go to the winner’s circle it says Humphries only won $25. That wouldn’t be enough to fill the gas tank let alone fix anything on a car. Pretty fishy at best!!!!!!!!

    • Whaddya talkin about…25 bucks fills the tank in my GMC tracker. *sticks tongue out and grins*. haha! I can go 250 miles on 1 tank of gas. Helps if you own a 4 banger and stick to the speed limit. The more you speed, the more the gas gets sucked up.

  • Congrats on winning Brenda… Wish I could be that lucky to of won, but makes me wonder if it is really fixed as I am sure other people too again congrats!!

  • Congrats on the win Brenda. Spend it wisely! :)

  • I actually won a daily prize drawing ($25) about a month ago. Got the check from Pogo in about 3 wks. time. Around 5 yrs. ago won a Monopoly card game…still haven’t played it to this day…lol. Congrats on ALL winners!

  • Thank you for all the congrats!
    Best of LUCK to ALL!

  • Yea, POGO is lagit, at least for the $10.00 I won. Won it in a spin in Monopoly and they did mail me the check. Congrats Brenda.

  • Congratulations Brenda, you prove that the winners are real people.

    Brend, add my congrats for you big, Big, BIG win :) And if I may, people in authority, can we please dispense with the wallpaper gifts? The only thing it serves is to put viruses on my computer.

  • I know of someone who won $2000 over a year ago and to this date have not gotten the money . I think that is so unfair.Pogo needs to step up and
    honor their agreement.

    • hmm,well as long as that person was not using a bot, and didn’t backdoor their way in, there is no reason for nonpayment….which is why I am not so sure about these big winners, I think pogo does mail out anything small amounts like up to $200, anything over that and good luck.

  • Way 2 Go… Hope u use the money for something fun….
    Sandi N Jazzi Bear

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