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Let’s Talk About Crossword Cove

Hi Folks –

It’s Pogo_Llama here – think we’ve got something to talk about.

It is clear from reading Forums and hearing from crossword Players that the new format and style of Crossword Cove has upset the Community … which in turn, upsets us. I therefore wanted to give y’all some background so you have context for the change. Here goes!

The reason we changed the format was because the content provider who had been supplying puzzles for Crossword Cove over the years was no longer able to do so. That left us with two choices: 1) Sunset Crossword Cove (nope); or 2) find a solution (yep) that would keep the game up and running while we identify a long-term solution.

We couldn’t find the same format quickly enough to keep the game from being turned off, so we went with a different format in the spirit of “something is better than nothing.” Hence, we are all (Pogo Staff included) learning a new format, together.

Maybe it helps you to know the “why,” or maybe it doesn’t. But know this for sure … we hear you – boy, we sure do! We are working as fast as we can to get to a long-term solution for Crossword Cove – and you!

Thanks for all your feedback, Pogonians. We are on this!



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