Java Security Warning Info

Recent updates to Java means you’ve likely seen this message popup when playing a Pogo game. We’re serving the same games we’ve always have, but Java has changed. We’re working on addressing this as quickly as possible. In the meantime you can click “Don’t Block” and continue playing.


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  • Frustrated. I have a Mac and once again I cannot play pogo games that run on Java. Keep getting the message that “java is no detected on my computer”. This is the third time in recent months. I believe that this is a Pogo problem, but if they don’t get it straightened out they will lose me as a customer.

  • I am having a problem playing word whomp. I get into the game rooms okay, can play the game fine but when it comes time to play the next game it is like pogo freezes. I have to leave the room and go back in. The cycle repeats itself. After each game I have to leave and go back in. Is anyone else having this problem? I have windows 8 and have tried all the fixes. Brand new laptop and no problems on facebook etc. Very disappointed that I can’t play club pogo games anymore!

    • Charlene, I have windows 8.

      when you go to play pogo do you go on the browser ya use for it via start or desktop mode?
      java will only be loaded and acknowledged by pogo if you go via the desktop app.

      the fix for the warnin popups for java JRE 7u21 and java JRE 6u45 has worked for many
      its listed on every single page of this chatboard by numerous players.

      word whomp is flash based.
      with windows 8 flashplayer Active X for IE is built in, its updates will be from microsoft.
      however, the original version that came with your OS will cause problems if it is not disabled in IE add-ons manager once the newer version is installed via windows updates.

      for any other browser you can find the current version on Adobe’s find version page,
      it will list what you have and below there will be a list of all the current plug-in
      versions for FF, chrome.. etc. You can also test it via pogo news page and click on test flash link. current version for FF and chrome is 11.7.700.202

  • I’ve reinstalled Java and enabled it over and over again and still can’t play. I’m regretting resubscribing.

    • nitrocat3553p,

      once you initially download – install – enable current version of java you Shouldnt need to
      keep doin it over and over again.

      when you see the notice that java not detected it generally means that either java hadnt been installed OR that it hadnt been enabled somewhere in your OS.
      it Also could mean that you have more then one version of java in your OS.
      that WILL CAUSE problems.

      my suggestion is for you to make sure you really do have only the current version installed.
      If you have older versions installed you want to make sure to uninstall them one at a time
      and then reboot after.
      I also suggest you make sure in IE add-ons manager that these things are either enabled or disabled and NOT *ready to use*

      java plug-ins – installed class – SSV helpers – deployment toolkit

      they will be listed in *ALL add-ons and Run without permission catagories *

    • I feel the same way, I have missed out on so many badges that POGO just isn’t any fun any more, I am looking for a new game place…. I even called Boston and they wanted $300 to fix “their” mistakes…..

      • dearprincess5604,

        any website claiming to be pogo that offers to help you for a fee IS a SCAM.
        I cannot stress this enuff
        people PLEASE DONT FALL for this!

        on this page I have troubleshootin posts, one of them may help you.
        the fix for the mixed content is also on this page

    • I’m regretting it also. Never had so much trouble before

  • I am unable to access trivia and maj garden the two games that I like (for two dayss)
    please help or give me back my money

  • Im so fed up with the Java issue too. I also have reinstalled several times. I wont be renewing until Java is fixed.

    • hi Nern,

      my post above yours may also help you.
      and if your seeing warnin popups the fix listed on this page will help also.

  • try this MAWILL

    click on a game as if u want to play it…if its java based the icon should show on right hand bottom of ur task bar..right click and open control panel…delete from there…also click advanced tab scroll down to bottom and enable the java icon to show on taskbar at all times…also if ur getting java popup because of mixed codes…go to java again and do this

    advanced tab
    scroll down to mixed codes
    enable option 2…hide but with protection
    apply or ok whichever it asks
    reboot pogo…u wont see the popup at all again…enable it even if u dont see it..
    as with updates that java will do in future it might happen that it will popup..but if u enbale this option u wont see it…hope this helps

  • This morning none of my games will open … they act like they are trying, and then the game area goes white with no error message, nothing at all! This in addition to the constant Java message! I AM SO SICK OF THIS NONSENSE! GET IT FIXED! ISN’T THIS WHAT YOU FOLKS DO FOR A LIVING???

    • Gwenith,

      what error msg(s) are you getting?
      what games are you tryin to play?

      if you answer those 2 questions it will make it easier for someone to help you
      troubleshoot what is goin on

  • anyone who cant see the java icon in control panel

    while your in control panel look to see how the programs are VIEWED
    you can adjust how by clickin on VIEW on top upper right part of page
    and click on large or small icons just long enuff to see if you can
    find the java icon that way.

    you dont need to keep that change, its just so that you can find java.

  • For those players with multiple downloadin – installing – enable issues

    if you have the current version of java :
    once you have the current version downloaded – installed – enabled
    you shouldnt need to keep doin it over and over again.
    you shouldnt keep seeing that notice.

    I would say that most likely java is
    still not enabled in your OS somewhere.
    it could be in IE (internet explorer), in java control panel ,other browsers you use,
    in AV you use even.

    IE is the default browser before havin added like FF or chrome

    In IE add-ons manager, the items mentioned below if they are in *ready to use* mode they are neither enabled or disabled they in standby mode

    java plug-ins – installed class – SSV helpers – deployment toolkit

    you can find them in ALL add-ons and Run without permission catagories.