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It’s Bowling Day. Play Pogo Bowl and Earn 3,000 Tokens


Strike! Spare! Gutter ball! Today is National Bowling Day and rather than go down to the local bowling alley, why not just go play a game or two of Pogo Bowl? Earn 3,000 tokens* once for playing Pogo Bowl between 8/11 and 8/18.

Did you know that bowling is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world? A collection of objects that appeared to be used for a primitive form of bowling was found in Egypt that dated back to 3200BC. And in 1366, King Edward III of England forbid the game because it was taking archery practice away from his troops.

*Tokens will be given out once per screen name between 8/11 and 8/18.

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  • u really need to do something with this game. it is so so so so slow and boring. seems like forever between each frame and that music is like elevator music.

    • i agree sylvia took forever to get the badge last week

      • go to fast room it took me 20 minutes to get badge very easy

        • i never noticed that “fast room'” thing before. lol i will give it a try..

          • Fast room is also very very slow. I like the game but find it boring, please speed it up.

          • Sylvia I am with you, never noticed the “fast room” until I read your response. LOL. I agree with everyone Pogo needs to speed this game up. To long in between frames. But I like playing.

        • I don’t get why people feel the need to lie about the time they spent on a badge. It is not mathematically possible to have earned this one in 20 minutes. If you consistently bowled a double strike on frame 10, you could potentially earn 12 number one pins in each game, so it takes 7 games to get your 80 pins. Each game takes approximately 8 minutes (in the fast rooms), so the fastest you could have done this is 56 minutes.

          • I laugh when I see so many claiming to earn badges in 20 minutes. Logic and math show this is totally impossible, especially in the bowling challenge. Must be a lot of insecure badge seekers.

          • “I don’t get”…starting off with terrible English and your conclusion to the time needed to complete a badge is also wrong…I earned a badge in 20 minutes or so also.

        • it is not possible to get that badge in 20 minutes -the most number 1 pins u can knock down in one game is 12 and it takes 5-8 minutes to play one game! It was a easy badge to get but DON’T LIE about it !

          • Love how players LIE on how long it took them to get there badge. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that notice

    • you need to go to fast lanes not slow there

    • I totally agree. I like the game, but it is too long between frames…even the fast rooms.

    • I agree. Who picked the music for this game anyway? Totally boring!!!!!!!! Plus it’s just
      too slow. Sylvia you hit this one square on the head.

    • I avoid playing this game simply because it is so SLOW. The last time I played it, I was the only player in the room. Why did it still take forever to get the results after each frame when I was the only one playing? Computers are capable of tabulating scores in an instant, so why can’t Pogo fix it so that we don’t have to wait forever to get to the next frame? I practically fell asleep waiting for the next frame to begin!

      • I never did get the badge. Couldn’t stand how long it took to play. And most of the time I was the only person in the room.

    • And, you wanted the tokies and badge…so, you endured. Then, there’s the “off sound”..that you could have used. Never satisfied…pitiful, indeed.

    • sylvia…are you playing in the fast rooms..it goes by a little faster and u can mute the music. pogo doesn’t need to address this when you have solutions right at your finger tips. gl

      • Fast rooms are still too slow, which then makes the game BORING. I like the game, but don’t play it because it’s so boring. Even in the fast rooms.

    • I turn off the music, solves that problem. But yes, game is too slow between frames.

    • Fast room is VERY sloooooow as well! I agree with you 100%, very slow & boring.

    • I totally agree with you. Takes too long to bowl 10 frames. Even the Fast Rooms aren’t fast enough. Like the game but it takes too long.

      • In this particular game the fast rooms are not fast enough. Agree with you on this one.
        Stopped playing this game a long time ago.

    • Many times I just stop playing because I’m tired of waiting even if I’m the only person in the room, and that’s playing fast games. Pogo really does need to speed these bowling games up by
      50% or so.

    • I agree to a point on one thing, progressing in ranks is VERY slow when you get to the higher ones. (still trying to max mine out too) As far as the “music” goes, just mute it and play something that you like on your computer. I do that sometimes so I hear the music I want to hear instead of the one on Pogo.

  • I agree with the above poster, I love to bowl and would play more often if it were more exciting, a little faster and some updated music

    • Well, the music has the 50’s theme, but you can mute it and listen to your own music. That’s what I do. (Actually, I listen to my police scanner.)

  • There are faster rooms.

  • fix the java issues on all the site please

  • so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • I play the fast rooms…no problem with slowness at all. You can turn off the sound

  • Select the “fast room” tab at the top of the list of rooms



    • pookie: try changing ur browser and see if that helps.

    • You do not have to click on the start button in the popup window. You only need to have patience and wait till it loads.

    • hi pookieply01,

      are you havin trouble with other games or just that one?
      it may or may not be a tech issue.
      in your profile settings do you have the option for games to open
      in separate window selected?

      click guestbook > click guestbook settings link > scroll down to bottom of page
      and see if that is selected

    • go to forums hun and ask for their help…they are a savvie lot

  • Please tell me how to find out how to get total tokens earned towards free gems in bowling! I played 4 games and never saw my total anyplace. I tried to go into the learn more on main page and it wont do anything. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks

    • There is no way to apply your tokens toward free gems in bowling or in any other game

  • java stinks—dump java

  • I got the popup for the 3000 tokens but they never added to my account. booooooo

  • I love to bowl but never did it on line worth a try.

  • Thank You pogo for tokes !

  • I had fun with the bowling badge, it took probably 2 hrs to get it but it was well worth the time and got the 3,000 tokens today. Have fun bowling players :)

  • waaa waa waa!

  • Bowling badge was fun. I agree there’s no way it could take only 20 minutes. Also thanks much for the 3,000 tokens….always love tokens. Have fun everyone, relax and badge, badge, badge!

  • Thank you for the extra tokens Pogo!

  • When I first joined Pogo a few years ago, one of the first weekly badges was Pogo Bowl. I enjoyed it and since then Pogo Bowl is my favorite Pogo game, bar none. I like it because it goes at a leisurely pace and you can watch TV or do housework between frames. I have ranked out a couple of times. I understand that some people don’t like it, as there are some Pogo games I can’t stand (any slot games, etc.) but for me, bowling is fun. When I saw this week’s challenge, I was tickled and thought it would take me a little over an hour, which it did. I don’t know how anyone could possible have won it in 20 minutes, though! And BTW, thanks for the extra tokens on National Bowling Day!

    • I so agree with you Melody…I don’t see any way possible to do that especially with the time delay in between the frames. I am sure there are a lot of things I don’t know about on Pogo and in life in general but I just don’t see how that is possible. lol.

    • How do you do housework between frames…wow you must be super fast!

  • this is one of 18 game that pogo will not let me go to.and i use to play them.what is the problem.if something isnt done soon,im going to leave pogo.SO please fi the problem.

  • I had to get up from this game, it is so slow I couldn’t stand it. This is beyond boring!

  • i have been trying and trying to get in this game and can’t some others i can’t and some i can don’t make since to me and makes my mad and have to go to other game sites.

  • Played the game twice and no tokens.

    WHY??? What do I need to do to get my tokens?

    • you need 150 or better to get tokens

    • You don’t have to do anything to get the tokens except load the game however they only give them to you once not like promised. The tokens for 150 are tokens earned by playing the game and are not the same thing

  • Thank you for the tokens, I forgot how much I liked bowling (even though I’m rusty at it) it’s fun…even when I lost by a few points!

  • I hate this game because even in the fast rooms it’s like watching paint dry it’s so slow!

  • I like playing the game its one of my favorites,playing for free tokens makes it even nicer

  • Where are the 3000 tokens? I played and did not get them.. fix this please pogo

    • I agree I did not receive my tokens and tried to bowl several times, but doubt this gets fixed on any game. Sad.

  • I played just now and received the 3000 bonus tokens. But frankly, I figured out last week that I couldn’t endure this slow, boring game long enough to win the weekly challenge. Even in the fast rooms it’s just…so…slow…zzzzzzzzzzz

  • Do some thing about people use BOTS pogo

  • the time it takes the game to total the scores could be faster that would help and the time it takes go give the winner of the strike bonus is slow as well

  • Thanks Pogo for 3,000 tokens. Game didn’t take to long.

  • Love this game but like others, many times I play alone. Its much to much fun to play by yourself. Also played on the 11th and never received the 3000 bonus tokens. Going to try again today because I like it so much. While on this kick, the slowest, least token game is Fortune Bingo. If you want slow, try it. When playing against someone, you like to know its competitive. Otherwise no problems. Good luck all.

  • These tokens are not recurring like they are suppose to be got them when it was 1st posted on the homepage and none since

  • I recently replied to the slowness of Bingo. I immediately went into Bingo. Just to let you know, I played Bingo in a game where I was the only player. It was in a slow 50+ and it took 8 minutes with all spares but 2 strikes. Also went into a game room where there were 11 players on fast 50+ and game was played in 7 minutes. If anyone is playing for more than 10 minutes, something is very wrong. And it still stands that I was not awarded the 3000 tokens and I originally played it on the first day (the 11th).

  • They’re not supposed to be recurring…. read the post “*Tokens will be given out once per screen name between 8/11 and 8/18.”

  • would someone please look into fortune bingo I’ve been stuck on Magic Book for over a year thank you

  • why can’t you fix your games transmitter so we can load jor play the games we paid for????

  • Good grief, I can’t believe the comments about whether or not someone lied about how long it takes to get a badge! Do you really give a flying one about how long it takes, or how long it takes someone else, or if they lied??? It sounds like some people are in kindergarten! I get all my badges in 5 minutes… do you care? Really? Get off your butt and get a life.

  • I just played two games of bowling and didn’t get my 3,000 tokens. How do I get them?

  • I like bowling, and do agree it is very slow. Good thing there are other players on there to kill time with chat!! lol

    It isn’t bad enough the music is boring on bowling, but it repeats over and over and over . . . etc. That isn’t a complete song, just a few stanzas played repeatedly.

    I often wondered why it takes sooo looonnnggg to go to next frame. But I do like to bowl once in a while.

  • :) why can’t eveybody just get along…geeeeeesh.


  • I agree the fast rooms are slow too. I would play this game more if it were not so slow. In between frames seems like for ever and I get bored waiting thus making me leave the game. Other then that I really like the game & would love to play it more often & would if it moved a bit faster

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