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Introducing Private Mode on Pogo!

Want to hide from your health-nut Aunt Betty, who is always going on and on about the benefits of an all Kale diet?

Worry no more, my friends… Private Mode on Pogo is here!

There are two modes: “Private Mode” and “Public Mode”.  Private Mode allows you to enter any game room without being tracked on your Friends List, and “Public Mode” allows you to be found via your Friends List.

There are times when you just want to go on Pogo, play a couple of games uninterrupted, and then get back to whatever it was you were doing.

Enter Private Mode!  With a simple click of the mouse, you can enter Private Mode and play without worry that someone will find you through their Friends List.

Look for the little green dot that will appear next to your screen name on Pogo:



That green dot indicates that you are in “Public Mode” and that your friends can find you. By clicking on the green dot, you can switch from “Public” to “Private” mode in a moment:



Switching from “Public” to “Private” mode will turn that little dot from green to gray so that with a simple glance at the top of any page on Pogo, you’ll be able to see what mode you happen to be in:



This means that players who want to play without interruptions will not have to remove others from their friends list, or jump through any hoops to have their alone time.

However, this feature does not prevent others from finding you manually. If Aunt Betty happens to enter the same room you are in while you’re in Private Mode, she will be able to see your screen name. It’s highly unlikely this will happen, unless you only play in certain rooms.

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  • I love this feature. It is working for me just as I thought it would. I just need my space sometimes and play without visiting with anyone. I play slower and dumber when I am distracted which is why I play with the robots a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you POGO, two thumbs up.

  • theres a glitch in the mode – easy get around

  • The Stealth Mode Idea is great but I would like to see it blank out the stalkers that have multiple s/n’s, and have you on all of them, but you only know 1 or 2 of the names they use. It should blank out any one that has your s/n on their friends list but not yours Permently.

  • Thanks for this great new feature, i love it!! Stealth here i come!

  • I know this has nothing to do with the stealth setting but I wish we didn’t have to get permission to add people to our friends lists. I liked to add bothersome people to my list too so I knew to stay away from what room they were in.

  • i am so happy that i can play on pogo in peace without my friends trying to look for me i am so excited!


  • Great Pogo!!! I love this feature.

  • Great feature! Next update would be to default to stealth mode. I find that it is randomly switched from stealth to social. I prefer to always be in stealth unless I want to be social.

  • so if i go to stealth mode and go into room my name still will appear

  • I wish EA would install something like this on TWO’s forums page, to keep certain players from being able to post to my personal messages (PM).

  • Pointless and useless, if you don’t want any one to see you, just block them. Pogo should spend more time and effort in upgrading their system, so players don’t keep getting booted, this is not what i pay the yearly membership fees for………..SPEND SOME MONEY AND UPGRADE, YOU HAVE MILLIONS, DO SOMETHING WITH IT BESIDES LINE YOUR WALLETS!!!!!!!!

  • Could Having it set to Stealth Mode have any thing to do with why
    My mini’s face will not show up in the chat area of some games
    in some Games my friend and I can see our mini’s face in the whow’s here list yet when we chat with each other our face in not next to our name.

    Also what can you do about your settings getting changed
    like the Guest Book settings and the rest on that page
    I have already changed my password !
    and again last night I found “ALL” of my settings changed
    from friends only to Every One on pogo can see my info (this is not the first time eather)
    What else can you do to stop this????

  • gr8 idea pogo, thankyou

  • This is a wonderful addition to Pogo!

  • WTG POGO, I LOVE this new feature,there are times when i don’t want to be bothered and with this new feature it assist me in having some private time, the moment i saw it i was using it, easy access and very simple to follow,pogo is the best site no questions about that,always trying to find ways to please its customers. ( I LOVE IT! ) THUMBS UP

  • I have used stealth and two people told me excatly what room I was in.. The light turned from green to gray.. Am I missing something here ?? Thank you…

  • Wonderful new app. Thanks Pogo :) one comment for those who dont like it. . . Dont use it.

  • If you are in Stealth Mode and you are playing in Tri Peaks will your name be seen at the bottom when it scrolls showing your win of game streaks, or tokens? Just curious. Please reply ASAP!

  • This sounds like a good option for people who are being stalked. However, I think it falls short in other areas. If I just don’t want to talk without hurting anyone’s feelings, then having my name appear in the who’s here list, and possibly being announced to my friends, I don’t believe it is useful. Why can’t Pogo make it so you would be completely INVISIBLE? I have favorite rooms in some games, and I know there will probably be friends there. I don’t want to choose another room just because I don’t want, or have time to chat! As long as your name appears, you can still be found easily!

  • What if you do not want to stealth to your entire friends list, yet ONLY maybe 1 or 2 people but you do not want to block them just to re-add again so they can see they were blocked from you? Cant you please make it so you can add a check box next to who you want to stealth and another box to stealth ALL ???????? There are times when i want to play games with a friend or two and have them follow me into a room for cards or what ever , yet do not want the entire friends list to be able to pop in unanounced:( Please fix to work like this way , TY

  • LOVE IT! Thank you!

  • pfffft…stealth mode is a farce for me. Followed the correct procedure (turned it on b4 entering a room) went into monopoly to test the waters and guess what !!! everyone could see me. Must still have some glitches that need ironing out. Or does it just not work in rooms where msgs show up re tokens won etc. good luck with it……

  • Love it, I wish it would stay on until I change it.