Help with the Game Size Issues

Update 7/16/2015 – Non standard zoom settings can cause problems dragging cards in this week’s Jungle Gin badge. Please follow the instructions below. This applies to all of our table games and some of our Hidden Object games.

We have had reports from our players that many games are not showing up on screen at the correct size and shape. We have investigated these issues and come up with solutions, depending on what browser/operating system you are currently running.

The two main settings to manage are Windows “Custom DPI” setting that adjusts size screen elements in Windows. Most web browsers will borrow these settings.

The main three browsers all function differently between each other and between them self when comparing Windows 7 to Windows 8 when using Zoom in the browser or Custom DPI Settings in Windows Display Settings. To play Pogo games as they are intended it is recommended you set your Windows Display Custom DPI Settings to 100% and Browser Zoom to 100%. However, we realize that some users may still want to use Custom DPI Settings for their day to day tasks or general web browsing. The following is a list of instructions to help you play Pogo games with the optimal experience.

Reset Windows Custom DPI setting:
1. Click the Windows Start button and open the  “Control Panel”. Click on the icon for “Display”. This will bring up your Display Control Panel. The control panel should read “Make it easier to read what’s on your screen”.
2. Select “Smaller – 100% (default)”
3. Click Apply
4. Click “Log off now”

After logging back in, be sure to set the browser zoom to the default level of 100% by using Ctrl+0 on any webpage or from the “Zoom” menu option for your browser.


Some computers or users may wish to use higher DPI settings on their computer.  Note that Pogo does not officially support non standard 100% DPI settings.

How to play Pogo games with Custom DPI Settings larger than 100%:

Windows 7+ IE10+:
1. Log into Pogo
2. Go to the landing page for the game you want to play
3. Click the Gear Icon
4. Select Zoom 100%*
Note: IE’s default level with Ctrl+0 will be your Custom DPI Setting. You must select 100% to play the game properly.
On Windows 8+, for some flash games, IE’s built in flash plugin will zoom the game in and make it larger. If you notice a game that does not respond to your mouse input, resetting the zoom level to 100% should fix this issue.

Windows 7 Chrome:
1. Log into Pogo
2. Go to the landing page for the game you want to play
3. Press Ctrl+0
4. Launch the game.
NOTE: On Windows 7, the default zoom level for Chrome is 100% and matches true 100% without the Custom DPI Setting. This is not the same as Chrome on Windows 8.

Windows 7 Firefox
Windows 8+ Firefox
Windows 8+ Chrome:
1. Log into Pogo
2. Go to the landing page for the game you want to play
3. Reset the zoom level to 100%, make one or two adjustments to zoom the page out.
4. Launch the game
5. If the game looks wrong (boarders or separated chat) grab the lower right corner to increase the window size
6. Click inside the window within the lower right corner
7. Press Ctrl+Minus or Ctrl+Plus till the game looks correct
8. Re-adjust the window as needed.
9. Some older games, you may need to re-start the game
10. Some games may need the main page’s zoom adjusted to have the window fit the game.
NOTE: Firefox and Chrome (Windows 8)’s Default Zoom will report 100% regardless of your Custom DPI Setting. Your zoom percentage will be less than 100% to view the game. For example, If you set your Custom DPI to 125%, then the browser should be set to 80%. If you set DPI to 150%, then try zoom level 67%.
NOTE: Chrome (Windows 8)’s Built-in flash plug-in will zoom some flash games in making them larger. If you notice a game that does not respond to your mouse input, or operates slowly, try adjusting the zoom level as above should fix the issue.

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