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Haunted in Spooky Slots By Shocking Rudeness!

Dear Ms. Nettiquette,

I was in Spooky Slots where everyone was playing, chatting a bit, and just generally getting along. Of course, there were those few select people who felt it necessary to post the results of every spin, but oh well!

Then, a player came in wearing the badge of a Tournament Director, and all heck broke loose!  This group of players (the ones who posted every spin) ATTACKED this poor host!  There were comments such as “This is OUR room!”, “Go find a temp room.  Tourneys aren’t allowed here!”, “The tourneys mess up our chat!” (you know, the chat that included EVERY spin result, which I consider to be spam!) and the like.

The TD didn’t even say anything!  The director left the room, and they were all patting each other on the back about booting the tourneys out!  Another player and I both told them they were acting VERY rude, and they were proud of it!  One even said “That TD was the rude one!” (?!?!)  I left immediately after that.

I wax long-winded, I know, Nettie; but, I CANNOT tolerate bullying of any kind, and that is exactly what it was!  We hear so often about rude tourney players and disruptive TD’s, but what about what they face?  They just wanted to play like everyone else!  Why couldn’t these players just mute the TD, or better yet, go into a Private Chat?

Everywhere in the news we hear about zero tolerance for discrimination and bullying, so what about on Pogo?  There should be a box to check for “Bullying” when you want to report someone… hate speech or harassment don’t quite seem to fit…

Appalled by Obnoxiousness


Dear Appalled by Obnoxiousness,

Thank you for writing on behalf of the much-maligned Tournament Directors. Oh, what a job they have! And, as you can see by the behavior of this one, they often simply leave a bad situation rather than attempt to try to be rational with irrational roomies. Many of them have mastered the art of patience, which is practically a prerequisite for the position!

So, how would one report such bullying behavior? Actually, harassment does fit perfectly. The Tournament Director must abide by the same Terms of Service that we all do. Thus, he or she is also protected by them. If, upon entering a room the TD, or anyone for that matter, is met with hostility and demands that the person leave that particular room, that person is being harassed. The TD, or “Room Enterer”, has every right to file an abuse report. Furthermore, you as a player can do the same on behalf of the “Room Enterer”.  The experience is unpleasant and while you might not be the target, a violation is still occuring.

So, my advice to you is to make a report when you see such behavior. Furthermore, if you see groans of frustration, but no real abuse, you can remind people that they can mute the TDs and tournament participants, or they can turn off the chat entirely.


Okay Nettie,

I am sure this has been addressed many  times in the past but I am so upset right now that I could scream, but think  I’ll just pour another cup of tea and vent to you.

I was playing a hand of  poker which I often do and this woman started accusing another player of  cheating.  The accused was so confused and kept asking what she was talking  about.  Anyway, she said she had reported the cheater.  I told the  accused not to worry because this has been addressed before and it isn’t  possible for someone to cheat in poker.  Ms. Accuser then said she had  reported men as a co-conspirator.  I told her I was not  concerned as I knew I was doing nothing wrong,

Why do people love making it  seem as they are Pogo police?  She kept saying that it was her “JOB” to  report us.

Accidental Employer


Dear Accidental Employer,

I gave you that name because it actually made me chuckle. Since it’s “her job” to report everything, and you, by sticking up for the accused, became an accomplice, you gave her another task. You employed her. Yes, yes… I should know by now that if I have to go to great lengths to explain a joke, the joke probably wasn’t that funny to begin with. Here’s to hoping this is an exception!

Anyway, while I do feel your pain, alas, I can’t really answer your question. Why do people love making it seem as they are Pogo police? Who knows? Sometimes you just run into people who have come to believe something irrational and reasoning with them is impossible.

All that said, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge your smarts! You knew immediately that the accused was not cheating, and you also knew that the accuser’s report would be deemed inactionable. You also didn’t flinch when Ms. Accuser told you that she was reporting you as an accomplice.

Sometimes you just run into people who are rational and are able to see things clearly, and that is quite refreshing


Dear Ms. Netiquette,

The other night I played a game of canasta with a couple. The male was very cocky, borderline rude.  He made constant comments about how were were going to lose. Trash talking basically.

When my partner said that we had our work cut out for us, I laughingly said “I know they keep saying it”. She said “no they were very high reds and were just slumming in the beginner rooms.”  The couple got angry and said they were high reds, but playing here was there way of “chilling out”. They went so far as to show me their high red names in the lobby and tell me how long they have been playing together.

I find this to be a form of cheating. There are rooms for more experienced players, so why come to a beginner room unless you’re cheating? And why do you have more than one name if you’re just chilling out? Am I wrong for feeling like I’ve been duped?


Feeling Played


Dear Feeling Played,

I can’t say you’re wrong for feeling a bit duped. Is what they did cheating? It certainly can feel that way, especially in your case, but it’s not really. There are no rules about who can play where. Their rank is visible from the Game Selector room, so you can see if they’re rated with a red, blue, green, purple or yellow emblem.

That does not, however, excuse their behavior. There are very good players who occasionally will play in the Beginner rooms to either play a more social game, or to help new players learn the basics. Also, some players like to have more than one account for a variety of reasons, one of which may be to “chill out”. But to trash talk a new player and essentially brag about how you’re going to win is at the very least, unfriendly

However, from your letter, it doesn’t look like they actually violated any of our Terms of Service. I’m not saying that they didn’t – just that from what you’ve written, it doesn’t look like they did.  If they did go so far as to harass or intimidate you, then you could have filed an Abuse Report from within the game, by highlighting their name in the ‘Who’s Here’ list and choosing ‘Report Abuse’.

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  • my friends and i played in spooky slots long before club pogi. heebeegees was our room,it was in 50’s for yrs.well pogo moved us into 20’s, we didn’t care. this yr heebeegees is gone. every yr we meet there, so we want our heebeegees back lol lol

  • I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • it doesnt do any good to send a report to pogo because i have filed before and nothing was resolved

  • why do so many people put so much into the rankings of others,, it does not mean they are a btter player, it simply means they sat in pogo ,, longer or my have played more ranked games,, ive played ppl with highest rank.. didnt make them play any better… and some got their rank 100 when pogo added ranks an boosted some from 50 to 100.. just play the best you can, with what cards are dealt.

  • I play in higher rank room, daughter plays in beginners as she is learning. We share same account/name.Sometimes the rank doesn’t reflect the skill of the player. I keep this in mind and play for fun. Thats what games are suppose to be right?

  • I have been a Club Pogo member for quite a while now & I do not worry about the ranks in any game, although I have completed all of the ranks in a few games. Ranks do not make as much of a difference as a lot of people seem to believe that they do. The most important thing while you’re on Club Pogo is to have fun & do the best job that you can with the game that you are in & not worry about who is the best or who is the worst. Club Pogo was not launched as a site where competition ruled too much, it was launched as a site where people could play a game they enjoy playing & have fun doing it.

  • hey pogo. up the ranks in spooky slots please. you do with ever other game. get rid of some games pleaseeeeee.we all would like to see newer games. alot games people dont even play. how about x mas slots. that b nice. i pay 39.99 a year. for same ole games. just saying. thank you.

    • Is pogo going to add any new ranks to spooky slots this year. And yes it would be nice to have a Christmas Slots!

    • i would be happy if pogo would just fix the dang games! i have a bout 6 games that wont load and everything i have is up to date. needless to say i wont be renewing this yr. so illhave 39.99 plus tax in my account, just saying :) oh yeah and 1 more thing, i cant even get to the help section because that wont work either, and its not just me,it other players too.

  • why is it that younger generation is mean and really don’t care of the older elders and just trash them l feel this is a volitiaon of the TOS they should be reported no matter whay we older folks just want peace and quiet with game or 2 turning off chat is good but they will find you and still leave messages on the guestbook l say just block or turn off the gb and move on let these so called youngsters realize what they are doing is wrong ===one day this will come back and bite them in the butts TOUCHE`


  • Whats th e del with scrabble and other games, my friend is haaving a hard time getting into these games, she played them all last week and now cant even get into any of them

  • Regarding the Tournament Director, from what I’ve seen many TDs are just as rude. I play Dice City Roller in the same room every time. The room is almost always full of regulars. People have to use a back door to get in. At least once a week a tournament is scheduled for this room despite the fact that there are dozens of empty rooms available. The TD does her best to try to make the regulars leave so her tourney can get in. The regulars are so fed up with her attitude that as soon as she comes in there’s an argument. The tourney always ends up leaving because there’s no room for them but they still keep coming back. It’s ridiculous. Why schedule tourneys in busy rooms when there are so many unused rooms?

    • For myself I have found most tourney directors go out of their way to welcome all players in the room. You know about the rotten apple in the barrel right. But just to let you know the main reason that tourneys are held in busy rooms is so they can advertise their website and hope to get new players. This TD is violating the rules of pogo and should be reported.

    • the first rule I was taught when I became a TD is we have certain rooms for certain games that we can play in.The second thing we learned was SHARING is fundamental!!!We dont pick our rooms they are chosen for us by Cases,so maybe this complaint should be sent to them!We dont have the right to ask anyone to leave and should always thank the non-tour players for sharing the room. The thing to do is get the Leagues name and that of the TD and file a complaint.

  • Ranks are meaningless except to those who feel the need to brag and make themselves look good.
    If they can’t feel good about themselves without bragging about a GAME, then you just have to feel sorry for them.

  • you had a special edition autumn badge and i didnt get a chance to get it. I try to get all the special edition badges. is there any way i can still get the autumn badge. please. i already have all the mix n match badges, i have all the albums, can u plz help me get the autumn badge… i dont know how to get to it….

  • First let me make it clear I am a Head Administrator of a DCR league. We are very courteous to whoever enters our room. We even have players who come back time after time to play that aren’t members. Just enjoy being with us. I have seen both sides. Rude leagues and rude players to leagues. But that doesn’t make all leagues bad. Or all rooms bad. There are bad apples everywhere. I just don’t like my league being judged by what another “bad or rude” league did or said. The league is only as good as their staff. We all know no one “owns” a room. But sometimes the “fight” isn’t worth it. We picked a room that was empty most of the time except for a person now and then just to avoid any trouble. But please, not all leagues are rude like you may have run into. Give them a chance. There are more good ones then bad, and if you report them you help us get rid of them too. We don’t like them either.

  • Why can’t pogo add a couple of rooms for the tournament people. The come into the room and it disrupts everyone. Let them have their own space

  • Why do people play in the beginner rooms when they have high rankings? I think it’s because that is the only place they can go where they will win most likely. If they play with their own rank players they probably lose and so they pick beginners so they can gripe at them. I’ve had enough gripe at me and say why did I make such a dumb move. I just tell them to quit being afraid to play their own rank players. But they can’t pretend like they are so smart there! lol That says a lot about them. : )

    • in some cases they play in lower rooms because thats where their friends are or is where they started when joing pogo. but until people realize that ratings are as useless as the pogo tokens and are meant just for fun, you will always find them everywhere. i personally know of several people who with the help of their friends all turned EXPERT rating in less than an hr. its soo easy but i refuse because i am happy with what rating i have and often agree to help others win badges by losing rated games on purpose. pogo just needs to stop ratings lol j/k no matter what you will always find those who think they are better than everyone else

  • Dear Ms Nettie,
    When are they going to give us new “halloween” costumes for mini’s? The ones there now are beyond lame~~~~~~~~

  • please know netti that the tourneys & people in them, also the HOST aren’t necessarily the problem. It is the incessant pulsing of the hearts, calling each name then HEART which causes every single table of that particular room to freeze. Pulsing pulls power & pogo should realize this. Is not the people or them chatting. The complaints are simply caused by the seizure causing, headache making, game freezing constant hearts pulsing.

  • Some people here are using quite a bit of sexual inuendos,making prejudicial comments, and using vulgar language., which is rather rude and crude. I understand that the category is uncensored chat but enough is enough.I even reported the culprits.The email notice i received is less than satisfactory.those people,i was told will be muted.Big deal.They do it all over again the very next day,and are even more hostile when they find out they have been muted.I play these game with my children and nephews and nieces and it really is embarrassing trying to explain to these kids what certain people are writing in the chat column.In my opinion,it would be most appropriate to ban these individuals.I have even looked up the urban dictionary as to what some of these comments and phrases mean along with the signs and numbers they post.Many of these symbols signify the use of drugs,such as cocaine and crystal meth,some even become more graphic relating to their anatomy,both males and females.Most of the chats are rather explicit. This is supposed to be a fun and wholesome site for kids as well as adults.The FCC would love to hear from me,and the FTC.Thanks for your time,and please do something about it.PALM SPRINGS CALIFORNIA………………..

    • MRPALMSPRINGZ — Your comment has left me at a loss for words, Sir. Really??? With all due respect, do you live under a rock in 1950? I play in uncensored rooms ONLY & in all my years playing in these rooms, NOT ONCE have I EVER witnessed ANYONE chat about “cocaine or crystal meth” in a game! I’m thinking perhaps you should invest in a new “Urban Dictionary” as you deemed it (personally i’ve never heard of such a thing, but not saying it doesn’t exist) … because there is no “sign or number” that is “code” for those 2 drugs even! Surely you’re sensing my irritability regarding your posting. I can’t contain myself. Some of (actually
      most of) the comments you’ve written (in my opinion at least) would be totally fitting if this were 1950 and you were a member of some G-Rated site. It’s 2012 & some people actually cuss aloud now as well as chat about topics that occasionally reference “The Tabu”.
      That’s the reason Pogo offers both CENSORED and UNCENSORED ROOMS for their paying members to select from. I can choose, you can choose! Please don’t blame, judge or threaten those of us who actually enjoy the “uncensored chat”, just because you don’t happen to enjoy reading it or participating in it yourself. I’m itching to ask you a question I’m sure alot are reading have wondered. Why on Earth would you intentionally enter an UNCENSORED ROOM, clearly knowing that you find vulgar language & explicit chat offensive? And particularly when you know that there’s a chance your children, nieces, nephews may be hovering around your monitor … all able to see. Would you agree that you could’ve 100% prevented the situation you spoke of, by by simply have chosen a CENSORED ROOM, in lieu? Pogo offers more than enough rooms for all preferences to select from. All “UNCENSORED ROOMS” are clearly labeled as such, for those members such as myself – who personally enjoy vulgar language & explicit speech, I go there. Fortunately for you, Pogo offers 3x as many “CENSORED ROOMS” for members to play games in … where you’ll NEVER experience vulgar language or explicit chat and if you do … THAT’S WHEN & WHERE YOU WOULD APPROPRIATELY and JUSTIFIABLY “report the culprits!”(to POGO TOS, that is) — NOT the FCC or FTC! Reporting to federal agencies should be reserved for pertinent matters pertaining to violation of law – NOT for situations whereby paying members of a website are exercising their freedom of speech, in rooms specifically designated for “Uncensored Chat”. (Please know I do realize Uncensored Rooms have particular POGO TOS RULES to abide by, too)

      Wherever you decide to enter your game in the future, I wish you happiness and luck. Sir! :)

      • @BITBURGCHICK well said and i agree with every single word you said very well put !!

    • I wish this was all I had to complain about in life!!

    • You are totally unbelievable, this is such a ridiculous load of drivel. If someone upsets me in a room I mute them, I am not a chatter, and often play with all chat off. Maybe you should do the same, most sensible people would!!

  • I recently put someone on my friends list as i thought she was a friend, but one night i came into the room hogs heaven slots, i was playing with other players having a good chat to them when suddenly i went off to watch tv for awhile i came back to play some more then my friend came in the room i said hi to her and all of a sudden these friends of hers started telling me off leave her along i was attacked in there and another player started calling me a stalker i have no idea what i have done wrong i muted them and reported them but pogo has not removed them from the game or the room and this so call friend has removed me and blocked me off her list but still dont know what i have done wrong and she wont talk to me how am suppose to explain myself? when she wont answer me? but she obiviously went behind my back told everyone what i have done reason for them all to attack me. bewilded

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