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Give the Gift of Club This Holiday Season! Now With Video!

Looking for a gift that promises endless hours of fun and games? That’s exactly what a Club Pogo subscription provides – literally- fun and games!

Club Pogo exclusive games, weekly Club Pogo Challenges, exclusive items in the Mini Mall; and, of course, games with no ad-interruptions! It really is a wonderful gift!

So, just how does one get a Club Pogo Gift subscription? It’s easy! Follow these steps:


1.  Go to:

2. You’ll be taken to the Club Pogo 1-Year Membership page in the Origin store. From here,  click the “Buy Now” button:

3. Next up, you’ll see your Shopping Cart. Look for the big orange CHECK OUT button:

4. Next you’ll be asked to Log In. If you have an Origin account, go ahead and log in. If you do not yet have an Origin account, skip that section and begin filling out your billing information.

5. You have several options for payment – credit card, PayPal, EA Game Cards and ClickandBuy. Choose the option you’d like, and fill in the appropriate information.

6. From there, you’ll be taken to the Verify Order page, where you can review your purchase.  Once you’ve reviewed it, click “Submit” and the purchase should go through.

7. Now you’ll be taken to the Order Complete page. From here, you’ll want to look for the Serial Number and the Activation Link (it’s also spelled out on the page itself). You’ll want to make sure you copy and paste the Serial Number, as that’s the code that will activate the subscription.

8. Next, you’ll want to e-mail the recipient with a nice message and these simple instructions:

1. First log in to the Pogo account that you want activated for the Club Pogo subscription.

2. Then go to the Enter Code Page by clicking here:

3. Here is your Serial Number:

4. Now just paste the Serial Number into the “Enter Promotional Code” field and click “OK” to activate the subscription.

Now your friend or family member will be able to experience all the fun of a Club Pogo subscription!

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  • Where is The Thanksgiving Items in the mini mall today??
    We Were Expecting It
    Tahd even mentioned and talked about it in his Letter to the Editor Article
    boo hoo where is it??? i am so disappointed. you did the canadian thanksgiving
    items by your usual 7AM EST Release Thursday Schedule why could you have not
    done this thursday the same for the thanksgiving itmes ….just curious. werent
    we suppose to get the falling snow also??? still time for thursday hope we get some thanksgiving items in the mini mall now….:(

  • I would ‘Give the Gift of Club’ if it were offered in a ‘1-Month’ Membership Gift.

  • what happen to the 1 month and 6 month club pogo that we used to be able to sent to friends?

  • i definitly not arrive on the page “now available buy now etc..”
    so is there another easy way to offer the gift of the one year club ??

  • can someone please contact me ;i sent aclub pogo subscription to someone but they did not received it and i did not receive any e-mails either but my credit card was charged thank you

    • Its happened to me too. Pogos incompetence is breathe taking isnt it? And they dont care either :(

  • after registering in Origin, i got only pogo for android or for i phone …

  • yes what to 6 month club pogo that we sent to friends?

  • Are there going to be any sales on the membership to pogo like there were last year?

  • thanks for all your explanations to give a club pogo 1-year membership to a freind but as i am in france it doesnt work !!
    can you give me a clue !!
    when i try i’m always redirecting on origin but in france and can’t find the way as you explained on the video

  • i am unable to use these instructions yo give a membership

    • Had the same trouble myself cant spend ur money with em cos dill has come up with a system that doesnt work. This should b a simple and pleasent transaction but alas it isnt. But then again, who cares?

  • if someone give me a 1 year menbership will i still get the gems

  • Why would I want to give POGO as gift, when you can’t get in most rooms, all it says is loading, I let it load for 20 minutes. Come on, fix the problems you have POGO, instead of worring about a new homepage an other stuff.

  • Can’t give gift either!!! begaining to wonder if I want to give gift or even keep my membership!!!

  • You are so right mikeystoy5

  • I agree with mikeystoy…pogo has gone down the drain!! It used to be a great place to play and meet people but now you are lucky if you can even get a game to load. I have been trying for half hour to get Big City to load..nothin!!! and NO help whatsoever!! There is never a day that something major is not wrong with pogo and Im sick and tired of it. They need to take a poll of the people that PAY then maybe..just maybe..they would understand our frustration!! But its all about the money isnt it pogo?? Nevermind listening to what WE want..its what YOU decide we want!! and it sucks!!!

  • My Husband always said “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”
    Pogo could learn from that. All this new stuff stinks.
    No new games to hold tourneys in etc etc etc. Go back
    to the way you used to be. Also 1- month and 6- month
    subscriptions and gifting of gems.

  • i believe we should be able to buy gems with tokens. we get lifetime tokens but we will never be able to use them . I think pogo should let us use our tokens to buy gems with being there are more gems items than there are tokens ones. pogo is getting our yearly money and we are having to buy gems in order to buy badges,albums, gifts and other things in the mall thanks

  • Why cant i use gems??

  • except its Christmas Season

  • I do not like the changes in the way to gift Pogo. I always give a friend a year of Pogo for Christmas, but after following all your instructions, apparently I can only gift myself. It used to be so simple. Would someone at Pogo please help me before it is to late to gift for Christmas. And for heaven’s sake, when something is not broken, don’t fix it. You took it from easy to impossible. I dislike a lot of the changes on Pogo since you decided to team up with FB. Awaiting your reply,

  • Why is the Bejeweled 3 game stuck??

  • I would like to purchase gift also for a friend but there is not a code to apply to purchase. how do I get discounted price without a code?

  • If you give gift membership to someone who is already a member, do they still get their 100 gems because it is actually a renewal paid for by someone else?

  • why cant you have a selection for gifting 2 or 6 only makes sense that you would have that option I cant afford to gift 40 a year but can do 2 months or 6 months…then they get hooked and pay for their own after that…your losing money.

  • Nope!

  • I wouldn’t give a “gift” to my worst enemy. This WHOLE SITE STINKS. Boss – kick the designer out of your bed and FIRE them instead!!!

  • Pogo, thanks for the new home page. It does load faster. One of the reasons game loading sucks is the line that says to look to the soapbox. The soapbox has bad data in it and is a security breach. That’s the security thing that has to be answered “NO” so the game will load. Set the thing to give you a open JAVA console so you can see the programming errors. Emoticons don’t work on many games :-(. Gifting is impossible except if you have their password. Passwords should not be shared.
    Good luck with your work.
    Opening games needs to work. Emoticons a Pogo exclusive are boring if they don’t work!

  • still trying to offer the club pogo, but i do not arrive on the page you show, perhaps it s not possible from another country, but i used to offer the club pogo 1 year membership. ty

  • when will pogo get up to date and start offering games on ipads, and nooks? I bought my nook thinking I would be able to play pogo on it, was very dissapointed. as for pogo itself, I love the site and the games, but not too pleased with the new home page, I liked the old format better, by the way can you offer some more stuff for the horse people who play here?

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