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This week Club Pogo premiered its newest feature — Badge Magic. Badge Magic is the new and improved version of Mix-n-Magic. There have been a lot of questions popping up about how it works, so we wanted to cover a few of them right here.

With Mix-n-Magic, Club Pogo would release three new Mix-n-Match Badges every week. After three months, those same Badges would make it to Badge Central. This will continue for a while, until all the Badges from Mix-n-Magic are released. After that, we’ll continue to release brand-new Mix-n-Match Badges in Badge Central every week, each available for a full year.

Badge Magic introduces some big changes. For starters, Badge Magic brings 21 new Badges every month. New collections debut on the first Thursday of the Month, and are available for 21 days. All 21 Badges are exclusive to Badge Magic, and won’t be available anywhere else. There will be no way to get those Badges again once the 21 days are up.

One other important thing to note about Badge Magic is that every single turn gets you a Badge. So, each month, you can play a maximum of 21 turns. There are no tokens, Gems or free turns to win, just great new Badges!

Be sure to check out Badge Magic’s Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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