Free Claire Hart Episode: Knit and Purr-l

What’s better than a free episode of Claire Hart for our Club Pogo Members? A free episode of Claire Hart featuring cats! That’s right, we have a brand-new, feline-friendly episode all ready to go for you to enjoy.

Claire Hart Episode 226 Preview

Do you have a fun pet adoption story to share? Tell us about it in the comments!


  • How cute! I look forward to playing the new episode, especially for free :)

  • Thank you so much Pogo!!! (((((((HUGSSSSS))))))))

  • Thank you………I think it is just so cute……..

  • My husband and I adopted a fur family of two cats and a small dog. It certainly was a three ring circus for the first three months. The grand cat is adjusting to sharing our home. The dog constantly wants to play with the cats. Thanks for the free episode of Claire Hart.

    • Haha, I bet it’s a bit chaotic. My household is all cats at the moment, but I really hope we can add a dog to the mix someday. :D

      • Dogs rule cats drool.. lol.. hope you can get one soon. and thank you for the episode greatly appreciated..

      • Actually there was a Dog in it and this one was so different, I really enjoyed the way Pogo did the “toy look effects”. I hope to see more like this one coming soon :)

  • How cute! I look forward to playing this episode. Miss my cat. Thank You Pogo! :)

  • I Love My Cats!! My cats came to me after I saved there mama from a really bad storm. I took her in and she soon Surprised me with 5 beautiful babies. Sadly I couldn’t keep them all in a 1 bedroom apartment so I had a lovely lady help me to get 2 Adopted out to good homes and kept 3 myself. There mama was Great but after the babies where wiened she cried to be back outside so I had to let her go but still saw her around. My babies have been a Blessing to me and I Thank God for bringing there mama to me. I recently lost my Sissy after 7yrs but still have her brothers which comfort me as I do still Miss here So Much as she was my baby girl at I have helped save cats that have been ‘dumped” which is Very upsetting to get new Loving homes as my neighbor to was Saved when found her outside badly hurt. So if you can Save a cat outside, Do It as you will be Blessed and Adopting to for they Need Our Love to.

    • Aw, it’s so wonderful of you to be so caring and giving! I know the feeling… we actually take care of a feral colony of cats outside our home. That means getting lots of kittens spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, fed, etc…it feels like a full-time job and it’s always hard to lose kitties. We’ve ended up adopting several cats from the colony when they were too ill to stay outside on their own. I don’t know what it is about cats, but I always feel such a special bond with them!

      • Hi Every 1 — I am also a “cat parent” to feral/outside cats + 1 house cat.
        About 10–15 years ago my neighbor placed a box of kittens on my front porch & left.
        I am a “dog parent” but @ that time I lost my “baby”. My Mom & I figured we
        would feed & place them into homes. Well, as of this writing we have placed
        30+ cats with adoptive parents either on my own or @ SPCA which is a “NO KILL”
        shelter in my area. I currently have 1 pure black Halloween cat as a house cat
        that I adopted from the outside. She likes to out to “visit” the other cats but
        really enjoys inside sleeping on her blanket in her chair. I have 2 cats that eat
        & sleep in their boxes on my front porch. I have @ least 5 that eat & sleep in the
        back. They all eat on my back porch but not sure where they sleep — they don’t
        like under the porch. My neighbors don’t like cats but I try to protect the best
        that I am able.

    • I have a story about outside feral cat’s as well. When I moved here 6 yrs ago ( had 2 imside boys. Upon moving here there was a pretty little female feral. I named her Kity-Kity as that is how I wold call her to eat. In the 6 yrs I lived here she has yet allowed me to touch her and she would run a distance from me. Last fall my sweet neighbor’s moved and left their sweet tiger male whose name is Remy. He has been a visitor here since they moved in here 2 years ago. So now Kity-kity has a friend who looks after her daily. But because Remy is such a love bug, I give him love every day and she watches. kity-kity does not run away anymore. I have yet tried to touch her, but she is close enough that I could. Mind you the story is that we live in beautiful VT, and winters are cold and snowy. I built Kity-Kity shelters for the winters and she is a tough one! her and Remy live outside warm in a insulated deck that I built them. I think and hope that by next fall, she will let me get her vetted and come inside. Now Buddy is a great story as well. He was dropped in my driveway 2 yrs ago as a kitten on a cold snowy VT night. I could not get outside fast enough to get him, and he was scared and ran into the woods. I thought of that poor boy daily out in the cold and snow. BUT he was smart enpugh to see Kity come and get food and he showed up! Beat up with injuries and starving as well.But Buddy allowed me to touch him and love him with affection, food and thanks to Vets get worm and antibiotic meds for him. Well the Vets knew I would bring him in to vet him so he was able to come inside. The Vets kept him for 2 days and came home, and has been an inside cat since. I was blessed by good vets and a wonderful Animal Shelter that helped me with all those charges. Buddy is my lover boy,and quite a bit scarred because of the time in the woods during the winter. Sorry for the short story but wanted to share my story as well. and being so small. was so happy to see him show up that spring day!

    • I have 3 rescued dogs and 3 rescued cats that I love, love, love. The are the best thing every! Sadly tho, my cats are 14 yrs old and 2 of my dogs are 15. The latest one I adopted is now 5. I know the oldest ones won’t be around a lot longer but I will enjoy them til God takes them to the Rainbow Bridge. ANIMALS ARE A BLESSING!


  • i never receive badges for completing any of the Claire heart badges. this is the only game that that happens. all the other games work fine, why is that?

    • For Claire Hart, the Badges that you earn go into the “Game Award” album – when I check yours, I do see some game award/completion Badges listed for you for Claire Hart. Is there a specific episode in particular that doesn’t have the Badge showing for you?

  • I think it’s great….so looking forward to a free episode. Thanks Pogo!

  • Thanks just in time for my birthday.

  • OMG!! Thank you Pogo for a truly wonderful and puuuurrrr-fect surprise and treat. This kitten is a true Cat Lover and Cat Owner that is always keeping an eye out for any episode or badge that has to do with cats, and esp if the badge’s little icon is a pic of a cat. Thanks again… ~ Purr Purr Meow ~

    • I always try to sneak in cat-themed ones when I can in both Clue and Claire Hart… Never fear, I’ll keep that trend going for sure and will see if we can make sure the little icon can have the cat in it, too.

  • I have been doing Boxer rescue for a number of years. One of my male Boxers became the nursemaid for a precious kitten I adopted. Thanks for promoting animal rescue, POGO! I love coming across a Boxer in different scenes in my games!

  • We have adopted 3 cats one was a Garage cat covered in fleas he is now 12 years old and a little slow but so lovable, cat number 2 was rejected by his mother as he has detached retinas and has no depth perception he is 10 years old and thriving with full eye site and then there is our youngest…he has thumbs and gets into everything and is a little disturber lol

    • Thumbs? Oh no!!! I have a friend whose cat can open doors and drawers so she has to use child safety locks on everything. Those little rascals!

  • Great idea Pogo!!! I’m not much of an “hidden objects” fan but I truly will be playing this game. I adopted two wonderful dogs who were a “gift from God” Candy and Clipper who are now in pet Heaven. God bless Pogo!! ~Mary <3

    • Really hope you enjoy this episode, Mary. Thanks for sharing about Candy and Clipper!

  • I have a beautiful little dog that was being abused. He is now the king of the house spoiled spoiled spoiled love him so much. Now he is even a bigger show off my mother in law passed away recently and she always told us that we will be getting her two dogs. We just love our 3 dogs.My daughter also does rescue has 9 dogs that she just loves we are really animal lovers.

    • It’s wonderful of her to help like that! And our pets always deserve to be spoiled, don’t they?

  • i love the badge so cute cat

  • Am an avid cat lover; I have a tabby and a siamese. Played the free clair hart episode and loved it.
    Have noticed you put cats in your hidden object episodes quite a lot and dogs also. Keep it up!!

  • Every May I have managed to rescue a kitten. I now have three and I enjoy every day with them. I also have a pit bull and she thinks she is a cat, May is coming up??My daughter and son in law feed and take care of all the strays. Not a cat in sight til time for her to get home and they come from all directions, they can tell

    • I’m laughing so hard about the pitbull that thinks it’s a cat. Every pitbull I’ve ever met has been as sweet as can be, so this tallies!

  • Have not been able to connect with this games for a couple of months, and yes my settings are correct.

    • I’m sorry that you’re having difficulty! Unfortunately, I’m not able to troubleshoot from where I am – it would work best if you stop by the Help page and submit a ticket with them.

  • Laughter! How great! Animals make me smile and I love ALL animals. My son and I had 3 rescue cats…he was responsible for the oldest and youngest and I brought in the middle ‘child’. All 3 cats are female and my son said he was in a house full of women…LOL. When he passed (3 years ago this May 17th) these ‘girls’ were my saving grace. They miss him as much as I do and I swear at times they sit and stare into his room (he moved home to take care of me after a massive heart attack) and softly meow and then come to love on me; seems they are still thanking him for saving them (and me). Thank you for this lovely episode and know all cat (and dog) owners will enjoy playing.

  • When I arrived at the shelter, I came only to adopt one kitten, but after looking at them, I took home 2–brother and sister. The boy was so active that they already had him named–Monkey!! Needless to say, he got another name. Fast forward the years and the little girl is now gone but the boy is still with me and he’ll be 17 years old this week. VERY active and doing well for his age. Please consider adopting a couple of them if you haven’t already. They are such good company and they need homes that will care for them. Thanks for a kitty addition to Claire Hart.

  • Oh I submitted my Reply to soon and before I could tell a little bit about my cat(s) story.

    I have 10 cats(left). At one point I had 23 at one time. Over the last 20 years I have had many cats, come and go, or come and ones that stayed, are now seniors, with the exception of Alley(6)-yep found in the Baby Jackson(7)-yep, after Michael Jackson.

    Well, now I have to honor the other 8 and name them too so they don’t feel left
    From oldest to youngest: Tiger & Lips(Brother & Sister) 16yrs. Bella(short for Isabella) 13yrs. Oscar(the other half of Felix RIP) 12yrs. Little Mama(she will look like a kitten always) 12yrs.
    Big Boy(20lbs;Blk/Wht Fluffy Maine Coon) 12yrs. Lu-Lu(from Lilly;can’t have 2 Lilly’ 11yrs.
    Lilly(the sister of Jasmine RIP) 10 yrs.

    And all of them were either strays, or feral strays which I worked with to help socialize and rehab them – which took time, patience, love, fun, and

    So how did I acquire all my ‘furr-babies’, you ask??? This is their story on being saved:

    I used to volunteer as a cat rescuer with my best friend, Linda Karalus (RIP Linda I will miss you as will all of our furr babies that you rescued – she passed to soon, this year(2017))
    She was the founder of her non profit org for cats, which was Cat Calls, that she started all on her own way back in the late 80’s, but now its AAWL (Animal Alliance Welfare League).

    *Note: If interested in helping or curious about Linda Karalus and about how all her life was dedicated to saving these wonderful creatures – just GOOGLE either her NAME or Animal Alliance Welfare League.*

    OK so, I had the honor to be part of this loving, caring, life saving group of people that have done and will do everything and anything to save a homeless & human-less, scared and lonely little fur ball of love ‘kitty’. And the feeling I’d get, when I’d hear that trap door shut, whilst I would be sitting in my car, with my eyes fixed on that trap(it’s a humane trap where you put some food in it and once the cat goes in to eat, the door would close) is a feeling that only a true animal lover would understand.
    To know that I saved a fur baby, from the danger and harm that comes to a stray cat while out on their own esp here in New England where it’s either HOT or FREEZING outside. I don’t have to worry anymore about this kitty because I now know that this kitty will no longer be sick, alone, scared, and homeless, anymore.

    After being saved, I bring them to my Veterinarian to be medically checked and tested for Leukemia/HIV, spayed or neutered, & vaccinated. Then the Best-est Part ever is next. They get to go to their HOME with me, and over time, I help to rebuild their trust and social abilities by spending time with them and teaching them how to ‘just be a cat’.

    Because when they are out there, all on their own, they can’t do this because their time is spent just focusing on staying alive and not dying, daily, minute by minute and so during this time they truly forget how to ‘just be a cat’.

    Helping Linda, I always had a very humbling and gracious feeling, that I felt, within my heart and soul. I no longer do this as I am older now and the 10 that I have are enough work for me. But I love each and every one of them like they were my kids and I love em all to ‘dam pieces’ ~kitten

  • Super BIG thank you!

  • pogo rachael, thanks for all you do.

  • We had cats when I was a child; I was always sick, then Dr said I was allergic to cat fur!
    So I steered clear of pets till I was much older then got Chow Chows, they were beautiful
    dogs but have passed away now. Am looking to foster a Greyhound (have to build some fences 1st)
    They are such beautiful dogs. I’ll be lucky to find 1 I get on with, then can adopt.
    Thank you Pogo for giving us pets!

  • my daughter and I have rescued 5 beautiful cats, Moo Moo, Tinkerbell, Leo, Eden and Onyx. Eden was a stray at the location I work and we fed and took care of her there for two years, she had 3 litters of kittens and Onyx was from her last litter, he happen to crawl under the hood of my car, rode all over town that day under there without me knowing it and the next morning, I heard him whinning and we got him out, he is still kind of feral, we have gotten them all fixed, they all have totally different attitudes , we enjoy it though.

  • Pogo_Rachael, TYSVM for all you do and for who YOU are!!!! Love and God bless <3

  • TYVM for the free episode, I am sure I will enjoy it. I love all animals but right now don’t have a pet. I had a dog but lost it recently to a brain tumor. I will eventually get another one but I am not ready right now. Good luck everyone and God Bless

  • Thank you so much! :)

  • Don’t think you cant find a pure bred kitty at any shelter. You sure can!! I did 4 times, 2 blue Russians, 1 blue point hymillayian, and a Bengal. It always happens. You don’t need to pay the big bucks for purebreds just go to the shelter and tons are there for you. I know. I have had 4 and happy!!

  • Thank you for the free episode. I am so looking forward to playing it as I love animals and this is my “cup of tea”. I have 3 cats, softpaw, sambo, and sophie as well as 5 kittens so I am really looking forward to this episode. :)

  • totally enjoyed it. thank you so much!!

  • Thank you very much. I look forward to playing. I am a fur baby mama.

  • we adopted a puppy at a shelter near us in our state she was a bundle of fun when we met her and we love her so much she is half boxer and half beagle and loves to run she came up to us wagging her tail and wiggeling allover it was a win win situation
    and thanks for the free episode

  • Thanks for the free episode. I am a fan of Claire Hart more than cats BUT my husband has always loved cats, and probably has more pictures of his cats in his photo albums than any other family member. My sister has five cats so that is where my kids, hubby and I go when we need time with cats.

  • Can’t find it. Where??????????

    • If you go to the Claire Hart page ,then “Start Game,” it will show you an episode list in which Knit and Purr-l should show itself as “free” if you are a Club Pogo Member.

  • Thank you for gifts POGO.

  • Thank you :)

  • Thank You, Pogo. My 4 cats and I will enjoy this


  • Thank you my favorite games is finding hidden objects.

  • Thank you Pogo for the free episode . I used to have cats but am highly allergic so can’t have them now. I have rescued and found homes for several strays.My darling Shih Tzu I have now was rescued 7 years ago by my Sister. After she got her well and cleaned up she gave her to me as a Birthday gift she is the Love of my life. I usually have a Shih Tzu in my mini.Hopefully you will do and episode with dogs too. Thanx again Pogo for thinking of our pets.

  • Wanted to say that I have one of the most interesting cats known lol. Grew up on a farm where cats were common as mouse catchers and we never really considered them pets who stayed in the house. They had great beds in the hay and mom gave them a large helping of warm milk after each milking. Great life hmm. But upon marrying a kind wonderful man my mind was changed. He was standing in our bathroom with the window open rubbing the screen. A small kitten had jumped up on the outside sill and was leaning on the screen. Having near neighbors he thought the cat belonged nearby but still went out on the deck to give it some milk and more petting. This continued a few nights and then she disappeared for a few days, Then one night she came back and he noticed she had an injury to her back, a three corned tear with the skin still attached. Getting her he brought her in ad cleansed it with peroxide and put on salve, said I am keeping her. So I go get supplies at Wal Mart and she now has a home. She was his cat, tolerated me but his cat for about 7 or 8 years. He passed away in 2008 and I could not see getting rid of her even though I had a dog and they got along great. She finealy made up with me, tolerated me really, lol. Now she is about 18 or 19 years old, a diabetic requiring a special diet and insulin injections twice a day. We are mostly alone, family living away so I feel she was meant to be my companion during my elderly days. i am now 84 years old with an old cat lol Love her and pray I get to take care of her as long as she needs me.

  • My son adopted a rescue from a Caribbean Island…they thought he was part St. Bernard, part Corgi. Very strange mix but a great dog.

  • Thank-you Pogo, from..Furbbie, Buttons, Mia, Snookums, Finn, Whoopsy, Lil Bit, Maddie, and Fussy Nbr. 1, 2, and 3. All have been rescued, the last being the Fussies. I believed I only had one on property until each one began to show up at their different times to eat and I noticed a different sized cat over time. Whoopsy sits on my lap with one paw on my mouse pad hand while I play my games. He loves Poppit. A “purr purr perfect” badge to add to my collection.

  • Thank you Pogo for the free Claire episode loved it

  • Anything you do Rachael is GRRRReat.. that goes for the whole POGO team too.

  • My husband found an almost 2 month old kitten in an old drain pipe. My husband brought it home, even though we already have a cat (in August, she’ll be 12 people years old). Our full grown cat is very jealous; so now, she restricted herself to one section of the house, while the little kitten (she’s one very funny kitten, making us both laugh) gets the rest of the house! Ha Ha! Thank you for the free Claire episode!

  • Thank you very much for the free Claire Hart episode. and don’t forget…..
    …… dogs have owners……cats have staff… :)

    …… Animals, a lot of the time, are better than a lot of people can be. Dogs and cats are also family.
    Thank you, Pogo, for all you do. It’s very much appreciated.

  • Thank you very much for the free Claire Hart episode-can’t wait to play it. I have 3 feral cats-they are wild girls but are getting better. I also would like to comment on the Phlinx 2 game-I love it-can’t stop playing. I wish the great artists at Pogo would make a weekly challenge badge featuring the cute kitty on that game. Thank you and keep up the excellent work it is greatly appreciated.