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Celebrate National Plug-in Day, Get Tokens!

Celebrate National Plug-in Day, Get Tokens!

This weekend marks National Plug-In Day, an event aimed at raising awareness of electric vehicles and their many benefits to the environment, the economy and your gas bill. We’re marking the occasion by adding a little extra juice to three games with cars. Save a little gas for a virtual spin in Turbo 21 and MONOPOLY: The World Edition (hint: pick the racecar!). You’ll get 3,000 tokens just for playing each game. And if you’re a Club Pogo member, you can also earn tokens for playing a Club Pogo exclusive game, Dice Derby!

Hurry! These bonus tokens will be gone after Sunday.

*Tokens will be given out once per screen name per game between 9/27 4:30 PM Pacific Time – 9/29 11:59 PM Pacific Time, 2013.

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  • I clicked play on all three games but I didn’t get the 3K tokens for any of the games. The pop-up said that I had been awarded, but no change in tokens.

    • Good morning fraserkr56,

      I had the same problem late last night. I logged in this morning and I had the tokens. I cannot explain it, the token were there. Maybe the glitch was occurring just as I attempted to collect but my attempt was still recorded. Anyway, I have the tokens now.

    • I had the same thing happen. It did that on Thursday, I never got tokens for those 3 games. Why Do I Pay for this??? Nuts…

    • Yeah, way too screwy – not going to try this again….

    • I know sometimes I have to close out of POGO then go
      back in and then the token count is updated.
      Hope that works for you.

    • Try what I do. When you have finished playing the game and exit that screen, click on “HOME”. When the home screen comes up, your bonus tokens should be included in the new total.

    • hey, since I cant talk to a real person, want to know why July 22, 2013 when I renewed my membership and bought 2 jungle gin challenges, you took 32 gems right away and never gave me the challenges..Also, when I play Euchre, I get intermissions between games and as a paying member that isnt suppose to happen. I have tried numerous times to call and even try the forums and cant get on or talk to 20 different people that I cant understand. So sorry for venting here you all, but hopefully someone will finally listen, and make it right!!!

      • Are you sure that you’re not playing Euchre in the Free Rooms and not the members room? That’s the only time you will get an intermission as a member.

    • Sometimes you have to go out and come back for tokens to show, but you always get them.

    • Why does everyone always get so huffy puffy about not getting tokens on this day or not getting their tokens on that game? Waaaaaaaaah!!! It’s not like you’re gonna pay off your house with the friggen things. hahahaa!! Such whiners in here.

    • Why is this still on the website since the participation dates are past. I played the games the first time on Oct 1 and did not get tokens. Then when I came back to this screen I noticed the dates. Now it is Oct 2 and the promotion is still here! A little maintenance might be in order.

  • The text links go to “http://alpha.pogo.com/games/” and prompts me to log in?

  • Didn’t get any tokens for National Plug in Day. It says FBconnect initialization missing. Then it asks for my screen name and password. I put that in….Then nothing happens.
    I tried cleaning my temporary files and java cache and that didn’t help.

    Just wanted to let you know something is wrong.

    • Go right to the games from main page and you will get the tokens!

    • I got that dialog box as well. Turns out my version of firefox was outdated and so was Java and Flash. When I tried to update firefox, I got that message. In the end, I uninstalled firefox, java and flash, as well as adobe reader. Then I reinstalled everything and now all is good. (now if I can just find out why my browser opens all by itself to display a web page from longfintuna, I will be happy! Yes, I have dumped my cookies numerous times and it still happens.)

      • mitty, “longfintuna” is a virus. Just google it and you will find many ways and suggestions to deal with it. Sorry you are experiencing that. Best of luck!

  • Am not adding my name and password to a link i have no clue on who’s it is or what its going to do.. “http://alpha.pogo.com/games/”
    Why This pogo .

    Just 2 boxes open up one asking for name and pass

    2nd box

    It says FBconnect initialization missing

    And third box nothing


  • same thing happened to me so i clicked the 3 game pictures and went right to room and was awarded tokens

  • I finally clicked on the pic of the game and got the tokens.

  • I got the tokens but didn’t get any gems that stinks

  • I played said I had been given tokens, but my tokens did not go up, this happened in all three games.

  • po go what up is the a scam why do we have to sign in in alpha security what the%%^^%^&&&& is going, I sign at least four time and nothing happen. what gives.

  • yeah, here we go again played all three games and got no tokens, but this also happened on the triple Thursday games also. just figured that pogo was being stingy with their tokens lol. good luck all hope you get your tokens. have a great day all

  • None of the three games would load for me so I got nothing either. Very few of my games are loading for the last 3 or more days. Can’t play my dailies or my weekly challenges for badges. No daily for tokes either. Have updated Java, cleared cache in both Java console, & in my Chrome browser. I have asked for help in the help place but don’t even know how to get my answer if I get one. I am just getting so frustrated. Please can someone help me & Thank you so much ahead of time,Karen (name in Pogo is wisekaren347, you can message me, add me whatever♥

    • go back into help, choose a game and the prob, click, on the right you will see a link to video chat, click. I go there every time I don’t get tokens and they give them to me!

  • The games are not giving us the bonus tokens when you click on them from the link here, as others have also pointed out. It takes you out and ask for you to enter your Pogo Screen name and Password, but still does not do anything after that. You have to end up signing back in. Thankfully, someone here posted that you have to go directly to each game and you will be awarded the tokens.

    This should have been mentioned in your post so we would not have had to go through being shut out of our accounts and being redirected to being asked to input our Screen name and PW, for us to still not get our tokens. Come on Pogo – do better than this. Additionally, we are not being awarded the 2,500 for playing “The Wheel of Fortune,” tournament. EA is experiencing technical difficulties, so they are of no help. You, quite frankly, need to have something else in place to help us along when games won’t load and when the site does not do as you said it would. Increase our enjoyment here by helping us with the technical difficulties so we can enjoy playing the games

  • I got the tokens n the first try.

  • When I click on the link it asks for my user name and password. I put it in and nothing happens. I’ve tried several times this morning.

  • Now I feel really silly. I tried clicking on the pictures shown above instead of the game name highlighted in blue and it took me to the game and awarded the tokens.

  • There is no race car in Monopoly World Edition?

    • Yes there is, one of the pieces you pick to go around the board is a race car.
      Also I have found after refreshing the page the tokens will not change, so now most times I sign out and sign back in and the tokens change.

  • Thank You So Very Much Pogo for bonus tokens!
    Had no issues to gettin em either.

  • Did you use the race car in monopoly? I couldn’t find one.

  • Thank you Pogo for tokens and just being Pogo oh yeah and Spooky Slots. I do have a suggestions though; could you please add a tab next to “Comments” labeled “Complaints”? I think it would make a lot of Pogo people very happy; I know it would make me very, very happy.

    Thanks for listening.

    From a “Hot for Pogo” Player!

  • No problem at all getting the bonus tokens. As usual it did not show up on the home page right away – it took a minute and a few time refreshing the page playing other games. Many folks think they don’t get the tokens as the home page doesn’t show them right away. Or they’ll see the token count increase above the chat box in the game, go back to home and see their original amount and think they didn’t get them. Home page takes a minute to update token total.

  • Thanks for the bonus tokens, Pogo. Do appreciate them. But would love bonus gems, too!

  • Won’t let me play any of them! When I click on the game it asks me for my user name and password. I enter them, click submit and the same page comes back up asking again. Tried three times!

    • Nothing happens. Asks for username and password which seems strange for this offer, but still nothing happens after doing what is asked.

  • i cant even get into the games…says i gave to sign in with my credentials, name and password…..ive done that like 4 times but nothing happens……pogo whats up with that,

  • You get the tokens immediately but unles you go play another game and look at your token count in who’s here, you won’t see them in your total at top of pages until after you checked in again. Same goes for Thursday tokens. They are there.


  • I just bought a Chromebook which is a Chrome operating system. None of your directions or the directions on Java explain how to make Chrome compatable with these games. I just get a blank playing field and the frame for the game, not the content. The directions always say ‘Chrome for Mac OS”, but I DON’T HAVE A MAC MACHINE. NOT ALL CHROME OPERATING SYSTEMS ARE ON MAC. It is just plain stupid to design these games that only play on some machines. Your ‘help’ pages are pretty worthless and too vague.

  • Played and got my tokens

  • try again but the token done always add in right away. always have to refresh page and if that doesnt work close browser and reopen to see if u get them last resort is sign out and sign back in after doing it. and yes it is getting to be a pain to get these tokens but that seems to be the usual procedure.

  • played all 3 games and no tokens

  • Don’t click on the underlined links for the games. Click on the icons underneath the article instead. I did have to close my browser and go back in to see my token credits, but I have to do that every Thursday anyway.

  • Hello everyone, I’m so sorry most of you are having Token Issues. But, I have never and will not ever sign-in and put my password in a 2nd time. I’ve never had Pogo ask me for my username and password info unless I’m buying Gems. I have Norton 360 Antivirus Program and have utilized My Vault and Login Assistant that controls all my logins/passwords info for the several websites that I use frequently. Anytime we are directed to another website and asked to sign-in again plus add my password too – bells, whistles and sirens go off then I’ll run Live Update and do a Scan on my desktop pc. This happened to me in 2009, my hard drive was wiped out I couldn’t even get to see my desktop period. Everything was destroyed all because I trusted the website I was playing games on and man-o-man was I ever wrong for doing that. It took me three (3) years before I could get another PC. I’ll never give out my private sign-in and password again just because I trusted the website I had been directed to.
    Now with Norton 360 running on my desktop PC I feel much better now.
    Good Luck to you all, I do hope my message will help in someway to my Pogo friends. GBY, opa

    In reference to the games: I clicked on all the Game Icons (not the Links) once I was done playing my Tokens were there when I played each game. Also, I went to The Homepage and all the Tokens were there from playing all three games. I’m so sorry everyone, I do hope all who play these games today gets their Token winnings before they are over.

  • I am not getting the pop up for the tokens or rewarded for playing????

  • I have not received my tokens today on any of the 3 games at all, have they got it fixed yet?

  • I just went into each game and was awarded the tokens. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the tokens to show up in your total amount.

  • Thank you Pogo for the Tokens… :-p


  • only one of these games paid out for me

  • i didnt get my tokens either :( just dont work! sad i like having more tokens!

  • is everyone aware that twice as much pollution is made during the manufacturing process of electric cars as opposed to internal combustion. not to mention what generates the power to recharge the car itself…………….Hummmmm coal, nuke???????????
    no we just plug it in and it’s clean……….. wake up people

  • Had no problem getting 9000 tokens–just click on pictures of the three games.

  • Would have been nice it if EVER awarded the tokens!

  • I could not get into the games. I tried several times. whatz up?

  • I was able to play the games but was not awarded the bonus tokens.

  • screwed again by evil pogo business as usual gee thanks for nothing

  • I didn’t get no tokens either.. Pogo owes us all a jp LOL

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