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First name: Taylor

Screen name: bluebeachgirl94

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I’m a fun spirited and bubbly 18-year old girl who will soon be attending her first year of college this coming semester.

I have many goals in life such as to get my bachelors degree and become a licensed Neonatal Nurse. I used to volunteer at my local fire department once a week and man-oh-man did I have a fun time!

I have a “Taylor” guitar which I love to play and even want to start writing songs, and maybe even become the next Taylor Swift, watch out for me everyone, haha.

I have a job as a carhop at a Sonic Drive-In which means I’m on skates delivering food to customers all day long. I’ve been playing on Pogo since back in 06′ when I was just 12 years old, and have loved every minute of it! I even got my whole family addicted and they all love Pogo just as much as me including all four of my grandparents, love you guys!

 State, Province or Country? California

Astrological sign? Cancer, wish that was just a sign.

When do you usually play on In the early morning with my cup of tea and late at night after a long day at work.

Describe a perfect day: Getting to wake up and live another day is perfect enough for me.

What’s your craziest talent or skill? Oh, well….my craziest talent, and I have got to admit it might blow your mind, would be the fact that I can touch my nose with my toungue. :P

What is your favorite game? I love Mahjong Garden and Hog Heaven Slots.

What’s your favorite musical band? I have too many but I’m really into Neon Trees right now.

What’s your favorite city in the world? I love San Francisco and hope to re-visit sometime soon!

What’s your favorite candy bar? Rocky Road.

Who always makes you laugh? I’m the type of person who laughs at a lot so basically anyone can make me laugh!

Apart from Pogo, what are your hobbies? I’m a big reader, swim competitvely, and love to play my guitar in my free time.

What’s your favorite meal? I can always go for my grandmas spaghetti and meatballs! I always tell her she should have opened her own spaghetti restaurant!

Who’s your hero or heroine and why? All the people who go and have gone to war to fight for our country.  There are not enough “thank yous” and prayers to ever repay them for their services!

If you could have any one item in the world, what would you choose?  I’d chose a time machine, not sure if that was a valid answer or not but really thats all I could think of because I basically have everything I need right now.

If you could be an additional character on your favorite TV show, who would you be, and what show would it be on? I’d want to be a character on Thats 70’s Show.  Just to be a part of there group would be so entertaining. LOL

How often do you yell at your computer screen while playing Pogo? LOL only when I’m winning in Lottso and all my balls disappear and I lose the number one title.  That always gets to me.

What makes you a unique Pogo fan? The fact that I’m so young.  I mean, honestly, I’ve always been mature in the sense that I would rather hang out with the parents and grandparents and talk with them than listen about the latest cartoon show or high school drama with kids my age.  I’ve always been that way since I was younger and that’s why I think I still love to come on here because I can get away from all that for awhile.

Coffee, tea, or soda? Green Tea :)

Peanuts, almonds, pecans or raisins? Got to go with peanuts.  I eat peanuts like crazy at baseball games!

Comedy, Drama, Action or Documentary film? It more depends on my mood but usually I like Comedy the best.

What always brings a tear to your eyes? Those sad animal cruelty commercials…I always change the channel as soon as they come on.  It breaks my heart and I couldnt imagine something like that happening to one of my dogs.


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