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Hey there, Pogonians!

Welcome to this week’s Pogo Insider. Let’s warm things up with a few tidbits:

      • We’re (back) on Pinterest! It’s a work in progress and we think it’s going to be a great place to share concept art, new Badges, Pogo Team Minis, tutorials, and stuff we can’t get enough of (besides Pogo).Go to, search for pogofreegames, then click “Follow”! Or, click here. We’d love to follow you back. Happy pinning!P.S. If you have your Mini on your Pinterest board, send it to us via Pinterest, and we’ll be sure to add it to our Pogo Player Mini board.
      • Speaking of Minis! Thanks for your feedback last week. Pogo_Rachael receives loooooads of requests for re-releasing specific Minis, and we love hearing your thoughts. So, keep ‘em coming in the Comments section below.
      • The next Amazing Mini show will be on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 2 p.m. (Pacific Time). Mark your calendars now!

Sneak Peek

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (better get those chocolate-covered strawberries ordered). And Pogo is ready! Check out a sketch and final drawing of the Valentine’s Limited Edition Badge (LEB) Pogo Artist Tony (who’s a bit of a romantic) dreamed up.

Said Tony:
“What kind of bouquet should someone buy their main squeeze on Valentine’s Day? The women working at this flower stand work their magic to whip up the perfect bouquet … but perfect for who?”



Pogo Insider EXCLUSIVE: StoryQuest!

It took some doing, but I managed to talk Game Producer Jody into sharing some never seen art for Pogo’s new hidden object game, StoryQuest. And while he was at it, he filled me in on our main character, Rose Watson. He also let slip that we’ll be seeing this game reeeeal soon—so, keep your eyes peeled. Yippee!

Thanks to Jody, here’s what we know about Rose…

Name: Rose Watson

DOB: March, 1986

Marital Status: Single

Personality: Part Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice), part Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series)

Interests: Books, travel, Eastern culture

College: University of Chicago, Cum Laude
Bachelor of Arts – Creative Writing
Bachelor of Arts – Asian Studies
Captain of Fencing Team


      • Grew up in Maine, where her parents still reside
      • Now lives in Boston (her sister lives there, as well)
      • Rose is godmother to two nieces and a nephew
      • She is the great-great granddaughter of Dr. and Mary Watson
      • Self-ascribed bibliophile, story teller, traveler and foodie.


Oh, you were expecting top-secret snippets of the game, too? I am happy to oblige! These teasers show glimpses of the stories in StoryQuest. Any guesses regarding which stories they might be? Share your guesses in the Comments!
sq11        sq3                                                      sq111111        sq11111



Poppit! Bingo Question
Q: How do you dismiss a Power-Up and get a new one?

A: Thanks for the question. Here’s what you wanna do:

      • Click on the trash can to the bottom left of Spike
      • Daub (that means click on, if “daub” is a new bingo term for you) your next number
      • The Balloon Meter will fill up and give you a new (random) Power-Up

Here is where you can located the trash can which is on the bottom left of Spike:

Hope this helps!


Last Week’s Poll Results

Community Poll
Q: “What’s your favorite type of card game?”

1. Any type of Solitaire
2. Canasta
3. Gin

1.18.17 Wednesday Challenge
(Find this poll on the Badges page.)

      1. Which of this week’s two Challenges were more fun for you to win?
        1. 38% of you liked both Badges but for different reasons
        2. 32% had more fun winning the Not Again Badge for Poppit! Bingo
        3. 15% had the most fun winning the The Wild Side Badge for Sweet Tooth 2
        4. 14% said these Challenges were not their cup of tea
      2. How long did it take you to win the The Wild Side Badge in Sweet Tooth 2?
        1. 44% took between 1-2 hours
        2. 20% took less than 1 hour
        3. 16% choose not to pursue Badge
        4. 12% took between 2-4 hours
        5. 4% took between 4-6 hours
        6. 3% took more than 6 hours
      3. How long did it take you to win the Not Again Badge in Poppit! Bingo?
        1. 58% took less than one hour. (WOW!)
        2. 24% took between 1-2 hours
        3. 10% choose not to pursue Badge
        4. 5% took between 2-4 hours
        5. 2% took more than 6 hours
        6. 1% took between 4-6 hours



Every week I answer two questions (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q: Why was Penguin Blocks never included in any of the Bonus Token games or Challenges?

A: Penguin Blocks is super fun and I totally understand why you’d like for it to be available in Challenges and for Bonus Tokens. So … here’s the deal. Penguin Blocks is a Java game and we’re not using Java games for Bonus Tokens or Challenges. Why? Because too many players are (understandably) finding it really frustrating to use a browser that supports Java. To avoid the frustration for a good number of otherwise happy players, we chose to focus Bonus Tokens and Challenges on games we could be sure would work for everyone. This doesn’t make things less frustrating for those of you who miss the games we’re no longer supporting in this capacity and we’re truly sorry for that. We promise there’s lots more coming!

Q: How do you share a screenshot in the forums?
Thanks for the question! Here you go (note the pictures, too):

Capture a Screenshot: Using Windows

      1. Press “PrtScrn” to first capture the ENTIRE screen
      2. Then hold down “Alt” while you press “PrtScrn” to capture the screen you’re in
      3. Next, open the “Paint” program
      4. Select “CTRL”  and “V” (at the same time)  to “Paste” to your screenshot into Paint
      5. Select “File” in the menu bar and “Save” your screenshot

Capture a Screenshot: Using a Mac

      1. Hold down “Command” + “Shift” + the number “3” (all at the same time) to capture the ENTIRE screen
      2. Then hold down “Command” + “Shift” + the number “4” and use your mouse to select what you intend to screenshot
        mac 2
      3. A Mac will save the file on your desktop, so you don’t need to open another program to save the file

Now You’re Ready to Post on Pogo Forums!

    1. Go to an image hosting service such as,,, or
    2. Upload the screenshot you took earlier to one of the above hosting services
    3. Copy the URL after you upload your image
    4. Go to the Forum section where you’d like to post your picture
      1. In your post, select the “Img” button and paste the URL you copied in between [the brackets]
      2. Click “Submit” when you’re ready and your picture will be available for all to see!


      Random Non-Gaming Stuff: Healthy Living: A Chair Exercise

      “Random Non-Gaming Stuff” is just that … random, not about gaming, and just for the heck of it. Feel free to leave some thoughts in the Comments for any RNGS articles folks might enjoy.

      I sit in my chair at work A LOT. So, here’s an exercise I often do in the office to get both my heart rate up and some blood flowing, all while staying put in my chair (reading your comments, of course).

      • Sitting in a chair, bend one arm in and out 10 times before switching to the other arm for another 10
      • While bending each arm, breathe fast with each bend to get your heart rate up
      • Getting the heart rate up is SUPER important here as that’s what gets your blood going—it’s really healthy movement.
      • Do this as many times as you’d like and have fun with it! (Turn up that disco.)


      Pogo Insider Trivia

      Did you know there’s a Squelchie in Phlinx? Yup! It was done as a nod to someone who worked on the game at the time. Thanks to a player for commenting about it!



      Alrighty folks, another round of thank yous to everyone stopping by the Pogo Insider. Keep those comments coming and toss in any blog-content requests you may have. We love hearing from you!

      Everyone have a GREAT week!



      NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

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  • Thanks for all your quick replies to our questions. Do you know if the seasonal gift expressions will be coming back? Or, is there work being done on new gift expressions? The most used ones are “Congratulations”, “Thank You”, and “Happy Birthday.”I enjoy giving them to the Pogo Player who has everything already in the mini mall, and all the badges.

    • Thanks for your feedback on the expressions, Chuzzled2. I will definitely pass that along. That’s very kind of you to pass them along to your Pogo friends. :)

  • Hello Pogo Llama. This new Blog is really Helpful and interesting. Thank you!!
    Also, we have completed Part 1 in Solitare Gardens, Fairy Tale Garden. Is Pogo planning to start Part 2 and Part 3. If so, when will this start? We just Love Solitare Gardens.

    • Love your enthusiasm for Solitaire Gardens!! Yes, we are planning on Part 2 of Solitaire Gardens – Fairytale Garden. New updates to Solitaire Gardens typically happen on the 15th of the month, so stay tuned for what’s to come. :)

  • I love the Valentine’s Day reskin for Payday FreeCell. It is so pretty. Also, thanks for the LEB in Claire Hart. That is one of my favourite games.

  • This is a question. I play slots I am getting close to 1 million coins! The coin ovil doesn’t look big enough to add the one. Is it going to be okey?

  • On the Story Quest my guess is jack and the bean stalk and Cinderlla but i could be wrong I love Pogo games but would be nice if on the games you need gems we could convert coins to gems. Am on a fixed income and cannot buy gems to play the games I love Pogo but i cant afford to buy gems. hugs :)