Blog post #6 – January 10, 2017


Hello there mighty Pogoians,

Thanks for stopping by for the 6th edition of the Pogo Insider. It’s been a bit cold outside so I hope you’re all staying warm. Perhaps that means playing extra Pogo? The holidays kept me busy and now Poppit! Bingo is keeping me busy so I cannot report on my Phlinx progress this week although I do intend to get on that for the blog next week.

Last week with PBA 113, I understand there was some confusion with what I shared. I shared one of the Badges out of the Premium Badge Album 113; this is our 113th story-driven PBA. All of our “best of’s” are offshoots that do not follow this numbering. We have released more than 113 Premium Badge Albums, so you’re definitely correct in saying that we do have more than 113 of those. We hope you enjoy our 114th PBA story coming out next week!

Sneak Peek

Pogo Artist, Marshall wanted to send us over a preview of an upcoming February Badge. This is called the “Handle with Care” Badge and will be for the February 6th Mix and Magic.

This is what Marshall had to say about his conception of the Badge, “The idea for this badge (as with most of my concepts) came from the challenge associated with it. The challenge is to find 8 objects in a row, without mis-clicking, so the idea is that the player will have to work quickly but carefully. Since CLUE is a game about agents and espionage, I thought; “what would a secret agent need to do quickly and carefully?” My answer was an agent working with a dangerous and volatile (possibly explosive or radioactive) chemical. That is the basic genesis of this badge. Plus, “Bonus”, I get to paint that awesome, red glowing effect.”

Here’s the sketch and the finished Badge

Solitaire Gardens – Fairytale Garden Phase 1

Solitaire Gardens has a brand new garden for you to decorate, one with a magical twist. The enchanted Fairy Tale Garden brings 60 new levels, new Badges to win and new decorations to unlock. We can’t wait to see what you come up with in your garden! Here’s a sneak peek at two of the newest Solitaire Gardens backgrounds.

jolly_fantasy_01_color_b  jjolly_fantasy_02_color_b

Please click picture above to enlarge


There have been a number of Poppit! Bingo questions coming through the various channels so we’d like to address some of the most popular ones.

  • Where are my room 8 Badges? – This has already been answered in a previous blog, but still pops up consistently.
    • This particular question was answered in the 3rd edition of the Pogo Insider. You can read that answer here.
  • Are we unable to complete level 50, as I am not earning XP?
    • I’ve reached out to our Poppit! Bingo team and they stated that level 50 is the current max in terms of ranks as of right now. The Badges are won according to rooms and there is not a Badge for that rank/room at this time. However, the team WILL be adding more ranks/rooms in the future.  I apologize that if you’re at the max right now but please be on the lookout for more additions to come.
  • Once I reach level 50 do I still earn Cactus Cash and tickets from playing?
    • Once reaching level 50 in Poppit! Bingo, players are still able to earn Cactus Cash, Tickets and other Badges that may come up (such as a Wednesday Challenge Badge). The only items not available at this time at level 50 are the Room Badges and XP.


Every week, I’d like to answer a few of your Pogo-related questions. Please understand that I am unable to respond to your personal technical questions. To submit those questions, go to our Help Page here. To submit your question, please go here and I’ll select two every week. Here are the questions I selected this week.

 Why won’t the cards deal in Jungle Gin?

We hear you that you’re having this happen to you and we are actively looking into this. Because this issue isn’t happening to everyone, we are having a really hard time trying to figure out what is causing this. We highly recommend you visit Answers HQ and post there so we can gather information regarding your computer, operating system, browser & etc., so we can send this on to our engineers for further investigation. You can visit Answers HQ here. Thank you!

 What’s up with the screenshot of the minis not changing? “Any idea when these will be fixed or will be stuck on our Christmas Mini forever like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day!?”

I really enjoyed the Bill Murray reference. Thank you for that!

The Minis not changing the screenshot is a known issue and we have alerted the team to it. However, due to the holidays, the fix has been a bit delayed. It’s coming though; it’s coming!

Here’s a possible workaround for the time being: Go to “Dress Up Your Mini,” then when you have it dressed the way you want, save your Mini. Then, click the “Take a Snapshot” button. Then go to your snapshots, click put on and save on the newly created snapshot. You may need to go through the flow more than once, but sometimes I’ve had it work.


What topics would you like to see covered in the Pogo Insider? Please leave your thoughts below on this topic in the comments section.

Every Monday, we start a new community poll. Last week the question was “What is your New Year’s Resolution?” Overwhelmingly, the number one answer was “I don’t have a New Year’s resolution.” The second most voted on answer is to enjoy life to the fullest and the third most popular resolution according to the Pogo Poll is to eat healthier. Please stop by our Pogo Community Poll every Monday to cast your vote for the poll of the week.

We want to hear what you think. I’m going to leave the comments open on this post so please take a minute and leave a comment below. Remember, questions submitted here will be the ones used for blog question and answer time.


Thanks all and have a great week!




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  • just wanted to say ty for my gifts from spike and allthe pogo family. happy new year!!! oh yea pokeno was my pick….

    • Thanks very much!

    • Me too! Thank you so much for my gifts. The Game of the Month mini items are amazing. I’d like to Congratulate everyone who worked on Poppit Bingo! Omgoodness, that game is my “Game of Choice” for sure now. Great job! I hope I can get some money saved up before the 17th of this month so I can keep playing as a “Club Pogo” member. My friend miles away from me usually pays for my subscription, bless his heart and hope he feels better soon. He is very sick and please pray for him. Thank you all for being a nice community family. Happy Club Pogo’ing!

  • Thank you for asking & leaving the comments open – for those of us who don’t like to use forums! :) I would like to see Pogo Polls include a “none of the above” choice in the mix. Some times I feel I have to answer with a choice that isn’t necessarily accurate or true.
    Maybe consider scaling back a bit on the research type related polls ( I.E. What brand of computer do you play Pogo on? What browser do you use? Where do you go for help for Pogo technical issues? I certainly appreciate whimsy over business type questions. Thanks for continuing to offer Pogo Polls; it’s one of those little things that I enjoy about Pogo!

  • Thank you for doing this, it helps with some of my questions. The one I wanted answered is WHEN will I be able to play the new Solitaire Gardens? Love that game wish you’d release games more often.

  • When we run out of power ups are we able to buy them with cactus cash?

  • I am in the process of getting all of the Wednesday challenges for the JAVA games. Are there any plans of removing some of the games? I would work on those first. Some of them are really my favorites and hope they aren’t removed. A post on JAVA games, even though everything is going Flash, might be interesting.

    • No plans on removing the Java games at this time. However, keep an eye on the browsers as they are the ones who support the Java technology and can pull it whenever they’d like.


  • your doing a great JOB, keep up the good work

  • I love you Cheran xoxo

  • Thank you thank you Pogo for the blog last week. I have been unable to play spades for a while and I play at a 120 page. So I reduced it to 100 for spades and thank you so much, the game works again.

    • Reducing your zoom to 100 will also work for the Jungle Gin game. So check your zoom when having trouble with some games. I change it back to 120 after as it makes things a little bigger on laptop and easier to see.

      • You are right about the zoom. Go smaller till cards do move as you need. I did have the same problem.

  • I have two ideas! Ask if male, female, other so we can see which people play the most. Another would be ask the ages like 1-15, 16-25, 26-45, 46-64, 65-80, or 81+? I just threw random classifications of age in there. I would be curious to see what the most common age is on pogo.


  • as for Stuck Mini’s,
    I have done every Idea put out on Pogo many times
    Some times my Old Deleted on Dec 7th Mini will show in a game
    then the current Mini will show at other times.
    My thoughts is give a try to shutting down the Pogo Forums for a couple of hours
    Maybe things will reset them selves ,Last time my mini was stuck on the forums for a few days, Pogo had to shut the forum down to fix a snag in the forum it’s self when the Forum
    snag was fixed and Pogo restarted the forum pages My Stuck mini had changed to my Current one at that time

  • Regarding the cards not dealing in Jungle Gin; I use several different browsers. I love Chrome and use that the most on Pogo but for some reason Chrome will not play Jungle Gin or Pinochle; the cards deal but you simply can not draw or move any cards. For that I have to move to FF or IE.

    • I have found while using Chrome on Jungle Gin that if I reduce zoom to 90% it works.

  • Thanks for the update on the ‘changing minis’, glad you’re working on a fix for the problem. Just curious if there are any plans to post high scores under the minis like you used to in Zuma’s Revenge & Scrabble Sprint again? It was really nice to see your Pogo friends high scores.

  • I do not have any issues with loading any hidden object game except Claire, why is that?
    Thanks for Poppit Bingo, i’m hooked. new rank every 3-5 days after reaching 37. Good job.

  • Poppit Bingo…..Love it

    It is so addicting. Thank you for this new game.

  • Thank you so much for keeping us updated………..I really appreciate that…

    Thanks again

  • when is the next amazing mini contest valentines day would be awesome hagd ty

  • Please how about penguin blocks for a Wednesday challange it’s a old game but fun one.
    thanks and keep up the good work ☺

    • I suspect Pogo has abandoned the Java games for weekly challenges, since several browsers don’t support Java. I also like Penguin Blocks but suspect future challenges I do for that game will have to be personal challenges.

  • today is my 8 birthday!!!! ty ty lol received badge but no new gift in my items

  • Maybe for your next opinion poll you should ask us what game we would like for game of the month.

  • Thank You so much to All the staff for working hard in getting our questions answered and our problems addressed. You Rock. And I’m really enjoying the blogs, Lama. You do a great job. I agree with the “none of the above” point, and PLEASE Don’t Remove the Java games! They’re some of my favorites! lol…Please! It’s a relief to know that you’re working on the Mini problem. I hope the Valentine’s Day Contest will be in a game I enjoy playing for a change…:-D
    Thanks Again for Everything, including all of the Christmas freebies!

    • I see now from above that the browsers are the ones who pull the Java games. :-(
      I think that’s what happened with Chrome?! I’ll enjoy them while I can and make my feelings known if/when it happens again. Thanks for keeping them while you can!

  • Thank you for your blog! When we choose “full screen”, why do we have a second window to “approve” our choice? Can’t we just choose full screen and have it with one click? Really appreciate the full screen option for games! Wish more games had the choice.

  • Thank you Pogo for a great gaming venue. My only request is to please, please change the games in the tournament. People love the tournament and want to keep playing with their friends on the teams. However, I think we all would love different games in the tournament. How about gin, spades and some team table games. I know its huge, but could it be the priority?

  • Thank you for all of the information.
    My question:

    How does one achieve points in top row of last space of Poppit Bingo? I have not found any details on how these are acquired. The second row is fine. Just no points on the first row, third item.
    Thank you.

  • please more spades badges

  • i love poppit bingo when will u have more badges for poppit bingo

  • Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee make Jungle Gin and Spades a full screen. The cards are so small I can’t play but a few games and both are my favorite games. From the amount of people always playing in both games; both are very popular with many others also.
    Thanks you and appreciate all you do. BTW, just got my 13 yr badge last week :)

    • Thanks for the suggestion and congratulations on your 13 year Badge and for playing 13 years with Pogo!

  • Will there ever be an option to play Backgammon with robots?

  • please more plants and zombie badges

  • also you are the bestgame site on the internet

  • Are we ever going to be able to purchase gems with our pogo tokens?

  • are there any plans to bring back pogo prize tab? thank you, love everything else

  • Thank you for the gifts and surprises around Christmas it was a lot of fun! I am a word game lover but there aren’t a lot of daily challenges with Word games except Word Whomp, I was so glad to see Boggle today, thank you I would like to see more word games as the daily and Wednesday challenge. Thank you all for working so hard, I appreciate it

  • It would be nice if Pogo would make a “New Year’s Resolution” to add a mute button to Zuma Slots. It’s obvious this is possible since all the other Parlor Games have one. This would enable us to play the game while listening to music, TV, audio books etc. This is a frequent complaint in forums and chat rooms.

    This also goes even more strongly with the new Poppit Bingo. The game is almost ruined for many players because one cannot listen to the numbers being called without the loud, distracting and after a very short period, utterly annoying music accompaniment. So we have to lose those precious seconds looking to the side for the numbers to be played. Please add a mute button for the music, separate from the game sounds (caller’s voice) as you have in almost all your recent games.

  • Topic suggestions:
    1) Fave Pogo Character! I’d like to see them expanded. Personally, I love that kissy Queen pig in Hog Heaven slots but I don’t even know her name.

    2) Chat Icons: The artwork is amazing for all the badges but every once in awhile I can’t make heads or tails of the chat icon. How do you choose the snippet of art that becomes the chat icon? (p.s. I have purchased an entire PBA before just for a coveted chat icon lol)

    Awesome One-Time Gift suggestion: Let us click one link to collect all Thursday triple bonus tokens instead of opening three games

    Kudos: I’d just like to say thank you for all your hard work and creativity that makes Pogo a fun place to hang out.

  • I have a question, will there be more amazing world adventures badges?? I have all claire heart, clue,
    letters from nowhere, and undiscovered world!! would love more amazing world and letters from nowhere! will that happen?
    thanks for all you do POGO!!

  • When is pogo going to put Yahtzee and Vaults of Atlantis on big screens. Needs to be done, please. Some NEW GAMES for Bingo Luau would be nice, keep them short and simple, don,t need a lot of whoop-la.

  • could have more ranks in plants and zombies please thank you so much if this could happen

  • happy new year pogo and thank you for all the tokens and gifts we received from you all. pogo rocks!!!!!!!!!

  • Will we ever get to clean out our MINI closets. I would love to buy some new outfits and backgrounds, but it’s full of junk I never bought and want it gone………

  • I would like to see musical instruments offered in the Mini’s. a baby grand or upright piano, orchestral and percussion instruments, organ/pipe organ, a synthesizer/stack of synths.

    I would love more ranks in Scrabble, and more weekly badges in Plants vs. Zombies.

    I highly advise a warning on the Home page for players regarding messages that appear in chat rooms advertising fake Pogo-type sites to earn thousands of tokens, gems and ranks. The message should remain on the Home page in perpetuity. (This is especially important for new players!).


    • Thank you for all of your suggestions. I will pass them along. I’m definitely a fan of someorchestral Minis!

  • i love canasta and mainly play against robots, why can’t i change the settings when there is a “frozen pile” challenge??
    Love you Pogo people….

  • In poppit bingo after the 3rd number is called in the first game I lose all sound for remaining time I am playing. I feel left out of room. Please work on fixing this. I love the game. Thank you.

  • great job thanks for the gifts

  • thank you Pogo. I have met so many nice people . one thing i would like is if I could have a do over lol on my name . when i first joined pogo i did not realize how important it was.

  • yes – thx for not removing the Java games. I like them the best – I think if more people knew how to use Java, there wouldn’t be so many problems. IE – I had to switch to an older version at one time – it worked fine – I’m not crazy about the flash games, but I know they’re here to stay. Also, thx for explaining why minis don’t change in games – going to try your suggestion. More spades and pinochle ranks would be nice. I love the card games like canasta, spades, hearts, pinochle – pinochle my fav – if you don’t know how to play, ask me – I’ll be happy to teach you! make friends that way too instead of playing games that are singular – hagd

  • i would like a poll to see how many players would like an option on friends list where we can remove a player for good that we never see or play etc.

  • nice new games…. old ones dont work right wtg pogo

  • when will we have the rest of the badges promised in Poppit Sptint?