Blog Post #41 – September 12, 2017


Hello Pogo!

It’s my favorite day of the week. It’s the day I get to send out my blog to all you all in Pogo land and receive your very informative comments. I love it. So, with that, here’s what I have for you this week!


Sneak Peak

Pogo_Tony has shared another Badge for the Premium Badge Album 123 due out in October.
“Halloween candy isn’t safe anywhere. The kid in this badge is about to learn that lesson when a mysterious four-legged Ghost steals his precious Jack O Lantern. The art team did a great job with the lighting on this animation. The badge is more mysterious than scary.”


I’m pretty sure I’d fight off a ghost if he were stealing my precious candy holder!


Pogo_Rachael sent me a preview of what will be going up in the Mini Mall this Thursday, too. Here’s what she had to say:

“We haven’t had a flashback set of Minis for a few years, and we thought it might be fun to do now. When we’ve put out flashback Minis before for the 70s, I feel like an awful lot of it was disco themed (and hey, I love disco – don’t get me wrong!). This time, we tried to come up with a few Minis that also represented moments in history from the 70s. I think a few 80s-style Minis slipped through, too.

If you folks like seeing these sort of flashback releases, please let me know – we haven’t done much with the 80s or 90s yet, and that could be fun!”

Love em! Which decade is your favorite? Please comment below.


Have you seen it?! 60 NEW Levels have been added to Cookie Connect! It’s all just in time for the Pogofest Site-Wide Challenge that begins tomorrow, too!

These levels came to be because so many of you asked for them! Thank you and keep requesting, because I’m listening. Click here to play some tasty fun Cookie Connect.


Q&A with Pogo Jim

I enjoyed having Pogo_Limes in the Pogo blog studios with me sooooo much that I invited another Pogo staff member to sit in with me. Pogo, I’d like for you to meet Pogo_Jim.

Pogo_Llama: Hiya, Pogo_Jim! Let’s start with the basics. What is it you do here at Pogo?

Pogo_Jim: Thanks for having me! It’s great to be back with the community manager. The last time I was interviewed here was about 8-9 years ago, and I’m excited to be back.

To answer your question, I was brought in to work on both the animated badges and static badges as well as the minis. In the end, it was a massive undertaking for one person to work on so much, so we now have other talented people to work on each branch. I elected to work on the minis because they are fast driven and tons of fun.

Pogo_Llama: What is your very favorite Mini?

Pogo_Jim: I have so many I cannot name them all, but I can say the ones I enjoy the most are those that celebrate our country and family. I also enjoy creating minis that are just plain silly, goofy and fun. Almost MAD magazine style silliness and humor. One of my favorites is the running outhouse outfit. It’s off the wall and humorous! I still enjoy seeing people use it and what I always try to do is to mix the silly with the serious. Like the song says, “A time of love, a time of hate, a time of war, a time of peace.” I want the minis to reflect its time. A time to be serious and a time to be silly.

I want to share one of my PBAs that I did many years ago. It was called, Endless Love and I wrote the story and had the fantastic art team animate it. What I love about that PBA is that it covers a life span of a young couple who fall in love on a ship and their love for each other is constant till the very end. The saddest scene is when the husband lights a 80th birthday candle for his sick wife, only to realize she has passed on. Though gone, their love remains and in the last animation, the husband sits on the bench, looks at his wedding ring and relives his life in flashback, from falling in love as a young couple, having a family, and finally losing his wife, and in the end, as night falls, he sits alone on the park bench and he too fades away. They still have each other whether in the physical world, or the spiritual world.

I still enjoy watching the animation and I can only hope that the viewers who purchased this PBA enjoyed it as much as I did.

Other memorable ones are Thanksgiving animations where there are hungry people who have very little, and our Pogo characters provide them with food and or shelter. Perhaps some of us have had experienced economic difficulties or grew up under difficult circumstances, but I want the stories to give hope and inspiration that we can make it better and it will be better. Love, family, friendship and for many, faith will carry us through and I want my Pogo characters to be part of that story. It’s makes our characters real and relatable.

Pogo_Llama: If players would like to request a Mini item, where should they do that?

Pogo_Jim: I am aware that many players request different things and sometimes, time allowed, we try to accommodate the requests, but since we’re on a constant crunch with no breaks, we rarely have the chance to include what has already been scheduled for production once we’ve started our planning. Having said that, it doesn’t mean we do not consider it – we’ve occasionally snuck extra requests into releases!

I have community Pogo leaders who provide me with feedback from our users and I always consider their input, and they can click here to place their request.

Pogo_Llama: When it comes to Minis, how come we are unable to create everyone’s requests?

Pogo_Jim: Time and resources are a barrier. It takes time to create the art assets and many of our artists are working on multiple projects, plus we’re often working far ahead- for example, we’re already getting into the Christmas spirit with our Mini-making. Additionally, we have to work within the confines of the existing system that we have – which can be a challenge, albeit a fun one.

Pogo_Llama: For example,  last week, a player asked the following request, is it possible?
“Would be possible to add a bear symbol to the chat icons. So many of us are a tad bear crazy, and it would be so fun to use.”

Pogo_Jim: This is small enough, I think I can squeeze it in if you Pogonians really want it? Let me know!

Pogo_Llama: What do you enjoy the most and what do you enjoy the least about creating Minis?

Pogo_Jim: Well, what I like about it is that it’s your alter ego. It’s a system that is interactive. In other words, the user can change clothing or backgrounds based on their mood so it’s highly customizable and there are so many items to choose from. I’ve been doing this over 11 years and still get excited with ideas and themes we can paint. It’s endless and I hope more people try it for themselves and enjoy the humor and the entertainment value of it all.

However, while my canvas is larger than the badges, it’s still a very small canvas of 150×220 pixels. The mini sits right smack in the middle and covers a lot of the canvas, so what I have to work with are the 4 edges. I have to cram as much as I can into those spaces. Because it runs on a loop, I am unable to tell a story which can open up unlimited possibilities. Having said that, we do the best with what we have.

Pogo_Llama: I’m curious what a “typical day for Pogo_Jim” looks like. Can you describe it?

Pogo_Jim: I start work between 5-5:30am to review the art that the artist sent me. This means each piece of art has to be evaluated to see to make sure it’s painted and animated correctly, I look at color, composition, humor, atmosphere, location, mood, the message I want the art to convey and the value proposition.

Sometimes, when looking at art and animation I find it needs more pizzazz to punch up the art, or some additional element to enhance the art. Each piece of art has to be reviewed and I provide feedback to the art team so they can make those changes. Once the art is approved, it has to be “cut” a certain way so I can submit it to our servers. Other parts of my responsibility include coming up with badge ideas and working with the artist to make the necessary design changes as needed. In addition, I have to come up with ideas for the next batch of minis, so my day is pretty packed.  By late afternoon, I’m done and go home to feed my neighbor’s cat, who seems to hang out my backyard almost 24/7 now.

Pogo_Llama: It’s super precious that your neighbor’s cat has taken to you. So when you’re not at work at 5am, what do you like to do?

Pogo_Jim: Growing up, I loved making things, whether from scratch or from model kits. I loved building plastic model planes as well as balsa wood planes. I spent a lot of time in hobby stores buying balsa wood, sand paper, silkspan to cover my planes and dope, which is a chemical lacquer to tighten the skin of the fuselage (plane body) and wings.

I don’t have the space to build planes anymore, and I’ve acquired a new hobby in BBQ’ing. I now indulge myself in the art of smoking ribs, briskets and various meats. It’s all new to me and what I like about it is I get to eat my creations. Some smokes take 10-12 hours, but it’s a lot of fun. Maybe someday when I’m good enough at smoking my ribs, I will make a batch for the Pogo team. Model airplanes are fun to build, but I can’t eat them. If enough of you want to see some pictures of my ribs, I’m sure the community manager will post them!

Pogo_Llama: I can guarantee the Pogo team would love for you to try out your BBQing hobby on them! Speaking of really yummy sounding food, it’s almost lunch so I must get on going because I don’t want to get hangry! Haha. Do you have anything else you’d like to add to the Pogoians before we close?

Pogo_Jim: I want to thank all the users who have supported us through thick and thin, through good times and bad times. We all know there are many other game sites out there, and we’re appreciative of their continued support to stay with Pogo.

Thanksgiving is once a year but I don’t see it that way. I view Thanksgiving as a daily event. Every day that we’re healthy or every day that we have food on our plate to share with our family and friends is a day of Thanks. Every day that we can laugh and every day that we disagree is still precious.

What we try to do at Pogo is create a place where players can have fun and share in the joy of meeting people, hang out, play games and indulge themselves in our minis and badge offerings and have fun with it. We give it our best shot at providing a fun environment for our users so they stay with us and introduce friends and families to our site. We’re thrilled and honored to have you as our guest.

I hope to talk to all of you again soon!


And that, everyone, is Pogo_Jim! Thanks for joining us, Pogo_Jim!




Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

This week, we have Q&A from Pogo_Jim! Please read above


Alrighty folks. It’s off to the lunchtime fun for me again. Thanks for your lentil recipes last week. Today I have….hmmm what do I have…oh yes! Grilled chicken!




PS: Before I go, I wanted to ask you all to take a few minutes and vote in the following three polls below. Thank you!


What is your favorite costume in Poppit! Party?

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What is your favorite Power Up in Poppit! Party? (Select up to 3)

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Which costume in Poppit! Party is your favorite because of their Power Ups?

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  • With the challenges that you come out with, for team play…it ALWAYS says win an animated badge, but there NEVER animated. Why say that’s what we shall get, when we don’t? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m rather disappointed. :-(

    • Hello msimp_7955,
      Do you see a play button on the badge? If not, please check to make sure your Flash is not blocked as they are animated. Thank you for asking.

  • Hi I asked yesterday if it is possible to add more ranks to bowling. Have also asked before. But came back to find out about it but no answer. When it comes time to renew. I will not be doing it. Thanks for you time.

    • Hi there bearpaws567,
      We cannot promise a date or time but new ranks in Pogo Bowl are being considered.

      • please no 70 ranks is enough for the highest percentage of us …

      • I noticed that someone had commented that alot of players feel 70 ranks in Pogo Bowl is enough.I beg to differ with this comment.I play Pogo Bowl every day and I bowl with alot of different players and a majority of the bowlers all say they want more ranks.It has been over 5 years the maximum rank has been 70,while other games have surpassed that and are upwards of rank 100.I do think it is time for an increase.Thank you very much.

      • I would also like to comment on Pogo Bowl, I would LOVE to see more ranks added !!! The majority of people I see in bowling have expressed they would LOVE more ranks also !!! We have been patient for more than 5 years !!! Thank you for listening and passing on our requests.

  • enjoy all comments, I just enjoy the games and have on nd off since aol owned pogo, adding new games might make this old lady happier

  • I didn’t see where you can enter for prizes. Have you done away with that?
    I quit playing cookie connect because of level 32. I have tried for a long time. The other day I decided to try again. No luck. I enjoy the game , if I could get pass level 32. :(
    I am working on the challenges now.

    • Yup Yup! Great news, the Prizes link is still there. You can click here to go to it and you can also find it on the bottom of the page under POGO and you will see Prizes. Thank you!

      • If you click on: Win a Rewards Card Up To $1000

        You will find it at the top of the list on the
        home page when in the categories view or the
        A-Z view. That will also take you to the prizes
        As for the problem with cookie connect level 32
        I posted this on the previous page, you can find
        tips for that level and several other levels in
        the Pogo forums. The Cookie Connect forum can be
        found in puzzle games. You can also get to it
        from the game itself, there is a tab for forums.

    • I stopped playing because of that level too

  • I have purchased gems and my homepage shows that I have over 300. When I try to use gems to purchase wild cards in solitaire gardens, I get a message which states that I do not have enough gems. Please correct this.

    • Hi elsakaplayer, Are you still experiencing this issue?

    • I have gotten this too in Solitaire Garden all I need is the wild card to finish. And it says I don’t have enough gem. And then another box will come up saying the store is closed. So upsetting when you need the wild card bad lolll.

  • Very nice interview with Pogo Jim. I think the minis are incredible and truly look forward every two weeks to see what is there for the taking. Speaking of the Mini Mall, I implore you to enable the players to remove mini items and place them in a trash can. It’s very generous that some friends give gifts on the mini release date, but a lot of them were items I didn’t want in the first place. Hence the need for a trash can. Also, I would like to be able to sort the items myself. When the categories were created, it was a good start but not all the items have gone where they belong. I find Halloween items that aren’t in the “Seasonal” background category. Please Please Please???

    • Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, as85382. This is a request I have heard quite often and have relayed to the team. I am not sure if we can do it but I definitely know it’s wanted. Thank you.

      • Rather than throw items that we no longer want away, I’d suggest POGO allow us to send them to a “consignment shop”. Here, players could purchase discarded items for a reduced price, say half the normal price. For example, I might have gotten a gift of a fantasy background that I don’t like that cost 18 gems. I could send it to this “consignment shop” where other players could have an opportunity to purchase it for 9 gems. It would be super great if I would get a portion of the resale value, say 25% (or in this case 2 gems) but I would be happy with having the opportunity to purchase items discarded by other players for 50% of their original cost. This is a win/win suggestion if POGO could accommodate it. Thanks for listening.


    • Hi charlottelizenbe,
      Our hearts and thoughts are with those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. We are also thinking about those near the wildfires and floods. I wish peace and safety for all everywhere.

  • Hi Pogo-Llama Are you still bringing back M and M badges for the game of the month? I need from Mar 201five the Easy does it Badge and there is one Java Badge I still need. I am trying to complete all the Java games and I need from Oct 2014 Harvest Mania.

    • Hi Atilla,
      What game is Easy Does It Badge for?
      Harvest Mania is a Java game so that game will not be a future Game of the Month. We do occasionally re-release Java Badges, but there’s no guarantees on that either. Thank you for your questions.

  • Yes Love the idea of time era backgrounds and clothes… idea! Still love to have All the state flags with the Bird, Flower and Animal known for that State. You have Nurses outfits but NO Hospital backgrounds and or goodie items….Be nice to do have dentist items to go along with Toothy and Dentist background like Toothy sitting in chair and we be the dentist. Need New faces like Blushing, Yelling, Fluttering eyes for flirting, etc….Be cool to have some where they actually are lying down like taking a nap ( I know you have some Sitting, and one in hammock ) but like for Summer have one actually lying on the beach towel on the sand….TY for Pogo Llama for listening and enjoy your week…I Am enjoying the Site Wide Challenge going on but wish was more then 3 games but cant wait till the next one and or marathon….Keep up the excellent job……Lori Ann

  • The games in this site-wide challenge are boring….not just 1, not just 2, all 3. I played 2 of them just to be able to say I played in it.

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion on the current games in the Site-Wide Challenge (Cookie Connect, Solitaire Gardens and StoryQuest). Which games would you like to see in an event?

  • Good morning Llama…Thanks for the new levels in Cookie Connect, much easier so far to do, not having to buy so many power ups lol…I like the badges, because of the bright cheerful colors, in Cookie Connect..
    I don’t like that the challenge wasn’t made to be like last time, where people had to do so much, to receive the badge…Unless it is changed back, I don’t care to participate after this one…Personally, I would rather just buy the badge and do it..
    The Halloween PBA is looking like a lot of fun :) Hope there are all kinds of badges for October, pertaining to Halloween..
    Thank you Pogo for the free badge, was a surprise and nice to receive. Have a good rest of the week..

    • Thanks for all of your feedback, KhloeKat1. One thing I want to point out is that we are trying out new techniques for events. So while the Pogofest Site-Wide Challenge may not have the rules from last time, ones into the future may.
      Halloween will be super super fun around here, as usual. I guarantee it. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Have you noticed that it says we shall win an animated badge for doing these. Not a one has been animated. The badge they show is, but never the one we work for!!

      • Which Badges did you receive that were not animated, msimp? The ones for the last several events were animated. To run the animation, you must have Flash enabled. Thank you.

  • First of all, I love pogo! It definitely helps me de-stress from working three jobs!
    I am trying to get some of the older badges from 2003 and 2004, but none of my internet browsers work with Java. I can’t get internet explorer as I have windows 10 so they automatically give you microsoft edge as your browser.

    My question is, are there any more plans to bring games over from java to flash? It seems to have slowed down quite a bit. I would really love to add those badges to my collection! And very much miss playing one of my favourite games, Aces up!

    • Holy cats, 3 jobs, Ashisagryffindor! You are a rockstar. I’m glad you have Pogo to go to for a de-stressor.
      We do have plans to bring over Java games to the new HTML 5 technology. Aces Up is included in that. Please read here for more information. Thank you!

    • Ashisagryffindor I have Windows 10 and still use IE. It wants me to use Edge but I just don’t want to lol Look for IE, it’s there somewhere!

      good luck

      • I also have Windows 10 and use IE. I am still able to play all the java games, which I love, even more so than the newer games. All you have to do is go to google, type in IE, and pin it to the bottom.
        Good Luck!!!

  • once again not a decent outfit released for seniors – i am 75 – and there is one kind of good one but it has those horrible enormous feet. come on pogo – you are not just catering to kids.

  • I hate Poppit Bingo – in fact I hate all your Bingo games. And your new Minis have been less than desirable to me so I haven’t bought anything. I hope the Holloween will be better!

  • hi would like to add the Wednesday personal challenges some friend of mine have done them all any chance you could add more personal chalanges for us guys who are good at doing badges

    • Thank you for the suggestion.

      • Yes please more challenges for badges, I too have all of the personal done. It gets old, just to keep reactivating old ones, to do 2 personals.

        Thank you in advance. ( I hope)

  • I love the scenes in Amazing Adventures, but I never play the game because I am too old and slow, is there any way that the time limit on that can be eliminated.

    • Thank you for your suggestion in Amazing Adventures.

      • i bought 2 games with 32 gems you took my gems but know games to play would like to get my gems back as I do not even remenber what the games were now,

  • New Site wide challenge for me is UNREALISTIC. With less than 160,000 playing to complete 34,000,000 Stars it would require each player to win around 700 perfect 3 star games, this number is calculated for the complete 5 day period and we know it took over a day to get to the number of participants we have now.

    Story Quest has only 1 free 5 part Episode available to play for a total of 15 stars. That would mean playing that one 5 part Episode over and over and over again. At least with some of the other Hidden Objects games we do get free trials.

    Cookie Connect is almost impossible to get 3 stars unless you buy extra turns or play over and over and over.

    Solitaire Gardens is the same without buying Power-Ups.

    Is EA SPORTS so GREEDY that they would offer a challenge that requires using gems to get these needed helps. Unless POGO is willing to let us use our tokens for Gems, most players WILL NOT take part in this challenge. I refuse to fall victim just for the sake of a badge or tokens that only can be used for certain things.

    The last few challenges were great they provided us with free opportunities to complete them.

    • Thanks for your feedback, robsladyjane224. Which games would you like to see as part of an event?
      Please understand that for all of our challenges and events, it is never required to purchased Gems. We do that on purpose so all can participate. I hope you do participate in the Site-Wide Challenge. It is a lot of fun and good times and it’d be great to see you in one of the games. Take care.

    • Hi robsladyjane224. The challenge is very doable, to make the 36 million stars us pogonians needed to average 300,000 stars per hour for the 5 day challenge. As of Friday 9-15-17 @ 6:00 am the players have averaged 410,223. stars per hour and is on track to complete the challenge about a day early! All participants are doing a great job, keep playing and enjoy the game. I play all the games to get stars but have found Cookie Connect to be the most lucrative delivering 98% 3 stars on games 4 & 5 at about 2 minutes per game. The game progression is always slow until the player numbers build up. It is to the point of flying now and certainly to fast for most Airport Traffic Control Patterns.. Like I said, keep playing & have fun!!!! Shilo

  • I would love a dancing bear icon in chat. Thanks for listening.

    • Oh YES, whay a great idea ! It would add a smile on our faces even when a player says a dumb thing.

    • I think that would be great to have a bear icon for pogo so can we get one please. do this for us.


    • Hello PICKIVICKI,
      How are you doing today? understand that it’s nothing personal. I do receive a large number of comments and many of them come in when I am away. I actually just made myself a cup of hot tea (Rooibos and honeybrush flavor) and am just now sitting down to go through comments that accumulated overnight. My goal is to get to each and every single one at some point today. Thank you for your patience.

      • I finally found my comment. Thank you, and I do understand you have a lot to go through. Enjoy your tea, and I’m sorry if I sounded rude.
        I appreciate everything you do for pogo.
        Thanks again

        • You weren’t rude at all. Only curious. I appreciate you being here as well. Thank you and have a great evening.

  • Poppit!Party has become one of my favorite games.


    • Hello CLIFLAUR,
      I believe if you use Internet Explorer you can still play Java. Browsers are getting rid of their support of Java (and Flash) and as Pogo does not own any of the browsers, we do not have any control over that. Please read here for more information. Thank you.

  • llama I feel the same way as PICKIVICKI sometime I think I’m just passed over . I like when you come on. I enjoy how you answer everyone. you are so kind and sweet. but I feel like you ignore my feelings sometimes. I put a reply to cc,s comment about phlinx on the 13th and I got no reply.i know your busy but I don’t want you mad at me. have a great day and jim too.

    • Hiya bvlady45,
      Yup yup I just responded to your question a little bit ago. I want everyone to know it’s never personal. It’s usually because I’m away from the blog comments and it may take a day or two (or more if it’s the weekend) to respond.
      Thanks for your understanding.

      • I have kind of had the same issue, but not with you Pogo_Llama. It’s with the “waiting for moderation”. Honestly the first comment I actually put on here was about the new games format/ me asking if this was going to be the only format used for now on. I don’t believe that was ever posted, so then I thought if your comment was only positive it would be posted, so the next comment I left was overly positive and it was posted. But after reading some comments I simply don’t understand why mine aren’t being posted. I would never put something so negative just asking a question. I hope this goes through.
        Lastly, Thank you for the kind words regarding the Hurricanes. I live in SW Florida and we were hit really bad, but thankful we were safe.

        • Hi kimmi921,
          I’m so glad to hear you and yours are safe from the hurricane. I watched it online over the weekend and cannot imagine how terrifying and scary that time was for you all, and continues to be for many. I’m happy you’re back here at Pogo AND safe.

          I just took a look and saw you submitted one comment yesterday on this most recent blog and it was approved. I don’t see any others from you awaiting moderation so perhaps it did not get through? Thanks for asking.

  • you are the greatest llama. I love you dearly you are a hard worker and you do a great job. I enjoy reading all your comments every time your on and you do a fabulous job. thank you for being you.

  • There are very few games I can play since you decided to change so many things. I run windows 10 which is not compatible what you require now so there isn’t much since in me renewing on pogo after all these years. so guess I’ll be seeing you around.

    • Hi Kc81479,
      Which games have you been trying to play and not being able to load? Players with Windows 10 are able to play on our site. I actually am using Windows 10 and play using the Google Chrome browser. Please let me know what browser you’re using, as well. Thank you.

    • If you are viewing that compatibility scan
      and that is where it says Windows 10 is not
      compatible, than you are mistaken.
      That scan is not made to understand windows 10
      so the only response it will give is not supported

      Those of us that read scans, and I am one of them,
      do not even look at the top portion of that scan
      we are interested in the System Information, and
      that is in the bottom portion of the scan.

  • hi pogo Llma,i have a dear friend here,he is having a hard time getting help on pogo, his games wont load his pogo name is cupid,been here many years, could you please help him thank you so much. hugs to you

    • Hi there,
      It is so kind that you are asking for help for your friend. Unfortunately I am unable to help out. The best way to get help is to click here and have him submit a customer support ticket and the customer service team will be able to help him out. Thank you.

  • Like the Site Wide Challenge, but when playing Story Quest, I do not plan on buying additional episodes. Does playing the free one over and over again count towards the Challenge.

    • Hi SandeRich06,
      Yes, absolutely playing any of the same episodes of StoryQuest over again will count towards the Site Wide Challenge. Thank you!

  • I have a question I had read somewhere that being able to play Pogo on our Ipad’s is coming. Is that still happening? Which I am so excited for especially when I am not feeling well enough to be on my laptop.

    • Hi BlackVelvet1992,
      That is something we plan on but it is still being worked on at this time. It is very exciting, I totally agree. I’ll keep you all posted when I know more.

  • I would never dress my mini as a fist shaking protester. I play Pogo to relax. Very disappointed in these new designs. Something a lot more uplifting would have been appreciated.

  • What happened to the Pogo Gear store?

  • Do you have any idea when the new costumes will be available for Poppit Party?

    I have completed the first collection and I miss playing the challenges each day.

  • I am still unhappy with the split in the games…Flash or Java…Why can’t all the games be htmal…I miss keno pop the most….

    • HI aberdeen59p1,
      The team here at Pogo is working on it, but it takes time. Lots of work involved in the transiting of games over from one coding language to the next.

  • I would love to see hog heaven slots as a game of the month. I thought that in July it was posted that hog heaven slots would be the game of the month for August, but that didn’t happen. I was happy to see hog heaven slots badge for this week, but new levels that come with game of the month status would be most welcome! Thank you.

  • Well I’m feeling groovy and like Kitty Forman from that 70’s show!!! Loved the 70’s release and looking forward to a similar one for the 80s and 90s!!!

  • Is there any way of gifting another member gems? I am able to gift badges just can’t find how to gift gems. Also would still love a beagle shirt with ‘I ♥ Pogo’

    • Great great question, collectorw0man. While it’s currently not possible to gift Gems to another player, you can purchase a Badge, PBA, or Mini item and then gift it to a player.
      YES to beagles! How’s your dog? (or dogs if more than 1)

      • The only way to gift gems other than buying something for a friend with gems
        is to give your friend an EA game card. They are worth 275 gems and cost $20.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama!

    Is there any chance that Crossword Cove will be returning to the former format? I looked forward to doing the crossword daily, but since the format change I’ve lost all interest. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, as the normally quiet crossword crowd has resorted to some grumbling as well. Many of us prefer the former format and have abandoned playing altogether. Is there some kind of compromise that can be made?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    • We are working on ways to make Crossword Cove more pleasing for the players. Thank you for asking, CandieDish.

  • I must admit that I was follower just like all the Popo players who pay you, but then I said to myself “why” We drive ourselves crazy to play daily and weekly challenges to earn “tokens”& badges. – we have “Gems” and must use them to “buy” things or games. Then if we don’t have any more we have to pay you $$ for more. For what – I have over 30,000,000 tokens which are worth nothing – At least I get a money rebate when I use a credit card. This is why after several years of giving you some of my ‘fixed income’ it is time to stop and will not renew. The only thing I have ever won from you is wallpaper – whoopee. Yes, it is nice to be able to play some games when there’s nothing on TV, but I will find something else to fill my time that won’t cost me. I’m sure you will disagree, but someone is making quite a bit of money. I’ll be playing a few games(when I have time) until my year runs out and them it will be goodbye. I don’t want to influence anyone, but maybe someone reading this will relate.

    • Hello funtimesheila35,
      Happy Friday to you.
      I’m so sad you feel this way but I thank you for your feedback. I hope you’ll stay with Pogo as we enjoy having you as part of the Pogo community. What are your favorite games?

  • today I tried the new phlinx 2 again just to give it a chance well I have confirmed I hate the game when I finally got to the chest level and got the first chest while trying for the second one the chest moved 14 times so not only do you have to drop more balls to get to the chest you have to contend with the chest moving all the time. Well for me unless they do something with it I won’t be playing it again , they could not leave well enough alone. The other day I counted the games on pogo and I believe there is 187 games I play approx. 5 of them including phlinx2 now I can’t even enjoy that game , I really don’t see the point in paying for a membership to play 4 games because it will only be a matter of time before they make changes to those .

    • Thank you for giving Phlinx II a try and for your feedback. What are your favorite Pogo games?

      • bowling, clue, hog heaven slots and tri-peaks , used to be phlinx2 but sorry to say no more, there are other games I play for a short time but nothing that interests me that much

        • I like those games too. Did you have fun with the Hog Heaven Wednesday Challenge this week?

  • Pogo_Llama

    Any Idea when the Sept. PBA will be showing up the month is half gone already : )

    I Loved the 70’s Mini mall Items brought back some Good Memories and one Stressful one
    My family was making a move from one state to another During that gas shortage
    that really made the trip a lot of FUN !!

    • Hi there, Miladylc56,
      Thank you for sharing your 70s memory with me. It sure does sound stressful but very bonding to make it through.
      The September PBA will be coming out soon. I’m sworn to secrecy as to when. Have a great weekend. ;)

      • Pogo_Llama,
        Thank you for the info on the Sept. PBA
        One thing I have Learned in my Time of being a Pogo Club Member
        Pogo’s Version of “Soon” and the Club Members Version of ” Soon ”
        are very different lol

  • llama I am sooooooooo excited never in all the years ive been playing I never played the whole 21 card deck game . I am on my last three badges. thank you guys for changing it and taking out the free turn and the free gems I always would spend too much money on buying gems to get to play that game I stoped. I totally enjoyed every minute playing so much and never accomplish the whole deck yeah I feel great THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CHANGING THE GAME

  • Could you possibly add more levels to squelchies? I have been maxed for 3 years.

  • It sure would be nice if Pogo would add a Black Jack game that would be fun to play. Many years ago they had Buckaroo Black Jack and so many people liked that game. Most of the rooms were always full. You have so many solitaire games but only the one Black Jack and that game is quite boring. Hardly anyone plays that game. If possible it would sure be nice to add Buckaroo BJ back on Pogo. I would come on this site just to play that one game all evening.

    • Thanks for your suggestion on a Black Jack game, Sparty. Good idea. I will pass this along.

  • Thanks for new ranks in Cookie Connect!
    I was late this week no power! Fun SWC

  • When I first joined Club Pogo
    (That was a great many moons ago)
    It shut down about 2 a.m. for maintenance issues
    That brought the tears and lots of tissues
    Now that it is available almost 24/7
    I am in heaven!
    For those of us for whom sleep is elusive
    The praise is effusive
    No more wondering what to do…
    Just work on a badge or two!
    Thanks for the pleasure and fun
    I am nowhere near to being done
    But many thanks for the games and friends
    I hope it never ends!

    Sarah R.

  • being over 80 I find pogo is a great help keeping us a little more alert. chess and risk are not games that most can play, do not remove them because some people really them but do not put them as a challenge. Think also of us the older generation[

  • I am still waiting for the answer to the question I asked the other day.

    What is PBA?


  • you need to add ranks to vaults of atlantis slots..that game is popular plz

  • OMG I caught it open!! Would appreciate a response as to why POGO works on new games versus fixing those games we LOVED to play. Querty, Tumble Bees ETC – you are aware of them – I don’t; as I suspect many of the other folks; don’t like or appreciate the number of new “kid” games you have installed. Would much rather you give me, the ongoing time paying member the games you sold me in the first place. It’s not kosher to expect me to stay with your site when you have: increased the cost of gems; made games such as your mahjong games that you cannot get through one POGO is a game site. It’s fun, but costly. without costs; and lost the ability to play those games we joined to play (Querty). POGO is a game site, fun, but costly. SO, you may want to consider those of us that are tired of feeling like customers don’t count –

    • Hello Perrin0483,
      How are you today? I hope you had a good weekend.
      I thank you for your feedback and it’s great to know which games you enjoy.
      To answer your question, Pogo has several different teams within it. Some of those teams work on new games while others work on fixing problems and transferring over old to the new. Here’s some information about how we’re moving Java and Flash games over to HTML 5 games.
      I do appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to the teams here at Pogo. Thank you.