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Howdy Pogo!

Welcome to August 8th, 2017. And yes, I can confirm we are already in the middle of August. Wowza! Oh and did you catch that beautiful full moon last night? Sooooo beautiful. Apparently, it was what was known as the “Sturgeon Moon,” too. Native American tribes named it that because, well, sturgeon are most easily caught this time of year. How about that? Anyway, onto what’s happening at Pogo!


Sneak Peek

This next featured sneak peek is from Pogo_Tony! He’s back from his whirlwind adventures in Europe and wanted to share this lovely creation with us, which will be the Limited Edition Badge. (More info to come on Pogofest 2017).

“In this year’s Pogofest Limited Edition badge, we’re partying in the heavens, so it’s a good thing these festival attendees are drinking out of steins and not glasses! The flight up is a little bumpy but the view once we get there is spectacular.”


Pogo_Tony seems to be a bit of a poet, eh?! He’s definitely been inspired and it shows in this delightful Badge which will be coming your way in September.


Summer Badge Blast

The Summer Badge Blast is underway here at Pogo. Are you excited? We sure our! Every Monday during the celebration, you’ll be gifted with a new Badge that’s an extra challenge for a game that we’ve picked. This week, the special badge is in Mahjong Escape.

You can claim this challenge by accepting the gift. Want to know how to do that? I’ll show you with this handy little image and you can also click here to read the official News article with information about the event. Be sure to open your gifts right away. You don’t have to do the Badge right away, you can do it at your leisure. And don’t worry this is not like a Badge Marathon where you have to complete the Badge by a certain date to get a bonus prize. These are our gifts to you to complete at your leisure. However, please note, that once you activate the Badge, you have an allocated amount of time to complete it just like any Mix n Match Badge.


Back from the Vault

Pogo Community, you are all seriously awesome and passionate especially when it comes to your Badges. I KNOW you have thoughts on Badges so I’d like to hear them. Please comment below with which Badges you’d like to see in Back from the Vault. You can also comment in this forum thread I’ve set up to discuss it in. Please note this is to gather your feedback and I am unable to promise making any specific Badge requests available.



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.

Q. What’s good about Badge Magic?

A. On Thursday, August 3rd, Pogo released their 3rd ever set of Badge Magic Badges. To learn more about Badge Magic, please click here.

Ya’ll have been commenting about Badge Magic and there have been some great suggestions for various Badge features. One of the suggestions we’ve received is to have the Badges become available after Badge Magic, much like the old Mix-n-Magic Badges were after a period of time. As Badge Magic and Mix-n-Magic are different Badge Challenge features, the reason the Badge Magic Badges are not available after the initial 21 days is because Pogo wants exclusivity for people who play Badge Magic. The requests for Badge Magic have been heard and we are discussing possibilities so thank you for letting us know your thoughts.

I do have a poll question for you as well. Which skill level would you be most likely to select if given a choice? Easy, Medium, or Hard? Thank you for your thoughts. I’m making sure Pogo_Limes and the rest of the team is aware of them.

Which skill level would you be most likely to select if given a choice in Badge Magic?

Loading ... Loading ...


Well folks, I’m gearing up for a camping trip this weekend. Who out there also enjoys camping? Do you use a tent, RV, or sleep out under the stars?

Thank you for reading the Pogo Insider and for being a part of the Pogo Community.




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  • Hey there Pogo_Llama, I just saw in the minis that they have a new batch of PETS out..but still no Tortoiseshell cats!?? I know the last time i mentioned wanting some “torties” for my tortie i had to put to sleep in 2014, you said you would pass the word along to them. Seems they didn’t listen to you & put any in this new batch of PETS that just came out. They have one called “Mia Meow” but its front leg looks kind of outa whack so i chose not to get it. It also doesn’t look like a Tortoiseshell cat to me. Doesn’t anyone know what a Tortoiseshell cat looks like? Extremely disappointed with the people that do the minis & still will NOT make any Tortoiseshell cats! :(

  • I would like to know when the tournament is going to end, if ever.
    I was wondering if any levels are going to be added to cookie connect

    • Hello Nitsuki611,
      There are no plans to end the Tournaments.
      New levels for Cookie Connect are currently being designed.
      Thank you.

  • It would be great if the badges in Badge Magic could be available in badge central at the regular price. As for the skill badges, it would be nice if a set of them could be released to buy to coincide with the game of the month. For example, since First Class is the game of the month, have a set or sets come out at the beginning of the month along with the re-released badges.

    Could you please make a couple of items in the mini mall for the upcoming eclipse? Maybe one with some of the glasses on.

    My husband and I are approaching sixty and our days of camping out in a tent are long gone, lol. Gotta have a comfy bed as opposed to sleeping on the hard ground in a sleeping bag. RV’s are the way to go!

    • Hiya rosieposie38651,
      Thanks for your feedback and suggestion for Badge magic and the Mini mall. I think it may be a bit too late for the upcoming eclipse-wear but I will definitely make a suggestion. Do you have plans to watch?
      Have a great weekend.

  • I would like to know if you are ever going to change the games to play in the tournaments–either add some or change out some? I played the tournaments when they first started, but quickly tired of it because none of the games are high on my fun to do list.

    • Hi ruthann618,
      Currently, there are no plans to change up the current Tournament games. Thank you.

  • I have tried to get tec support for for months and no reply from emails I have been with Pogo for over 14 years. Please please please help me.

    • Hi Gremlin1945,
      Could you please respond back with the confirmation number you received when submitted a supporting ticket to customer support? Thank you.

  • Hello to all the team ,
    First of all I want to apologize for my English, I am Belgian, and my mother tongue is French. Thank you for all the games you have put for our pleasure ……… BUT why some Games are not accessible to Europeans, we pay like everyone else but I can enjoy all the benefits ………….. Bizarre !!!!! Good day for the whole team

    • Hi Jeux31,
      Unfortunately, the two games (Scrabble and Sherlock Holmes) that are unavailable because of geographical location are due to legal circumstances within that country. Thank you for asking and for being a part of Pogo.

  • Could there be a option in place that you can delete a gift spike sends you.For the most part there ok, but there are a lot of games I hate tom play and im stuck with them.I was considering never opening another gift from spike for fear of what the game is.Maybe let us know what game is so we can decide…thanks grannny8742