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Howdy Pogo!

Welcome to August 8th, 2017. And yes, I can confirm we are already in the middle of August. Wowza! Oh and did you catch that beautiful full moon last night? Sooooo beautiful. Apparently, it was what was known as the “Sturgeon Moon,” too. Native American tribes named it that because, well, sturgeon are most easily caught this time of year. How about that? Anyway, onto what’s happening at Pogo!


Sneak Peek

This next featured sneak peek is from Pogo_Tony! He’s back from his whirlwind adventures in Europe and wanted to share this lovely creation with us, which will be the Limited Edition Badge. (More info to come on Pogofest 2017).

“In this year’s Pogofest Limited Edition badge, we’re partying in the heavens, so it’s a good thing these festival attendees are drinking out of steins and not glasses! The flight up is a little bumpy but the view once we get there is spectacular.”


Pogo_Tony seems to be a bit of a poet, eh?! He’s definitely been inspired and it shows in this delightful Badge which will be coming your way in September.


Summer Badge Blast

The Summer Badge Blast is underway here at Pogo. Are you excited? We sure our! Every Monday during the celebration, you’ll be gifted with a new Badge that’s an extra challenge for a game that we’ve picked. This week, the special badge is in Mahjong Escape.

You can claim this challenge by accepting the gift. Want to know how to do that? I’ll show you with this handy little image and you can also click here to read the official News article with information about the event. Be sure to open your gifts right away. You don’t have to do the Badge right away, you can do it at your leisure. And don’t worry this is not like a Badge Marathon where you have to complete the Badge by a certain date to get a bonus prize. These are our gifts to you to complete at your leisure. However, please note, that once you activate the Badge, you have an allocated amount of time to complete it just like any Mix n Match Badge.


Back from the Vault

Pogo Community, you are all seriously awesome and passionate especially when it comes to your Badges. I KNOW you have thoughts on Badges so I’d like to hear them. Please comment below with which Badges you’d like to see in Back from the Vault. You can also comment in this forum thread I’ve set up to discuss it in. Please note this is to gather your feedback and I am unable to promise making any specific Badge requests available.



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.

Q. What’s good about Badge Magic?

A. On Thursday, August 3rd, Pogo released their 3rd ever set of Badge Magic Badges. To learn more about Badge Magic, please click here.

Ya’ll have been commenting about Badge Magic and there have been some great suggestions for various Badge features. One of the suggestions we’ve received is to have the Badges become available after Badge Magic, much like the old Mix-n-Magic Badges were after a period of time. As Badge Magic and Mix-n-Magic are different Badge Challenge features, the reason the Badge Magic Badges are not available after the initial 21 days is because Pogo wants exclusivity for people who play Badge Magic. The requests for Badge Magic have been heard and we are discussing possibilities so thank you for letting us know your thoughts.

I do have a poll question for you as well. Which skill level would you be most likely to select if given a choice? Easy, Medium, or Hard? Thank you for your thoughts. I’m making sure Pogo_Limes and the rest of the team is aware of them.

Which skill level would you be most likely to select if given a choice in Badge Magic?

Loading ... Loading ...


Well folks, I’m gearing up for a camping trip this weekend. Who out there also enjoys camping? Do you use a tent, RV, or sleep out under the stars?

Thank you for reading the Pogo Insider and for being a part of the Pogo Community.




bear_footer_715x75NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • Forgive me for posting here but I tried to go thru CS today for almost an HOUR to NO AVAIL!! I have sent an email to both Pogo_Rachel (came back that her email box was full) and to Pogo_Llama to explain my situation~I tried to send out Thank You gifts to friends on my list today~ this is the msg I got
    “Oops! Something’s not quite right: We are having trouble completing this transaction due to a problem on our end. Please try again later”
    My Gems were deducted and it shows they were in my gem transactions but none of my friends received their gifts!! CS kept telln me the same things over & over that my “friends should check their inboxes”!? I am now out Gems! CS is truly lacking and things like this make me NOT want to renew my membership!

    • Hi Caraluci,
      Can you please respond back with the ticket confirmation numbers you received from Support? Thank you.

  • When it comes to “Back from the Vault” badges, I am especially looking for the oldest possible badges to be re-released. Those of us who are badge-aholics and who have been POGO subscribers for years generally find little or no badges to purchase in the “Back from the Vault” releases because we have them already! So, please reach a little bit further back into the vault!! PS: Can’t wait to get POGO Tony’s upcoming Limited Edition Badge; it’s adorable. Hugs, Joan

  • MORE POPPIT PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is so much fun its unique in pogo and so enjoyable,but no more badges need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Word games I like and play a lot are Boggle Bash, Word Jong and Word Whomp~~~
    For camping…either a tent or sleeping among the stars :) A tent does keep all the little
    flying bugs that “bug” your sleep lol

    Now…Have a wonderful safe camping trip Pogo-Llama~~you truly deserve some fun R & R time :)
    If you roast marshmallows and make some “S’Mores” one for me Please & Thank you yummmmy!! LOL

    I Love Pogo


  • What about Poppit Party? How can the next Costumes Level be unlocked? I have done all for the first Level and also the coins are complete?

    • Hi Chiroptera2000,
      Yup yup, the team is working on designing the new costumes but we do not have an estimated time of arrival. I’ll keep you posted here. Thanks.

  • i love badges the biggest problem i have is a limited budget.. i hate it when u have weekly games where u have i free episode like story quest and i can only play that one after a while it can get very boring and whats the point of playing i know many members feel the same way

    • Hi hawgwash51 (I like your name, btw!)
      Thank you for the feedback on playing the same episode over and over again.

    • Yes, I don’t think it is fair to have weekly badges that are pay only. Maybe we could buy with coins instead of gems. I am on limited budget and can’t pay for more episodes.

    • Same here, I played the same one so many times I have it memorized. lol

    • I agree, playing the same game over and over is boring. Pogo needs to award more gems so that pople can buy more episodes.

    • I’m in the same boat. I like the game but cannot afford to buy the others. Playing the same one over and over again is beyond boring. That’s exactly what I had to do for this week’s challenge but I wish they would consider those of us that are on Social Security Retirement. Thanks Pogo_Llama.

      • Thank you for your feedback on this, kentuckykitten2. I do appreciate it. Thanks for participating in this week’s Challenges, too.

  • My answer to the poll would be which game, some I play on easy, some hard, etc. But with Badge Magic I aim to play them all.

    • I try each game on medium then adjust to which gives me best proficiency especially for badges.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama! Checking in, been a while.. As usual, another wonderful blog! Haven’t been camping in yrs. Used to love camping, often under the stars. Gas grill, lantern, cooler, etc. We found places to pitch our tent, swim & fish along the 7 mile bridge in the Keys. Somewhere along the yrs., stopped. Those times were lovely while they lasted… Anyway, wishing you & yours a safe, relaxing & super fun camping trip! Susie :))

    • Wow, cmaping along the Keys sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing and I hope you are well. Thank you, WolfnPoker.

      • you sound tired… can’t imagine why ;)) Hope you’re able to have fun but, most especially, rest & re-energize (NO typing on this trip – if you can help it!)

  • I have camped in a tent a few times but due to my fibromyaligia problems we had to get a camper. It was a popup camper to pull behind the motorcycle had a queen size bed in it. I had to be up off the damp and cold ground. We did that for years. Till my health took a turn for the worse. Hard to ride on a motorcycle when I am having body jerking and can’t control it. Don’t go good with a motorcycle. But that is taken care of now with meds. We rode was and still are members of a Christian motorcycle group, road and camped with them and other groups that was secular bikers. Even road to Washington DC to the Wall for Memorial Day. Something that changed my life forever. Saw bikers come to the Lord while riding with the other groups. Just by being there and being a friend accepting them and never judging them. Do miss those days. But with severe fibromyaligia impossible to ride any more due to the pain. So not able to camp any more either.

    • What a wonderful memory of camping and riding, tweetymonkey. Thank you for sharing that with me. <3

  • How soon for new costumes in Poppit! Party? I have completed round 1

    • I’m not sure yet, but thank you for asking and congratulations on completing them all, already!

  • Have you ever given any thought to making the MINI’s LARGER so we can add more. It seems like every time you make a mini and want to add something, something else you put in gets knocked out! With all the technology, try coding your items so they don’t cross over and clear out other items. A lot of POGO PLAYERS would like to make larger mini’s and after all, we are paying for it, every THURSDAY!
    Just a thought….That middle block you use to PROMOTE future games or items you want to sell, SWITCH IT with the mini spot and use that for your ADS and let us make mini’s in the LARGER BOX that nobody really reads!

    • Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, navysealdoc.

    • I would like some way to move adult figure. So some times you can just see the back ground. Or too I agree in some way to back things. Like in pets. I have one dog on the right and one on the left. But you can not add a bone or toy or bowl. Without getting rid of one of the dogs. It would be cool to be able to put a toy by the dog.

  • Pogo Liama, I may go back to camping in the summer and reading books in the winter. I do love Pogo and play every day. I have been retired because of a stroke, and can’t afford the gems to play many of the new games. Once my free 100 gems are gone I can’t buy often. I do like some of them. I’ve been a member since Jan 1, 2oo2 and played before that with ads. Seems EA’s desire for money has ruined Pogo for poor folks. Even selling and allowing other Bots to be used, that’s ruined our Two week Tournaments. Scores in the Trillions are normal on the Leaderboard now. I complained here before and the posts weren’t allowed because of guidelines to protect the new company policies. I’m not the bad guy here Liama, I’m your early fan base. Please don’t drive us all away! Thanks for listening.
    Amelas, from the $19.95 AOL years

    • Hi Amelas,
      Thank you so much for your feedback. It’s wonderful you’ve been a part of Pogo since the early days and I’m very glad you’re still here.

  • Back From the Vault: Please, please anything from Stellar Sweeper, Pogo Addiction Solitaire, Perfect Pair Solitaire, Thousand Island Solitaire, Payday Freecell, Mahjong Garden, Mahjong Safari, and more Rainy Day Spider. Thank you, thank you!!!!

    • I would like to second Wegiveyoumore’s suggestion on the games to play………those are some of my favorite games…..especially Stellar Sweeper and Perfect Pair Solitaire……would love to be able to finish ranking up in them.

    • Agree 100% – I love all those games too!

  • Would you ever consider giving us a second mini figure, so we could have a male and female in our backgrounds?

    • I will pass the suggestion along. I’m unsure what is required of that feature in a technical manner. Thank you.

  • When I was very young, we had an old school bus converted into a camper. We even got to bring our bicycles! we couldn’t wait for Friday afternoon when mom and dad got off work! Thank you for reminding me of this beautiful memory!

    • Oooh I like that! I’ve seen some converted buses and they look so nice. Thank you for sharing your story of camping with me.

  • I love story quest but cant pogo open like one episode of the other stories so we can try them like they do with clue.i know the free story quest with my eyes closed already . ha I’m only being funny don’t get mad at me.

  • Can you please pass along a suggestion for StoryQust. It would be nice to have at least 1 free episode in each story for us Pogo Club Members. Having Wednesday Challenges and having to play the same Episode in Beauty and the Beast is getting boring. :-(


  • A suggestion for the Badge Magic that would keep in the element of chance but make a lot of players at least happier. Let them take up to 6 badges out of the mix but not just any 6. Let them eliminate either 1 skill level or 1 or 2 of the 7 cards. Eliminating a skill level would be useful for those who don’t want 3 of the same badge (except for border) and for those who don’t want to chance a hard (or even easy or medium) badge. Eliminating a card or two would we be very useful for those who can’t play one of the games (those who have the lock-up problem in Jungle Gin or whose eyesight is too poor for one of the games that isn’t available full screen for example) and for those who just really dislike 1 or 2 of the games you have 3 badges in. I know I would buy a lot more turns in the Badge Magic if this was a possibility.
    Also I’m not likely to use the feature (unless I love all the games and finances improve) but it would be great if you could add a buy all button to make it easier on those who do buy every Badge Magic badge every month.

    • Thank you for the suggestion for Badge Magic, loveroflibraries. I will pass this along to Pogo_Limes.

      • To loveroflibraries, for those games that will not go full screen try going to the tools widget and zoom up until it fills the screen. I have done that with some and it helped.

        • I don’t have trouble with seeing them but I do have some friends that do. I’ll pass the tip along.

  • I would love to see more rank badges in the game RISK.Any new badges for the game.Thanks

  • This might be off topic, but here goes. Is it or will it ever be possible to purchase a badge that is in my albums. There are a couple of badges that I just cannot get. thanks

    • Hi Merdejo,
      Thanks for your question. At this time, there is no plans to implement that feature. Thanks for suggesting it, though.

  • Love all the new things on pogo .There is always something to look forward to.word games i love Word Whomp and Boggle Bash.i would love more badges for them and more in Mahjong Games ty so much for the Blog it gives us all a place to come together with ideas and opinions,Thanks again for all the free badges and marathons they are so much fun.

    • Thank you so much, sandi1943. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the many areas of Pogo!

  • I would like to see more ranks for Dice City Roller! This has not been increased in years.







  • We have camped for years… Started off in a tent and then later on after the kids were grown we got a trailer… Visited many state parks …. now that we are up in age we do not camp much at all but it was fun…

    As for badges coming back from the vault I would love to see

    Texas Hold’em Poker

    • Thank you for sharing your camping memories with me and your Back from the Vault Badge requests, GerBear18220.

  • i wish youm will not have so many of the margane escape games i dont really care for them because when you get close to getting them everything stopsbfrom getting it ,,it vould be a little easier and some of us cant afford to buy gems

  • Happy anniversary Pogo! :)

  • Lima, maybe they can bring back Penguin Blocks and squeilies they are both very old and fun to play maybe a Wednesday challanges humm enjoy camping I was a scout master and went summer camping for a week it was fun sleeping and cooking on a fire. Keep up the good work and nice badge creativity

  • i would love to see more fortune and bingo luau badges. thanks a bunch.

  • LOL I always was and always will be a “motel camper”. But camper peeps are the coolest people on earth.
    Enjoy your w/e Lama.

  • When is the new Cookie Connection coming out?

    • How fun that you just asked that as I just saw something about that today. New levels for Cookie Connect are in the works! I’ll keep you posted here when I can share more. Have you completed all the levels so far?

  • I’d LOve to see this one come back out to buy again, I missed it and LOve the star!

    2008 Christmas Limited Edition Badge
    Mahjong Safari
    Dec 27, 2008

    • Oooh yes! Very festive! I was just singing “Up on the roof-top” the other day, actually! Cactuar gave me a weird look. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • The fact that it’s a Limited Edition badge prevents it from ever being Re-Released. Hence why they are called, “LIMITED Edition.”

  • I am always living the Camping Life lol. We live in a 5th Wheel in beautiful Oregon. Lot’s of tree’s and big skies. I learned to be creative in cooking too! Thank you for the new badge!! I haven’t been on because my cat, Josie went missing. I am back to keep myself busy. Thank you for bringing more badges from the vault back. I would love to see them for the older games.

    I am ready I am sure before everyone else to have some cooler weather again! Snow or Rain but I would be happy for Fall. Have a good week Pogo Llama.


    • Brewncorn, I am so so soo sorry to hear your cat, Josie, is missing. I can’t imagine the heartache you’re experiencing. My thoughts are with you and Josie.
      I do have to say, living in a 5th wheel in Oregon does sound like a great (and beautiful) adventure. What a wonderful experience.
      And yup, bring on the Fall weather, please! Take care, Brewncorn.

  • I really love the Fur Babies T-shirt you added to the mini mart for us and all the new pets are WONDERFUL! Of course, I’d like to see more huskies. My question is…. is there any chance we could get the Fur Babies shirt in singular form for those of us who are limited to one pet? Pretty Please?

    • Awwww yes such a cute shirt, right?! I’m so happy you enjoyed it in the Mini mall. We do not have any of those Tshirts in real life here at Pogo, I’m sorry to say. If there’s ever discussion about a Pogo clothing line, I will definitely suggest a Fur Babies Pogo Tshirt. Thank you. I can tell you’re a fan of the fur babies! Sounds like you have a some huskies?

      • LOL! No, no…. I didn’t mean a REAL shirt. I meant one for our minis, only instead of saying “I love my Fur BABIES” Could it say, “I love my Fur BABY”?
        I only have one husky, but I’d have a houseful if I could afford the food bill. Mine is a 3 yr old male named Loki.

        • Oh! Sorry for the confusion. :) Loki seems like a great name for a male Husky! Thank you for sharing and I’ll mention the request to make the Tshirt singular and not plural. Thank you. :)

  • I rhihk it is pretty pathetic that pogo has now resorted to having challenges that in order to complete you must buy episodes. You already get member money to be part of pogo and part of the challenges, now you want us to pay for Wednesday challenges? You have crossed the line!

    • Hi there flysawy,
      I am really sorry you feel this way. I understand that you’re upset but please know that there is a way to complete each Challenge without having to use Gems. For example, Pogo did release a free episode for StoryQuest. (It’s in the Beauty and the Beast chapter). If you play that episode, you will be able to achieve the Wednesday Challenge Badge.

    • That is silly flysawy lol. You don’t have to buy anything, to do any Wednesday Challenge or for that matter, any Challenge.. :)

  • I voted for medium on the badge difficulty, but it really depends on the game! If it is one of my faves, like Canasta or Mahjong Garden, I like ’em difficult! But if it’s a tough game for me, or a timed game, then the easier the better!

    I sure hope the Java badges are brought out of the vault again before Java is gone. I didn’t have the money to buy all of them when they were available. I only got about half of them!

  • Please could you put more pretty clothes such as sun dresses, skirts and tops in your new mini items? So many swim suits was just an over load!!

  • Hi this is Linda, I was wondering if you ever conceder putting two badges too pick from when doing these special, I have Parkinson’s and don’t see very well any more, I am sure their is more players like me who have trouble with some of the time games, Like the one this week 20 times on that time machine I just can not do it I have been trying sense yesterday and only have one it is too much strain on my one good eye and my hands don’t stay still they shake to much. Please give a thought about this, Thank You Linda Taylor.

  • Pogo,
    I really love what you have done with the original Poppit game. Just one question for you (this functioned the same way before you changed it, possibly to HTML?): When I go into Themes, I prefer the under the sea setting. But every time I play I have to reset it. Is there a way to set it to stay on your preferred theme?


    • Thank you for pointing that out, AdaMakawee7. I’ve alerted the team so they can look into it.

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome IF you guys would REDEEM our tournament ribbons and exchange them for GEMS???
    E1 would be so happy on here AND would play harder..

  • just wanting to know when ur gonna get tired of running all this stuff for mahjong escape. quite frankly I could stand to see a different game. I know ur doing for the free badge BUT there are some of us who is tired of seeing the same game every day for everything. I wont even do that free badge you gave us cause I just don’t like the game. I know other ppl will have opinions but they are just like noses….everyone has one. thanks for letting an old lady vent.

  • I love Pogo and have been here for awhile:) Quick question why can’t we use our gift as an avatar? The art is beautiful and I am proud of what I have received and would to use some of them.
    Have fun camping!

  • I just want to congratulate you Pogo_Llama on such an informative, diverse, exciting blog!!! I do have a confession that as soon as your blog appears I rush to read every single comment. It starts my day in a positive attitude. So THANK YOU!

  • Off topic for this blog, but I need to rant against Mahjong Escape. Way too many challenges in this game, and once again it’s one of next week’s Weekly Challenges. Over and over and over Pogo rams this game down our throats. Play the same puzzle over and over since we have to win to get credit for badge progress. Yes, I know we don’t “have to do it”, but then we would have an incomplete Yearly Album. Been a member since 2007 and I don’t like the direction Pogo is going.

    • Hello OkladyPlayer,
      I value that you’ve been a Pogo member since 2007 and appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

  • On Badge Magic, if Pogo would allow us to buy only the badges we wanted, Pogo would come out ahead because you would sell a lot more badges and all the players would come out ahead because they would not have to deal with getting badges on games they do not like or badges that are too hard. If you had it where I could buy any badges, I would probably buy easy and medium of all the badges for most of the badges each month. But because of the way you have it set up, I am not buying any of them. I do not want to get badges that are too hard or because I do not like the game and have them just sitting in my badge folders not played. I wish you would consider letting us buy the badges we want and not just having to take whatever badges turn up. Thank you.

  • Due to various medical issues, a lot of us senior pogo persons can’t play like we used to.
    Vision problems limit the time per session we can play. Hands shake?? Well we type a lot slower than we used to. We can’t do a lot of things we used to do. LOL But that’s life. We still love to pogo daily. Love to camp to but if we lay on the ground to sleep we will still be there next year, so enjoy your camping trip and be safe. Love to you all at Pogo.

  • I’m not particular on what badges come back I just want some HARD challenges. I like them and I’ve got the time to do them since I camp in an RV with A/C which my home doesn’t have :).
    Happy summer to all!

  • My question is in regards to ME , also,,,,when is Pogo going to have another sale on ME power-ups? Mine are dwindling fast.
    I play ME instead of Solitaire Gardens so do like to use the power-ups needed to help in ME. Thanks

    • Hello GLADYSnIRENE,
      I’m so happy you’re enjoying Mahjong Escape! Thank you for asking. I am unsure of when the next sale will be for Mahjong Escape but when it does happen, I will let you all know right here. Thanks again for asking.

  • Pogo_Llama, could you please suggest no more Mahjong games or Solitaire Garden games as a weekly challenge? I see we have another Mahjong challenge next week. The games get old and boring real fast.
    I am sure I am not the only player who feels this way. Please and Thank You.

  • my question is can pogo put instructions to get to play java games I love all the games and I miss them thank u pennylane59432