Blog Post #35 – August 1, 2017


Hello Pogoians,

It’s Tuesday! It’s Tuesday! Happy happy Tuesday. It’s August 1, too! Happy happy August 1! As you can tell, I’m a bit….well…happy today! And why not, since it’s a brand-new month full of unlimited possibilities including new Pogo Badge Challenges and Mini Mall items! Let’s take a look into some of the details.


Sneak Peek

WOOF! Meow! Bark! Puuurrrrr!
It’s all about Pets in this week’s Mini Mall!

Pogo_Rachael has a bit of a story for you this week about the Pets in the Mini Mall release, too:

“One of the most-requested items from our players are pets – pets of every breed, color, size, shape, and attitude. We’ve been trying to add a wider variety of animals to our Mini Mall this year, but this release is all about our beloved fur (and feather) babies. Plus, it has one animal that’s very near and dear to my heart: a tortie cat!

My parents have an adorable 16 year old tortie named Viola, and I myself had a beloved torbie cat who crossed the rainbow bridge just after her first birthday last year. By sheer luck, our Mini artists created a tortie cat whose coloring looks quite a bit like my Mia Meow’s, right down to that special head-tilt that’s pure, well, tortie-tude!

We’re trying to add more and more animals based upon player requests, so don’t be shy to suggest more here or on the forums. We’re doing our best to meet demand!”

Thank you sooooo much, Rachael. We LOVE our pets here in Pogo!



Summer Badge Blast

A new event is coming your way on Monday, August 7. The name: Summer Badge Blast!

We’ve got a big treat in store for Club Pogo Members this month. Here’s the deal: we’ll be launching a new Surprise Challenge every Monday throughout August. These will be free to all Club Pogo Members, and will include a nifty new Badge to add to your collection. Keep your eyes peeled for more news right here.



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.

Q. Can you introduce a feature to decline gifts/badges?

A. Once upon a time, when I first started playing Pogo, I did not play any of the Hidden Object Games, including CLUE Secrets & Spies. But then, one magical day, I was gifted a Badge for StoryQuest. I thought about that Badge for a while, and then I forgot about it. And then one day, I saw it there and I felt compelled to try it out. And you know what? As I was playing for the Badge, I realized that I really enjoy playing StoryQuest. Moral of the story: Sometimes you may wish you didn’t receive a gift, but after a period of time (it may be a long or short period of time), you may rethink it and actually end up using and enjoying that gift.

I want each and every Pogoian to enjoy their Pogo gifts. I really do. If you do receive something you’d rather not have, I recommend putting it in a Badge Album for storage.


Thanks again for reading this edition of the Pogo Insider. August is going to be a really great month here. Oh and you know what’s coming up on September 1? Pogo’s 18th birthday! More on that in future Pogo Insider’s. Have a fantastic week, folks!



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  • Would love to see more cats on the right side of the avatar…there are many more on the left, which imits your options. Thanks!